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We build custom fitted clubs, using heads and shafts from all the brands.
We take the results of your custom fit analysis and build the club for you in our WorkShop.

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We believe when you concentrate on the details and craft each club to exact measurements, it makes better golfers. At ForeGolf we constantly strive for perfection, for an elite level of golf custom fitting.

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We are all about choices at ForeGolf, we have an exclusive license with the majority of our brands to hand build clubs using their component heads in our WorkShop.

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Getting fitted at ForeGolf is very different than elsewhere. With 21 years custom fitting experience and multi club building awards, we build custom fitted clubs that make better golfers.

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Read what customers say about us and the results they are getting with their new clubs.

Great experience at ForeGolf at their Killeen Castle base. Warm welcome from Christine and a nice chat with Don who took the time to share his knowledge and show me his workshop. A full bag fitting with Dave was time well spent - great insight and understanding and a gent to work with. Have seen the results on the course from the additions to the bag and would highly recommend a visit to see the team.
Alan Chute
A very professional experience, knew what they were talking about. Answered all my questions.
Joe Goulding
This was the best fun I’ve had hitting golf balls ever. Not just for low handicapped players. I’m an 18 hacker, and it was fantastic. No need to be overawed. The level of technology is awesome but simply explained to an ordinary player. New irons on the way, and I might not stop there. Golf is a hard game, but technology has moved on. Use it, it’s a great help.
John Ryan
Many thanks to Don, Dave and Christine for a super experience at ForeGolf! Beautiful facilities and excellent customer care throughout. Right from the minute you walk in the door, the place has a touch of class. I was excited to get there, get warmed up and get fitted but having never been through the fitting process before, there was some apprehension. I need not have worried, Dave has the patience to match the process, countless combinations tried and tested...and amazing knowledge on show, the numbers don't lie to Dave! I couldn't have been happier...hope you had a happy birthday Christine!
Tony Moulton
This was my second time with ForeGolf. I got a full bag last time (7 years ago) when they were working from the tour van. The new set up in Killeen Castle is simply magnificent. I had been there briefly a couple of years ago to have them replace the shaft on a damaged iron (another great reason to have custom clubs made, you can replace or add to the set). It’s hard to describe the customer service you get here. It’s a family run business and you get welcomed like a long lost cousin while being treated absolutely professionally at the same time. I imagine Richard Branson would give them 10/10. Fitting clubs is part art, part science, and a little black magic! If you have ever been fitted by one of the big brands at a club day or in a shop and think you know what it’s all about - you’re dead wrong. This is the real deal - fitting and custom making clubs on steroids. To sort out the driver I hit about 7 different heads with varying combinations of shafts as Dave worked the trackman data and my feed back to find a set up that I was confident with and created a ball flight I liked. Reduced spin, a gentle draw and a consistent 30 yards extra carry was the result 👍. All round just great service from lovely people who know their onions.
Robert Galavan
If you love golf...this place is heaven. From the minute you walk in it’s warm, welcoming and more importantly it’s personal. The staff are amazingly friendly, golf enthusiasts! Christine welcomes you like it’s your own mammy behind the counter, an absolute lady. I got chatting to Don and his knowledge of clubs and fits is incredible. His theory and knowledge is simplistic yet masterful in thought. You could spend the day talking to him! I got my fit from dave. After a couple of strokes of my own clubs you could sense he automatically knew what to put in your hands and when he put the right club in my hand I didn’t want to leave. I don’t carry a driver, but I left wanting one so badly when dave found exactly what I was looking for down to a tee!!!! The hour wasn’t long enough I could of stayed all day!! It’s an amazing place with top class service. I implore any golfer to go here and not come out totally enthusiastic about their golf game. Will purchase and will be back. We’re extremely lucky to have such a facility in Ireland . Well done guys
James Quirke
Im delighted with my new clubs, thanks Dave & Derek. The wedges are awesome......So great an experience, I went back to get fitted for a putter and cant wait to get it. Very professional service from start to finish & I would highly recommend it. Thanks guys....
Karen O'Regan
Top class service, top class people, thanks a million
Emmet Savage
Best money I have spent on golf ,, what a awesome experience
Frankie Lawler
Last time i wrote a review about foregolf i spoke so highly of them i got accused of working for them �If you want the very best fitting experience this is the place. Totally professional friendly people and do not pressure you into buying anything. If they think it's not worth upgrading they will tell you honestly. I have had fittings done in a lot of places but the attention to detail here was second to none. A1
Liam Mcdevitt
Just got back fom my second session at ForeGolf> I got a driver and two wedges the first time, which have made real difference, so this time I went to get the lads to look at the rest of the bag. These guys a skilled craftsmen with a real depth of knowledge on the engineering of golf clubs. Derek showed me a pair of fairway woods that I would never have looked at otherwise, and the difference was amazing. Add to that the warm welcome and the commitment to qualtiy and you have a first class service. I couldn't recommend it highly enough.
Edward Boag
Got fitted for a new set of irons yesterday by David. It was my first fitting and was a very pleasant experience. Lovely tay and bickys on arrival � David was a very nice bloke and was giving me lots of great info. Didn't feel under pressure to buy. I really enjoyed getting to see the workshop and also getting to try out such a wide range of different clubs. Looking forward to getting my new bad boys ���
Whale Breath
I cannot recommend this place enough!! I drove up from Cork to get fitted for full bag and putter. Was welcomed by Don when I walked in the door and he couldn't have made me feel more relaxed. We got chatting and I instantly knew I made a good choice. His knowledge of the technical side of golf was incredible. I was introduced to Dave shortly after, who done the fitting for me. Again, a very welcoming person and a fountain of knowledge. He answered every question I had and more. The facilities are top notch and the staff will go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and that your golf game is more important to them than getting your money. A truly welcoming and incredible experience. Couldn't be happier with how my day went and I cannot thank the staff enough for making me feel welcome and as comfortable as they did. Thank you!
Stuart Paterson
New driver fitted, within 15-20 mins David had my driver dialled in, great service
Ted O'Brien
Top Class! My second time with the lads in Foregolf and not my last. Went tonsingle figures after the last visit and hoping to go lower again.The best thing is that they give you an honest assessment and not the hard sale and leave it totally up to you.Fantastic and recommend them to anyone.As the hashtag says they build better golfers (and that I think is the secret) as they know how to set up the club to exactly what you need!#buildingbettergolfers
Maurice Kirwan
This was my second time to go . This time I got a full set of woods and irons to suit me. My irons are known as a split set as my 5and six are different. My clubs are different makes adapted for me , that’s the reason for going to foregolf.
Ann J Hynes
Foregolf never fails to disappoint again I have to say a big thanks to Dave for all his help yesterday. I can’t wait for my new driver to arrive. For anyone thinking of booking a fitting you won't be disappointed..
