The top 3 things you need to know about Torque

23 Things to know about Torque


What is Shaft Torque and why it's as important as the Flex

The term "torque" is taken to mean the shaft's designed resistance to twisting

With larger Wood heads Torque is responsible and critical for controlling the head position at impact.

2: Torque can help to hit the ball straighter and longer. With today’s lighter weight shafts the right amount of Torque can help to reduce pull / hooks and push / slices.

3: We have found that Torque in the Driver shaft is becoming more important than flex to help keep the ball straight and is responsible for feel in the club.


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Did you know: Lightweight Shafts are not just for the better golfer


Shafts are getting lighter in weight every season. Today we see shafts that are as light as 70 grams in steel and down as low as 40 grams in graphite. With this ultra lightweight technology controlling the size of today's larger heads with longer shaft length has become quite a challenge.

Back in the day: 

A heavy shaft usually needed a softer more regular flex for most golfers, as the heavier or thicker wall of the shaft played and felt stiffer as there was more of it.  In the past we would typically have used a lot more regular or softer flex shafts to help get the "whip" or speed from the golf shot. By using this flex we could get the ball to go a little faster and higher.

Today's New Technology:

However, nowadays and largely due to the much lighter weight shafts and bigger, better flying heads, we now use a lot more stiff and even X flex. There is a lot less material in the shaft wall so in theory - a heavy regular shaft plays similarly to a lighter stiffer one.


People think that stiff and X flex are reserved for "better" golfers or tour pros only but this is untrue, it's all about:

  • How much speed you generate
  • What clubhead you require
  • What ball flight you need
  • How the shaft will work with you and your swing.

It's not a handicap thing at all.

Why regular is wrong

Here's another thought, if you are a high handicapper but feel you are inconsistent and struggle with the timing of your swing and consistency of your golf shots. You play with regular flex shafts as you think they suit your handicap better.

Here's what you should be thinking about - why would you use a shaft that is softer and more flexible and therefore harder to time the hit with ?

Creating Control

With golfers in general getting bigger and stronger the emphasis now more than ever, is on creating more control within the club. We work on creating more stability as the lighter shaft with today's bigger, faster club head is creating the speed.

So, the shaft now needs to create better control of the head and ball flight by using a firmer flex. The length of today's drivers, woods and irons is also much longer so a stiffer flex makes a lot more sense for everyone.

In the past flex was your friend but with today's lightweight shafts it can end up being your enemy.


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Customer Story: A shaft change made all the difference

FB PaulC
One of our customers recently got in touch, this is how using correct shaft technology produces results.




When Paul came to see us initially he had a very high ball flight from using regular flex steel shafts in an offset Ping G5 iron head.




We moved him to a new shaft from Project X called the 95 Flighted and custom built his new Driver using a stiffer flex and lower shaft profile to lower the ball flight and create more head stability. A less offset Taylor Made CB head made the ball fly much lower and a lot straighter.

The Result



The result Paul now hits the ball lower with less spin and longer.  Oh, and he posted an update on our Facebook Page that he also had a hole in one the first time out with them.


Congratulations Paul, thanks for sharing your news.




Have you got the wrong shaft in your golf club ? Before & After Pics

Wrong Shaft Before and After

How do I know if my driver stiff shaft is right for me?

This month we wanted to show you what happens when we select the right shaft for the player with a Before and After scenario.

The Before shot is the customer's current standard club and the After is a ForeGolf custom built Driver. We've used images from our Flightscope (which tracks the ball in the air) and also impact stickers (that show the impact on the driver face for each ball strike).


  • 10* driver with a standard off the rack heavy stock graphite stiff flex shaft
  • The golfer is a 16 handicap R/H gent.

Flightscope Screen

  • You can see that the ball is going to the right.
  • In this case this is caused by the shaft being too long and too soft in the tip with too high a torque for the golfer.
  • Even though it is a stiff flex the tip section is allowing the head to open up at impact and pushes the ball out to the right.

The Impact Face Stickers

  • Also show the dispersion of the hit which is caused again by the tip of the shaft being too soft for the golfer and his swing.
  • In this case the shaft was poorly balanced for the golfers’ tempo as he did not know what weight of shaft suited him.
  • Dispersed face strikes lead to dispersed ball flight and inconsistency.
  • The golfer assumed that his swing was inconsistent but the shaft was actually making him inconsistent.



  • 10* Driver in loft and the shaft is still a stiff flex but it now has a lower torque and a much firmer tip profile.
  • The same golfer, a 16 handicap R/H gent.
  • It is also lighter weight and ½” shorter than the Before club. This helps to keep the head more stable at impact and closes the face quicker leading to a straighter face and a straighter ball flight.
  • The lighter weight suits the golfer and his rhythm.

Flightscope Screen

  • You can see the Flightscope ball flight is now much straighter and the distance is longer.

The Impact Face Stickers

  • The stickers now highlight that the golfers swing actually was consistent and with a shaft change has allowed tighter strikes, an increase in distance with straighter ball flight.




  • Highlights that all “Stiff” shafts are not quite the same.
  • Don’t automatically assume it’s you or your swing that’s causing the ball flight problems.
  • Just because you’re a 16 handicap doesn’t mean you are not consistent.

What you have to remember is the importance of matching the shaft to the golfer.

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