How it works

When you arrive for your custom fit analysis appointment, we get right into the swing of things. Derek or Dave, your personal custom fitter, will take you in to The ClubRoom (at our driving range) to hit some balls. This will help us see how you naturally play golf and ultimately, fit your clubs to. We use the most advanced launch monitors to verify our findings . We have no affiliation to any one golf company, we work with 11 different golf brands and the best available shafts to show you what works best for you. Apart from our clubmaking awards - we have 17 years of custom fitting experience. We have trained on tour but we custom fit every
type of golfer.

Once we’ve found the perfect combination for you, you will receive a list of clubs that we recommend will make a difference to your game. After you order your clubs and a deposit is paid, we pull together all the components and start building your custom fit clubs in our on-site WorkShop. We have unbelievably tight control measures and every single club is built and checked to spec. Your new clubs will take 10-14 days from the date of order.

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