Wayne Kelly
I can't say enough Driving up to foregolf I was a little nervous ad this was my first fitting and I had no idea what to expect.. Straight away I was greeted by Jill with a big smile she told me to place my bag on ground and asked me if I would like a cup of tea or coffee, about 30 seconds later Jill asked me would I like to warm up using a few practice balls and directed me In the right direction of the practice are, I got about 30 balls and came back to the reception I sat down for about a minute when Dave appeared introduced himself now at this point I was rattling inside.. we went into the fitting bay and he asked me what I wanted from my golf game.. I explained what I wanted and then I started to hit balls.. first one was perfect next one topped it third topped it Dave was quick to see I was nervous and explained to me I was to tense so after a minute or so I was relaxed and I hit some more balls started to took them again and this time it was because I was swaying in the back swing quick again to notice the swaying but in a friendly way not like some pros where there practically giving out to you so we started again and once again perfect and relaxed... Dave gave me my reccomaditions and I wanted a whole new full set of clubs but he explained I didn't need to change my woods so this is not a gimic where they try over charge you for clubs you don't need..after the fitting Don came out and introduced himself and gave me a tour of the factory they have inside the shop and explained to me how each club was made and told me mine would be made to the exact spec of my fitting.. big thanks to Don, Dave, Christine and Jill top class fitting experience I would highly recommend this to any golfer from scratch to 24
James Brogan
I could not recommend Fore Golf highly enough. These guys are fantastic. With the service they offer you would be crazy going to a golf shop to get a 'fitting' for new clubs. If you are going to invest in your golf then go to Fore Golf and get a proper professional and totally impartial fitting. Vincent Kennedy
Vinnie Kennedy
I'd just like to say what a great experience I had at Foregolf. I went for a full bag check and ended up getting a M3 driver and M4 3 wood. I was fitted by Dave who recommended all my other clubs were fine and did not need changed. There was no pressure to buy and had a great chat with Don before the fitting. Would definitely recommend them.
Chris Armstrong
Complete professionals. Can't recommend enough. #Gamechangers
Derek Jones
I just wanted to say a great big thanks for the fitting experience I had as a birthday present last month. I was absolutely delighted and blown away by the whole process and the detail that Dave went into with myself and brother. He was very easy to talk to and helped me settle into the process very comfortably. Also to Christine and Don a big thanks for your kind words and chat as we waited and just before we left. I had read many times over about Don’s dedication and knowledge in this industry but to meet the man and have a good humoured chin wag with him was just brilliant!As they say however behind every good man there is a wonderful woman and that’s certainly true of Christine. Ps. I was fitted for a new Cobra F8 driver and M4 irons and received them some 3 weeks later. I have since played a couple of rounds and had a few sessions at the range. First impressions are very positive and they are proving to be every bit worth the trip and money and I’m looking forward to a few months of good weather and some good golf.I thoroughly recommend Foregolf and would encourage anyone to get down to Killeen castle and get a session done!Many thanks and can I take this opportunity to thank all at Foregolf again and wish them all the best for the future and I hope to visit again!
Gareth Lucas
I really couldn’t recommend Foregolf highly enough. I went for a full bag check last year and came away with new Driver, 5 wood and irons. Being able to try the different brands was fantastic, we identified what best suited my game very quickly and they recommended what I should get. There was no hard sell, I also hit my 3 wood and wedges and was advised they suited me and no need to change. The customer service from start to finish was exceptional and the clubs have made a massive difference to my game. If anyone is reading this and is on the fence about going for a fitting, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.
Alan Carter
Went down last week for a full bag fitting and the experience was exceptional. Dave went through a large number of different types of irons and made the decision easy for me in the end. From the time I arrived till the time I left, everybody was very helpful and I couldn’t recommend the place enough for any golfers looking to improve.
Graham Dunning
Fantastic service from a brilliant group of people. A trip all golfers should be making for the experience alone. Thanks!
Keith Loughnane
I really enjoyed my experience at foregolf where I finally enjoyed the sensation of getting a fairway wood airborne with intent! i can't wait to receive both new driver and 3 wood in the coming weeks for the start of the season.
Colin Donnet
Super service received at ForeGolf and a visible improvement on the day. Looking forward to my new kit arriving.
Andrew Long
My trips to ForeGolf are always fantastic. I was with them last year and got fitted for a driver and faraway wood. I went back again this week to get fitted for irons. The entire experience is well worth the money and the change that the fitting has made in my golf game is noticeable. You are always greeted with a smile and the service you receive in the fitting room is second to none. I would highly recommend anyone to go and see them.
Niall Varley
Decided to go back playing golf about 18 months ago after a 10 yr break and started off buying clubs i liked the look of and ones i read about that might suit me. Gathered up a decent bit of gear that i liked and sometimes worked but eventually decided to go to Foregolf to get properlyfit/looked at and see what they thought. Surprised was an understatement.Probably the best experience ive had in golf overall. I like the science involved in clubs and gear nowadays than was there before and the knowledge i gained from the fitting was unbelievable. The honesty and lack of selling surprises me still, as i know this is a business and the mantra of a business, is to make money. David showed me the difference in what i thought i knew, to what works and then put it into practice in fitting me for irons that gained me 40yrds�7 iron old- 165ish, 7 Iron new,205ish.Iron fitting sorted and we moved to hybrids and after a few hits, he said he couldn’t better what i had. That was a shock as you expect they will try sell.3 wood was ok but pulling right so instead of trying to sell a new one, he changed the setting and head weight and never hit it as well. Driver was much the same & did show a chance of 15% improvement but weighed up the financial cost to an extra 35ish yrds wouldn’t mean much to spend big bucks unnecessarily. Overall im looking so forward to the season ahead for a few reasons.Confidence in clubs eventually.More room in the shed & utility room.A less nagging wife because ive less clubs lying around everywhere��If you’re interested in improving, book in.
Clifford Doyle
Lived up to its reputation. Very welcoming staff, and first class facilities and fitting process.
Niall Sharpe
Was fitted this morning with Dave. Very insightful and enjoyable. All very friendly and honest which was refreshing. Like a kid waiting for santa now for my new irons. Only 14 Sleeps. Hope Daragh Cunningham wins the Galvin Green gear �
Benjo McGee
Had a great day yesterday with the lads and lady the way we got treated the second we walked in the door was unbelievable was booked in for an hour and definitely got what I needed the stats on the trackman was brilliant to see and left with a new driver and rescue can't wait for them to arrive in a few weeks thanks again lads and lady can't recommend ye enough
Liam Rabbitt
Ok so finally got back to ForeGolf yesterday for my long awaited driver fitting after my last visit. Last time as below I wasnt able to get fitted because as I like to say, I was rubbish, numbers didnt add up. So went and got a few lessons with Rebecca Codd and Tadgh Harrington (Harrington Golf Academy) and with Kevin Foy (PGA Pro Stepaside Driving Range). This did the trick. Spin Rate was less than half what it was before, still have a few timing issues but all in all really happy, we were able to get fitted. Just like the last time met the famous Dom for the customary pre fit chin wag and look around the custom fit workshop, and as always left with a lot more worldly knowledge. Then into Dave for the fitting, I would highly recommend anyone getting fitted in foregolf to go to Dave. He is able to explain every part of the process easily and is a really easy guy to get on with. Mind you I have never been to anyone else for fitting there . If you havent bee to ForeGolf, GET THERE. Amazing and well worth the extra few bob to get fitted there. I will be back soon enough for woods fitting. Cheers GuysSo finally went to foregolf for a driver fitting recently after hearing a lot of great reviews . Well mine will be no different . Met don and had a great chin wag . Showed me all the different things they can do with clubs. WOW didnt even know half it was possible . Thanks don . So went into dave for driver fitting and dave came to the conclusion that he wouldnt sell me a driver because my swing wasnt at the stage were a new driver could do anything for me !!! I was SHOCKED with the honesty in a good way . If i had gone anywhere else i would of walked out paying 300 - 700€ for a driver i wasnt ready for . So i have booked back in for the end of march after tadhg and rebecca @ harrington golf academy sort out my swing . Dave thats the best service and piece of advice i ever got . Not only were you honest but you also even took the extra time to give me some pointers . Its just a shame i got new irons fitted elsewhere last year because i would love to get fitted for those from you guys. Really looking forward to coming down to foregolf in march for the second go and seeing how much those numbers change . I will be sending all my friends to you in the future . Great setup and top team .
Ronan Keegan
just had my second fitting at foregolf, the expertise and knowledge from derek is out of this world, he made me feel really at ease to get the best results, i would recommend anyone who is thinking of buying new clubs to go here first,5 star service
Brian Lowe
I've dreamt of a trip to ForeGolf with a few years now. I got the opportunity (thanks to a Christmas/Birthday present combo) and every expectation was blown out of the water. The facility is second to none. I was being fit for a putter, however I will be going back once my irons need upgrading as the range of specifications and build quality is truly awe inspiring. Having a massive interest in the technology behind the products themselves I could only describe the whole process as dreamland. I had a great conversation about all things golf with Derek beforehand and my putter fitting with Dave on Trackman 4 was massively insightful into the advantages and spec differences between each model I tried and all explained simply and effectively. Forget the high street golf shops, if your serious about your game then get your clubs built at ForeGolf you'll never look back and you will be a better golfer.
Pádraig Lynch
I got the full bag custom fit done with Dave. Worth every penny. Hard to believe the difference that the correct equipment can make to your ball striking and flight. Very good experience they made it very personable and all about your own game and how you could improve. They were able to find me an extra 45 yards off the tee. Highly recommend going to see these guys.
Jamie Tutty
Have been visiting Foregolf since 2008 , and made my most recent trip last week. Each visit brings more insight into ones game, is always instructive on the industry and the patience of the Foregolf team to find the right solutions only fuels the desire to play more, get better and see where one can take ones game. Is definitely worth making the trip to Killeen.
Niall Savage
Top class facility, fantastic customer service and professionalism.
Darren Stenson
A truly world class service from a team who are obviously the very best at what they do. It’s not hard to see why ForeGolf are so busy with such expertise available to all levels of golfers. It would be easy to think this service is for only the best golfers out there but it’s for everyone. It’s surprising weal you’ll learn and get from it. Pay a visit, give it a go - you won’t regret it.
Barry Dillon
It's worth repeating that these guys treat every customer like their biggest customer, from booking to fitting to delivery. Such class, expertise and never rushed. Always easy to leave a review.
Mark Neville
Brilliant experience. Learned a lot about my swing and got fitted for new 3 wood which is my best club in the bag. The team were so helpful. Well worth a visit if your looking to improve your game.
Garry Monahan
I recently had a full bag fitting at Four Golf. A great experience. My main area of interest was the Irons, mine could go any distance from too short to too long with lots of misses to the left. The strike pattern could be anywhere on the face, from heel to toe. I thought this was my swing. After giving a bit of my background and history of various clubs I have owned and hitting balls, David nodded and started selecting a shaft / head combination that he felt would solve the problem. The first ball I hit went right where I aimed it, and so did the next 5. The strike pattern was all on the centre of the club (remember my swing is still the same). The distance was consistent too. Who would have thought changing a shaft would have that effect. Changing the heads was the icing on the cake.My woods were generally OK, but he fine-tuned the settings to give a better ball flight and straighter. Richie
Richie Owens
Superb set up I could have spent all day there. All the staff are friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. With the latest version of Trackman giving you a whole host of stats it really opened my eyes as to how much of a difference the correct set up can make to your game. Whether you are in the market for new clubs or just want the lowdown on what you are currently playing I would highly recommend a visit. I have had custom fit at high street stores in previous years but this is on another plant.
Alan Overton
Great Expierence all in all. Got fully fitted out and went back for seconds. My handicap went from 18 to 10 in the space of 18 months. Mind you it's heading back up but I blame that in the kids.� thanks to all the team.
Peter Rock
Got fitted for a full set of irons and wedges. Brilliant experience and worth every cent. Would absolutely recommend the custom fitting service at Foregolf .
Seamus Keating
What a great experience with Foregolf thanks to Don and all the gang. I know how the well looked after the Pros are after visiting Foregolf....well without the massage...maybe next year Don.!!!! I strongly recommend all handicaps to go to Foregolf and experience the difference....your game will change overnight...was 12 h/c now 8. Foregolf made the difference....Thanks guys.
Brendan Thomas
Foregolf staff are 'Excellent' Very competent group!
Margaret Denny
Have had a couple of custom fittings here, service is second to none. Their attention to detail is excellent. 1st fitting work a treat, the second time I wasn't hitting the ball consistently enough to get an accurate fit. As explained by the member of staff, he could give me something but he would rather I came back and got re-fit when I was hitting the ball more solid. This just shows the emphasis on customer satisfaction and providing the best service possible. Highly recommend to anybody who seriously wants to improve their game.
Colum Lynch
Top people, top experience, top top product. Been to see the team to sort out my wedges and putter couldn't be happier. Lost 4 shots off the handicapBe in to see you guys over the winter for a look at the long side next!
David Sparrow
I have been to ForeGolf on several occasions - dating back to when they operated out of the back of a truck in a driving range. Always a great experience. So great to be able to try and club make and model and work with the guys to get the best shaft/loft combinations to suit your game. Would not hesitate to go back there again for next club purchase.
Nick Elliott
Great place to improve your game. They can fit you clubs so your games gets better in parts you didn't even know you could improve. I can highly recommend visiting Fore Golf and get some new clubs to make golf more fun.
Flurina Kobler
Had a truly great experience at Foregolf ! I wanted to get fitted for a driver. I tried my own just to see where I was at. After 5 different heads with 2-3 shaft changes on some of them, I found one that suited. Seeing all your stats on the large screen on the wall behind you and having it all explained and how it all impacts the end result gives a great understanding of how real custom fitting works. It's all in front of you, no big mystery to it. Foregolf is just a must for anyone who is serious about their game. Buying straight out of a shop or online is a waste of time if you want results and improvement to your game. There's an old saying "you can't buy a golf game" what you can buy are woods, irons, wedges & a putter that suit you, that give you the best results out on the course ! I'll be back in February for a full bag fitting after some practice over the winter. Well done Foregolf, utmost professionals �
Ivan Healy
A really great experience from the main man Don and his staff especially Dave the fitting guru did NOT try to sell a new driver but said the shaft is the option I require and true i got great results cannot wait to collect my club I would highly recommend Foregolf I am just sorry I didn't do it years ago Thanks a Million Don and Dave ��
Noel Murtagh
Went for a club fitting last week must say how pleased I was with the experience! The moment you walk in the door to finished hitting balls! Staff were super!
Killian Hurley
Last week I was the Ladies Nett Winner of the ISPS Handa Irish Blind Golf Open 2017. In the 36 hole tournament with 38 international blind and visually impaired golfers, I achieved my 2 highest ever scores. One of the critical success factors to this win was Foregolf. The amazing team - Derek David Don and Christine were so welcoming and so supportive as I entered my third year playing golf. I learned so much about clubs from David during our 2 hour session. This win was made possible by having one vital new club - the King Cobra F7 wood custom built by the lovely gentleman Don. My heartfelt thanks to Foregolf. I will return to these guys to build up my golfbag for the ISPS Handa Austrian and Australian Blind Golf Opens this autumn #highlyrecommended #champion #blindgolf ��
Carol Brill
Really enjoyed my visit to ForeGolf. I have been looking to change my driver. I have now been custom fitted for a driver which will suit me personally. Can't wait to get it. The experience was great. David took time to explain how it works and answered questions. Interesting to see my shots on the screen showing distance etc. All in all a great experience and would recommend it to everyone. The venue itself is fabulous.
Fionnuala Croskery-Burke
This was my third visit to ForeGolf. I really enjoyed the session with Dave. I got very good advice and at no stage was he pushing me to spend. There is a lovely friendly atmosphere and you are made very welcome
Jim Cullen
"Custom fitting" is a term bandied around by retail chains to hook you but unless you've booked time with ForeGolf you'll never really appreciate all the detail and what "custom fitting" entails. Secondly as a customer and I hate using that term because it's one thing your not after an experience, your a friend or addition to the family as best describes the exchange and interaction and how ForeGolf mind you along the journey interacting with them. A gem of a company doing great things because of the people that make it up. Highly recommend any level of golfer to book time with ForeGolf as you will be amazed at what you learn (unlearn all that retail and club advice) and see the benefits to be had to your game. Our son 13 moved off junior clubs as he was progressing from Cadets to Juveniles and ForeGolf bag review in Nov 2016. First two comp's of 2017 season he's been cut -10 off h'cap. Custom equipment to the individual IS the way for improving your golf game, enjoyment and scoring #simples #buildingbettergolfers #tourproven #thebest #NoI
Damien McGettrick
Forget about all that money your spending on golf lessons and get in to see the team at Foregolf and allow them to custom fit you for your next set or clubs. Who would have known BALANCE would make such a difference and delivered to me personally by Don. Serious customer service. Take a bow Foregolf
John Fingleton
i cannot commend the team at Foregolf enough for their kind and professional approach to my fitting sessions. Christine was welcoming and reassuring in equal measure. David fitted me with a driver that has both cured a perennial slice and added yards to my distance off the tee and, more importantly, provided me confidence on the tee. He also provided me with a fairway wood that is both accurate and long. For the first time in 30 years I have clubs that actually work for me. Such is my delight that I have decided to replace my other fairway wood with another Foregolf hand built special. Well done indeed.
Gordon Henderson
Great experience! Derek and all the team make you feel so welcome. Very informative session and really enjoyed learning how they make the fitting decision. Really happy with what they suggested for me. Would highly recommend to any golfer, beginner or pro! Very experienced fitters and friendly service.
Declan Burke
I paid my third visit to the guys in Foregolf, as usual extremely friendly, helpful and professional, highly recommended
John G Daly
This was my second visit to foregolf. I really enjoyed the experience. After a full fit my irons required no change after my first visit 5 years ago. I received great feedback and advice from David on my woods and driver. I would recommend using foregolf as the team make every effort to assist you with improving your golf game as well as making it an enjoyable experience.
Liz Rothwell
I went up to Foregolf in killeen castle yesterday for a full custom fit and it was a brilliant experience. I drove a 5 hour round trip and was very much impressed with the professional set up there. From the moment you walk in the door you are made welcome and given real attention. Don and Derek had just flown in earlier that morning from Mizuno HQ in Japan .I was greeted with a complimentary coffee by Christine and then given a basket of range balls to warm up at the drIving range. David Williams did the custom fit and he was so professional. The golf balls are proper taylormade range balls and you are hitting out into a driving range so you can see for yourself the actual ball flight. They use Trackman and there is no hard sell, if they can't out perform your existing clubs then they don't push a sale on you. They don't rush you during the custom fit so you will leave happy. I changed my irons and woods and they threw in a few extra goodies, as well as a free game in Killeen castle golf .Put this place on your Bucket List. , a definate must.
John O'Connell
Really enjoyed my experience. Very efficient, friendly, and successful trip. Looking forward to using my new club. Tks Dave and all the staff.
Geraldine Connick
I went to foregolf on Monday,I have to admit I was a bit anxious going but once I arrived i was put at ease.I was offered a cup of T/C and sat down relaxed for a few minutes before went up to driving range to warm up.Im very new to golf and my ball striking wasn't great to start but David's patience was great as eventually got a few good swings flowing.He was able to tell me that my driver was to long and heavy so he has giving me a lighter shaft and a better head to get me on the right direction. Definitely will go back again once my game improves.Thanks for all the help David and team.
Aidan Mc Gowan
I would love to tell you about my experience with Foregolf , 9 March was a fantastic day weather wise & a planned trip to fore golf , I was very excited. Firstly met Christine on check in & a lovely warm welcome I received, got ready & headed into the bay where I met the invincible David Williams & he started to business straight away , I was there for new irons . He went about his business while constantly chatting & answering the many questions I asked . I don't think it was a easy task in hand for him , but as we tried & tested & surprised myself how quickly both of us could eliminate which was going to work. I really enjoyed the complete experience & have a much better understanding of a custom fit . Looking forward to getting my new clubs . Dont wait, treat yourself to this experience because you will get so much more & you will be looking forward to starting the season off knowing you are fully set up & ready to take on the fairways. Good luck to you all . A wonderful setup & so glad we have it . Thank you David . ( Elaine )
Elaine Dunne
What an incredible experience loved it learnt so much hope new clubs are as great as last set also from Fore Golf which served me well for last 14 years. Thanks for everything Declan Hannon
Valerie Hannon
Third visit and every bit as good as the first two. Firstly, if what you have works, these guys will tell you - there's no danger that they'll suggest you need new clubs or shafts if they don't believe it. But when they do see that what you're using isn't right for you, they're simply brilliant. The whole experience from beginning to end is top class. They'll tinker with shafts, lofts and lies to see if there's anything can make even a little further improvement and settle on what works. And the results are right there in front of you - Trackman shows you all the stats but the ball sailing out over the range right in front of your eyes tells you more than stats will. Can't recommend ForeGolf highly enough.
Rod Neill
I had a lovely surprise of a gift to experience a custom fitting with Foregolf .I am a 25 handicapper and truth be told I was nervous as I heard so much good things about the team and what they do at Foregolf. I was so so impressed as Dave Williams and the team explained the custom fitting process in a user freindly way whereby I felt a big part of the decision making and no pressure was ever placed on me to fulfil a order .I can safely say I felt like a professional golfer for that one hour and a bit .My wife Annette whom does not play golf was well looked after by Christine in the office with a lovely cup of coffee and walked the grounds of Kileen Castle .I cannot wait to get my new custom fit clubs and to begin taking a few shots off my handicap with a few wins as a bonus along the way.Thank you to Dave and the team for a great custom club fitting and I look forward to reading about your many successes this year and into the future.
Patrick Dempsey
A big thank you to foregolf for an amazing day getting fitted for new irons and driver.From the moment I walked through the door to the time I left I was treated very professionally and felt at ease as I was guided through the fitting process by a through pro in Dave.Great service great family and very highly recommended
Mike Quaid
For me the best experience I've had in any fitting and certainly wont be going anywhere else again in the future! Went for a full bag check with my relatively new irons & Driver which were fitted elsewhere. Always felt the lies were not quite right for me and this was spotted straight away. They were a mile off! During the session my own 7iron had the lie adjusted and there was an instant improvement in consistency and grouping of shots. Again with the driver, went through a few different options and was advised that a draw biased version of my own driver was the best option and told that I'd be best getting a second hand version with my own shaft which is exactly what I did. Also got the lies adjusted on my irons at foregolf and what a difference it's made! Came 2nd in the first two competitions since these changes! Cannot recommend foregolf enough and I certainly know where I'll be going the next time around!
Stiofán Mac An Mhaoir
I got a voucher for a full bag fitting and didn't really know what to expect when I booked in. As soon as I walked through the door, there was a great vibe. Christine checked me in and made me a coffee while I waited. She is so nice. Then Don who makes all the clubs came out to me for a chat and his enthusiasm for what he did was great. David then brought me out to hit a few balls and went through all the aspects of the swing. The great thing is, the find out what club suits you. I tried a lot of clubs and I can tell you my golf is not good so he had his work cut out for him. He was very friendly, so knowledgeable and just an all round gent. He found the right clubs for me and gave me the price. There was no pressure to but them and you can buy one at a time if you want. I did buy a new driver. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. A special family run business with the customer at the heart of it.
Jimmy Muir
Why Foregolf is the perfect fit?Firstly, I’m an average golfer, nothing special. This might help remove a perception that club fitting is only for good players.If you are like me, then you have probably wondered what is the benefit of getting fitted for golf clubs? Maybe (like myself) you think, sure all clubs are the same, there is no real difference or maybe you think, “I’ll go to Mc Guirks and they will fit me for free” so why use Foregolf? Here is what I found.(1) All golf clubs are different. Different manufacturers use different material and different designs. This has a major impact on your game. For example, my game was impacted by the different spin my clubs created, which affected my distance greatly. Certain clubs have different size club faces, different lie angles and different lofts. Did you know the Mizuno MP5 has a 10% bigger club face than MP4 therefore making it easier to hit? These are all subtle differences that the average golfer will not know about but yet they can greatly impact your ability to hit a golf ball.(2) Every player from the Sunday hacker to the PGA tour pro will have certain swing and impact positions that are unique to you. Club loft, lie angles and shaft stiffness can greatly influence your ball striking. For me, I like light shafts with a heavier club head so I can feel where the club head is at during my swing. I also swing over the top and have a tendency to have a closed club face at impact. With that in mind, the team at Foregolf tailored my clubs to try and compensate for these weaknesses. A standard club bought in a shop would be generic and effectively have “generic settings". An off the shelf club simply can’t compensate for my weaknesses.(3) Foregolf are the ultimate professionals. They deal with all types of manufactures and suppliers so they have a very wide range of clubs and they have the latest and best equipment and facilities. They have fitted everyone from professionals to beginners, yet they take the time to go through the specific requirements of each individual golfer. They never make you feel like they just want to make a sale (which is always my worry with your regular golf shop) or that your level of golf is beneath them, even though they could easily be fitting a top pro on tour next week. In most golf shops, you never really know the background of the guys fitting you or their level of expertise. This is what sets Foregolf apart: they are the best of the best. I have been fitted by Dave Williams twice and bought my 1st set 6 years ago. He is excellent and really knows his stuff, encouraging feedback and questions, breaking down this data into a very digestible format and is also open to general chat, adding to the relaxed setting. Make sure to ask him about his putting!Golf is about controlling the controllables. Custom fitted clubs won’t solve all your problems, but they will arm you with the best tools to becoming a better golfer. Good golf technique can be complexed having THE RIGHT equipment shouldn’t be. If you are into your golf then I can honestly say without bias or affiliation that a visited to Foregolf is well worth it.Dara
Dara Brady
This was my second visit to ForeGolf and once again I had an absolute ball. I had a full bag fitting and the going in I had a gap in my existing bag between 4 iron and 5 wood (couldn't trust my hybrid). In relation to the hybrid David advised not getting another hybrid and given the new irons, there would be no gap. So, if people are thinking you'll be 'sold' a load of kit, I was advised not to buy the hybrid. The iron fitting was great fun. Seeing the results on the screen was fantastic. Each club hit has it's own colour and is circled for dispersion. I hit with 6-7 different irons in total. If you are into your gadgets and tech David explains what changes he is making with each shaft and club head in terms of weight, flex, etc. The result for me was not massive increase in distance, but actually a much tighter clustering. The driver fitting was interesting. I currently don't hit my driver and I'm confident and getting decent distance from my 3 wood. But I should be able to find a driver that I can trust and am confident with. The numbers said that while I did find one, there was no noticeable distance gain (9 yards). The advice was that until I update my swing, spending money on a driver was not necessary. The combination of expertise is all clubs, plus a willingness to discuss your game mean I certainly don't feel like kit is being pushed on me. All of the staff are amazing and I can't wait to pick up my clubs in a couple of weeks. Roll on the 2017 season. Thanks to everyone in ForeGolf.
Dan Naughton
Paid a visit last week to Foregolf for a fitting and enjoyed the experience thoroughly. Dave explained precisely what was happening in what is a very technical exercise. It was amazing to see how he "fixed" my terrible swings to bring about a desired result by making various adjustments to the clubs we tested!!! I look forward to using the finished product.
Brendan Bergin
Thank you so much to David, don and their team yesterday at foregolf. Made the trip up from Limerick and it was a super and fascinating experience. Would highly recommend the experience to those trying to fine tune their game, looking forward to my new clubs! Thanks again!
Andrew Jones
Got fitted yesterday. from the moment you enter the door the friendly atmosphere is unbelievable. was greeted at reception by Christine- a very pleasant down to earth and easy on the eye lady. sat down and was looking at Don inside his bat-cave making clubs. moments later after seeing the expressions on my face in regards to the technology he introduced himself. he invited me inside the workshop to have a look at the equipment in which he uses to make clubs for any individual, any handicap, any level and any requests. highly impressive workshop with 1000's of shafts, heads, grips and basically can make any club from scratch designed for YOU!! Moments later I was greeted by Dave. He's a fitter and worked as so on the PGA for 8years. into the driving bay I went and hundreds of drivers, wedges, irons and putters. looked at my mizuno's and had me hit a few 7i's with tape across the face to show impact. after hitting a few he started handing me various irons to gradually eliminate which would or wouldn't work for my game. I could see by ball flight and feel what was working for me so after going back and forward a few times this particular shaft and club head combination was suiting me perfectly! exact same was done for my driver. by 50mins or so I now had irons and driver which felt identical and loaded the exact same. I also had specific requests from 8i to sandwedge and from 5i to 7i which will be build as per my request. honestly these people can do anything to a golf club in their workshop. you want a specific shaft no prob, a specific head no prob or a specific swing weight no problem. I cannot stress enough how important it is to get golf clubs fitted but fitted properly. you wouldn't buy a suit from a shop without getting some sort of alternations to address height etc unless it was specifically designed for YOU! exact same for golf clubs. overall delighted with the fitting and experience.
Martin Mcgee
Exceptional service and delighted with my custom irons. Slight adjustment to technique along with the new irons has resulted in huge improvements in my game :)
Mark Hedderman
Awesome experience. Left the fitting bay with a clearer understanding of why my clubs were not right for me can't wait for my new sticks. A big thank you to the whole team at Foregolf.
Mick Nevin
Really really enjoyed every minute of my time in Foregolf this morning. My experience was all encompassing from brilliantly professional and insightful working through the numbers with David to wonderfully friendly interactions with Don, Christine and Derek. Such lovely people with a fantastic desire to help golf lovers get the best out of their game. Couldn't have enjoyed my time anymore and can't wait to get the new weapons in my bag. Thanks again for a brilliant morning
Mark Morrissey
Yesterday, I had my fourth visit to ForeGolf. You see, I recognise quality and efficiency and I have benefitted hugely from customised club fitting.The attention to detail is what separates this company from all the rest and the guys at ForeGolf will NOT push any particular club brand on you,but will build clubs around you,the person, and your particular swing etc. I will always recommend them to anyone who is thinking of changing their clubs, because as they say in their logo "Building Better Golfers"
Anne Mc Namara
Went to Foregolf at the end of may. It was a great experience. Great facilities and insight. Got my clubs 3 weeks after and delighted with them.
Colin O'Neill
Got fitted for an M1 driver with Derek in Killeen about a month ago. I have been hitting it very well ever since and last week I got my breakthrough win by winning the North of Ireland in Portrush Golf Club. I am very grateful to Derek and I would highly recommend getting fitted with him.
Seán Flanagan
I've been to Foregolf many times and every time I'm welcomed like family. Yesterday was no exception. I went to get 2 new wedges to sharpen the short game and the help and advice from Derek and the team was excellent. Foregolf always listen to you as the golfer and work to build the right clubs for your game. After hitting nearly every wedge in the bay it came down to 2 options. Derek cut through the numbers and the complexities and the wedges are in process. It was such a great experience. I play for the love of the game and with the right custom fit clubs from Foregolf I enjoy the game so much more. People often talk about lowering their handicap and scores but I come at it from the other direction - get the right advice and then the right clubs and then you'll enjoy it more and play better. Feel better, play better and then the scores will come. This is what Foregolf is all about. If you're thinking about you're game, give Foregolf a call. You'll never look back.Thanks Derek, as always, for the help and the time. Peter Fitzgerald
Peter Fitzgerald
Excellent and friendly service, should have done it years ago !Can't blame the clubs now..PS..thanks for the cool hat !
Mick Mulvey
I do see myself as a bit of a technical anorak in regards to clubs, shafts and the like and have to say that having observed the Foregolf process and the exceptionally professional and welcoming family atmosphere, I can suggest that an investment in a proper custom fit will enlighten you and ensure you settle on your equipment to allow you to release your mind and play the best golf of your life.....
William Doggart
Went for full back check and was very pleased with the professional service. Was made very welcome on arrival and the fitting was extremely beneficial! Will be back in the future for sure!
Jonathan Caldwell
Went to Foregolf for a full bag check. It was good craic and very professional I booked in for 1 hour session a hour and a half later I was still smashing balls!! No hard sell whatsoever!! Dave said I was flushing my irons as good as anyone on tour and there was no need to change them. I ended up with two new shafts one for my 3 wood and one for my rescue. Am now hitting them as pure as driven snow. I also got fitted for a new putter, am now draining putts from everywhere. Dave also recommended the taylormade m1 driver as it had a lower spin rate. However when it got it I was wasn't hitting it as well as my old driver. Went back down to Foregolf they got me to hit balls with both drivers crunched the numbers and agreed I wasn't hitting it as good. Talk about great customer service full refund no questions asked. I cant rate these guys highly enough. If you seriously want to improve your game get booked in to Foregolf. Tell them Wee Dave sent ya!!!
David Ross
I visited Foregolf as a birthday gift yesterday and was very impressed. Plenty of smiles and good facilities as soon as you arrive. Then down to business in the club room for the fitting. Derek was very professional and personal. He gave sound advice with details on the numbers, all of which meant that I felt very at ease and confident in what I was being advised.Went through a range of clubs and shafts and settled on a driver/shaft combo that I was happy with. I can't wait to take it out on the course.Overall a great experience that lived up to my high expectations. Highly recommended.
Alan Henley
I wanted to thank all the staff at ForeGolf for the excellent service I received. .Derek took time to introduce himself and explain how the process worked. He gave me great confidence that their individually custom fitted clubs could improve my game. Dave did the fitting session. I was highly impressed by his depth of knowledge and he took time to explain the different clubs and shaft types I tried. I could see on the computer screen that I was hitting much straighter and longer shots with the clubs he recommended. I have ordered a set of irons,recovery club and a fairway wood. Dave also adjusted my driver which will hopefully result in more consistent shots. With Derek and Dave I knew I was in the hands of experts. I can't wait to try out my new clubs on the course! After my experience I could not recommend ForeGolf highly enough and would encourage anyone who is hoping to improve their game with the best possible equipment to book an appointment.
Patrick Keating
I would highly reccomend the experience. I spent a very enjoyable hour with your courteous and helpful staff. Can't wait to collect my new driver and see the difference it makes on the course.
Ed Webster
How do you know you have the right clubs in you hand?Thankfully I discovered I had not after I got my new clubs front Foretold. They feel so natural to my swing plane and the ball flight with each club is a pleasure to watch. More than glad I went up to Foretold in Killen Castle. Thnaks agin Guys.
John O Callaghan
I cannot recommend the custom fitting services at foregolf enough. Fantastic customer service throughout. Friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Custom set of irons have made a huge difference to my game, my swing has improved and my scores as a result. Huge thanks to Derek, Don and Christine.Will be back for more!
Ciaran Carey
Great experience last Wednesday with Derek and David. David explained the rationale of the different shafts with the various iron and driver heads and the improvements were easily felt and proven with the data. Thanks lads.
Shemus Dore
Wasn't sure what to expect but was warmly welcomed by Derek on arrival. Hit a few balls at the on sight range to loosen up and then had a cuppa while waiting on my fitting. David took me for the actual fitting and was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He explained everything to a point where even I understood why he was changing a certain setting. This is not a hard sell exercise but truly an experience in getting better. David took me through my bag and left well alone anything that was already working for me. He then worked on strike, control and dispersion. All of which were greatly improved with every adjustment. It's an experience I really enjoyed and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve any part of their game. Now looking forward to getting my new clubs and some better weather!
Paul McManus
I visited ForeGolf and Derek with Seamus Power last week. I have to say it was pretty impressive. The knowledge Derek has regarding golf equipment and a proper fitting is fantastic. Also, the enthusiasm he brings to the table is like nothing I've seen before. I look forward to the next time I see Derek and the rest of the ForeGolf family!
Matthew Ryan
Spent a couple of hours with Derek and Fore Golf again today and as always first class service. For 15 years now I have worked with Derek and I have never met anymore more knowledgeable in the field. Anyone trying to improve their game should call and book an appointment with Fore Golf as soon as they get a chance!
Séamus Power
Unreal first class David the one stop shop for golf clubs thanks again
Paul McCullagh
To Everyone in FORE-GOLF.Just wanted to say a massive thank you for a wonderful time last Friday 30th -October the experience will stay with me forever,you are all lovely people and your success is no fluke its simply based on your good personalities / professionalism / knowledge / patience / experience and manners.To start upon entering the grounds of the castle I felt as if I should turn back as I'm not that good of a golfer as the place looks amazing and I was only on the driveway. Then I arrived at Fore-Golf HQ and was greeted by Christine & Don and because i was early fore my appointment a big bucket of practice balls was handed to me by Don and he sent me to the driving range (right next door ) the view is something else and I can only imagine what its like in the summer-time.Anyway down for my appointment and as I was still a-bit early tea was offered and we had a chat about when it all begin for Fore-Golf back in `97. Then into the Fitting room with Dave (a true-gentleman) with a technical golfing brain that had to be admired as he was picking out all sorts of different heads & shafts for me to try out and honestly people I could have stayed there for days just learning and admiring his knowledge.He was simply trying his best to match me to the correct equipment (ex) heads & shafts to make me a better golfer. And the resulSt where clearly visible when compared to my own clubs that I used at the start of the session - (ex) my club 5-iron (165-170) fore-golf recommended club 7-iron (167-175) with an easier swing. Now this is where it gets very interesting as when it came to the DRIVER ( i was simply told that because i was hitting my newly recommended 3-wood 267 yards and also because I'm only back playing a few months that I didn't require a driver at the moment as the fore golf team had told me to simply practice away for 6-months work on my driver swing and come back in the summer for a free session to see if I actually need one.In basic terms I felt very welcomed and at ease in Fore-Golf, I wasn't put under any pressure to purchase and I also saved money by not having to purchase a Driver meaning that Fore Golf have to be admired as In my opinion (you come first - not your money).My last point is this when your thinking about getting custom fitted think about these facts 1-fore-golf are the only fitters certified outside of America for the big brands in golf AND they have also won CLUB-MAKER of the year for the WHOLE WORLD what an achievement for a family run company from Ireland its the stuff of dreams . 2- Fore- golf actually have no golf clubs for sale off the shop floor as they are Not a golf -shop meaning that every club you receive from them has actually be properly custom fitted to you and only you. Thanks for a lovely time and I'll see you soon for my new clubs.cheers Damien Mulholland
Legoman Mul
Big thanks to the lads at Foregolf for all the help over the years. I have been going to foregolf for 14 years now and they are the best around at fitting and building clubs. The facilitites at Killeeb Castle are first class. It provides great peace of mind knowing that my equipment is built correctly and exactly suited to me. Thanks again.
Niall Turner
I really enjoyed my fitting session in ForeGolf and I regret not going sooner! The entire team made the experience a real pleasure and it was a real treat to have someone of David's experience point out the good parts in my game and show me where I could benefit from a club setup based on my swing and my needs! I would highly recommend a visit to ForeGolf to anyone seeking to improve their game - not just the pros!
Cian Ferriter
got driver and 3-wood fitted 2 months back and came back for a set of wedges last month. absolutely delighted with everything. the after sales service is not like anything else I've come across......ever
Alan Rohan
Went to Foregolf today for my custom fitting and have to say that it one of the most professional and enjoyable experiences that I have had...I have been planning my trip to the guys for a long time and they overwhelmingly exceeded my expectations...Had the pleasure of getting fitted by Derek today and with his knowledge and experience you know you're in great hands...ended up with what my brother described as "one of the most awesome bag setup's he's ever seen"...think that says it all...thanks again guys fantastic team and fantastic business
Walter Redmond
Just had my fitting session with Dave. Best hour I've ever spent hitting balls and am delighted I did it. The ball flight speaks for itself and the numbers don't lie! Highly recommend to anyone. Customer service top class throughout. Thanks lads, Andrew.
Andrew Kiely
Just want to share my great experience of a great club fitting @ Foregolf in January . Being an 11 HC'r playing with off the shelf clubs, & having never been fitted for golf clubs before, I was really looking fwd to it . Driving in the gates to Killeen Castle was very cool and the whole complex is top drawer & oozes class.On arrival @ Foregolf HQ, I was warmely greeted by Arron, Don also came out for a chat and explained their club building process which was very interseting. After a great mug of coffee, the guys gave me a bucket of complimentary golfballs to warm up in the driving bays next door which was great as id travelled up from Cork that morning !Then it was down to the good stuff, into the club room for the fitting with David, which was like a golfers version of walking into Willie Wonkas chocolate factory !! its an awesome room and gives you a taste of what a tour pro would experience with a picture perfect range in front of to greet your well hit golf shots!! David definitely has one of the nicest workspaces there is!! Was very impressed with all the checks David carried out on my own clubs and confirmed yardages etc before we started hitting the new gear...we worked our way through testing different irons, hybrids, woods, driver & wedges and the results from the shaft & head combo's David recommended was very impressive.Two things that seriously impressed me during the fitting, along with the great spin, distance & dispersion numbers I was getting was1) no club brand was pushed on me and was great that my existing hybrid & 3/5 woods were as good as anything that we tested and therefore David recommended they stay in my bag !2) I never felt rushed as I was conscious we had a time window with other guys waiting to be fitted etc, and David was super patient as it took a while to find the right Driver Head / Shaft Combo.! you can tell he has worked with the best on tour , the guy knows his stuff for sure !After placing my order , the new weapons arrived bang on schedule and they looked mega & are going as well as they look!! I've had them in play now for nearly 3 months and the biggest difference is my accuracy has really improved along with a bit more distance which is never a bad thing! . I fired my best ever back 9 (level par) a few weeks ago and continue to get more confidence with every round I play knowing the clubs in my hands are custom built to me & my swing.I was also seriously impressed with after sales service as I had some queries on my irons lie angles etc and Derek came back quickly with really good info to help me understand how & why my clubs were built the way they were.Overall the whole experience I have had with Foregolf from start to finish has been top class and it surpassed my expectations.Quality golf clubs, from a quality company with customer service 2nd to none!After my experience , I have also recommended a few fellow golfers to Foregolf who have been up for fittings since and they were equally impressed . I cannot recommend highly enough to any golfer who has an ambition to improve , they should definitely consider custom fitting at Foregolf . Im confident now that I will finally reach my goal of that magic single figure handicap number soon !! Yours in golf ! Tadhg
Tadhg Egan
Wouldn't buy my clubs anywhere else...5 stars is not enough to rate Derek and Co.
Gavin Courtney
Larry Doyle hereI picked up my new clubs from Fore Golf 2 months ago, played my first full 4 games in Spain last week. Was on the winning team in 3 out of 4 competitions ( first time in years) need i say more.The clubs have made a massive difference in length and direction.Go to Fore Golf and treat yourself.
Larry Doyle
Had a great morning with all the people at foregolf.......have to say I was slightly sceptical going down as to how much difference if any it would make to my game but I was amazed at some of the results and everyone so nice and helpful can't wait for my new clubs now
Philip Maher
2nd Visit to Foregolf yesterday (6th March 15') - I started off hitting my 6iron well but strike pattern was consistently out of the heel of the club. Dave worked his magic and had me hitting a 7 iron further and more effortlessly out of the middle, gaining yards and reducing the overall spin! Golf IMO certainly has a bit of science behind it and you need all the help you can get to produce more consistent shots. These boys are the creme de la creme with the C.V to back it up! You are simply missing out if you do not go here. Can't wait now for the golfing season ahead. MAKE THE INVESTMENT!
Craig Berry
Beyond excellent! My first experience at Foregolf was five years ago when they were in based in Naas. That day changed my outlook on golf. Derek and the team have helped me get my game to a stage I'd never previously could have hoped possible. Building better golfers is what they do, but it's the way they do it that's truly remarkable. To have that level of personal attention from time in the club room, to having clubs hand built with a level of skill and attention to detail that tour players enjoy, is just incredible. You just couldn't hope to meet a nicer group of people who deliver a standard of personal service that is way way beyond 5* Over five years I've returned many times to upgrade clubs, re griping and to ask for help. Nothing is ever too much trouble. Phoned late on a Friday asking for advice on a pitching wedge that i'd worn out, no problem- even though it's an old model- phone calls made to Titleist and a week later a new hand built club was delivered. Every time I walk through the door to seek advice from these wonderful people, I still have the same feeling I got 5 years ago- they want to make me a better golfer. Foregolf have won European and world club making awards for good reason, they are the best in the business. I can't thank them enough for everything that they done for me in the the last 5 years, my only regret is I didn't discover them sooner. What to be a better golfer? look no further, you'll have so much fun along the way.
Michael Forth
The visit to fore golf was a first class experience. You get a real sense of knowledge, competence and quality. There is no sales push just a desire to make you better. What I got mostly was the removal of doubt. Once you know the clubs are for you then you don't worry about the club, just on making your shot and knowing it's up to you alone. Really enjoyed the experience. Hope to return too once the piggy bank gives approval.
Enda Moloney
Got fitted for new irons and wedges last november. top class service with no pressure to buy.really hitting my new irons great had 3 birdies last saturday.first time ever .4th birdie putt lipped out overall am very happy to have being fitted.
Ronan Byrne
Got a full bag off fore sticks now, Callaway irons and driver, vokey wedges and a taylormade 3 wood, in my first season lost a full 4 shots and now off 4, have so much more confidence standing over the ball, the biggest thing for me is how much better the flight is on all my shots, I also feel that even my bad sots are not as bad! and everything is much straighter...all in all a great experience form day one with foregolf. Current bag is in tatters so they could do with a new home!
James Keogh
To anyone serious about their golf, I cannot recommend ForeGolf enough. The attention to detail and service is exceptional. Furthermore the whole team is so nice and friendly.The difference my clubs have made to my golf this summer was incredible. I've never been so consistent and also so confident.I've been 'custom fit' before at demo days with launch monitors and to anyone that thinks that's custom fitting, you have got to head to foregolf to see the difference. It turned out my 'custom fit' driver was completely wrong for me, so they fitted me with a new shaft and it's worked wonders.I'll be only getting custom fit clubs from now on. No way would I buy off the shelf now I have experienced the difference. No matter what your handicap, no matter what your ability, head to foregolf and you won't be disappointed.
Graham Barry
My first visit to Foregolf was when they were based just outside of Naas. That's many, many moons ago, well 13 or 14 years anyway. I had taken up golf the previous year, I was a late starter at 21 or so. I went to the fitting and bought a set of McGregor irons. My mistake at that time was not getting the full set fitted, anyway that year my handicap tumbled from 17 to 12. To cut a long story short and it is a long story, I have since changed my clubs twice. I went to Derek and the lads every four or five years. Last year was my first time to see the set up in Killeen Castle and what a set it it is. I was fitted by David, a thorough Gent just like the rest of the lads. We decided on a set of Mizuno MP-4s, Mizuno MP-T4 wedges and Taylor Made Driver, 3-Wood and 5-Wood. I now play off a handicap of 5. 'If everyone went into a shop and bought a suit off the shelf, how many of those would the suit fit?' They were the words that Derek said to me on my first visit. How true that statement is. Having fitted clubs changed my game completely. Thanks to Derek and the lads in Foregolf, best of luck into the future and keep up good work. #averyhappycustomer
Fergal Cantwell
Just wanted to share my experience at Fore Golf. Went up last year and got fitted for new Driver & Irons it was the best decision I ever made. When I arrived I was greeted by David Williams who sat me down and went through everything I would be doing that day & introduced me to the club fitters Don & Aaron, from there I went into the fitting room where all the magic happens. David spent time with me during my fitting explaining different shafts, heads & showing me on the screen what my ball flight was doing also club at impact and anything else I wanted to know. The whole process made me feel like a pro getting fitted. I have played many rounds in the short time I have my clubs and have got my handicap down. I would highly recommend Fore Golf to anyone who is serious about getting the best out of their game & it is true what they say " Fore Golf building better golfers ". I'd like to say a big thanks to Derek, David, Don & Aaron and all the team at Fore Golf for the excellent service they provide. All the best for the future.
Steven Ring
What can i say about foregolf that has not been said already , the welcome is like walking into a 5 star hotel,the service is better than a 5 star hotel , the workshop is mind blowing , Don and Aaron are masters at work i would stay and watch them all day , then the club room is like a candy shop for kids , thats when the fun begins. Derek and Dave have a gift that if you have not experienced yet , well your missing out big time ! if golf is your thing then foregolf clubs are a must !!!!!
Gary Leslie
I have had my old clubs for over 10 years, and loved them, but knew I needed to change clubs, but didn't know what clubs to move to. I had been talking with other club fitters, but everyone has their own agenda, trying to sell what they represent, so by the time I visited Fore Golf I was apprehensive and unsure of what to expect and who to trust.Firstly, a lovely meet and greet. I had driven over 90 miles to see Fore Golf. A pleasure to meet with and talk to Don, Aaron and then David. David didn't try and sell me anything. He understood I had a "feel" for what I thought worked for me. After a while the experimentation started, no hard sell. I finished up buying Callaway irons - definitely would not of been my first choice, but the results spoke for themselves. Now a club longer, higher more penetrating trajectory. Don & Aaron then did the rest, suffice to say my old clubs are now gone.Been back to see Fore a couple of times since, now replaced my driver & 3 wood. Very impressed, recommend to all. Plan to take my son down once he stops growing to get properly fittedMy handicap is 9
Noel Gormley
Went to Foregolf 29Jan15 (yesterday). Have to say I was bowled over from start to finish. Great welcome, good chat with Don the clubmaker and his assistant Aaron before I went out and had a good luck at the workshop which was like all the tour buses rolled into one. Anyway on with the fitting, it couldn’t have worked out better. I never liked the clunky clubs although my handicap of 17 would suggest I should be using them so I was delighted to hear David telling me that the forgiving clubs generally encourage high ball flight and often a draw. My miss is a high hook so in many way they are the last thing I need. We whittled down the list of shafts, lies, grips etc. Some brief stats – Current 6 iron - 154 yards, club head speed of 85 MPH and grouping was 4399 yards (area of coverage). Custom 6 iron – 182 yards, club head speed of 86.1 MPH and grouping was 421 yards… Some difference. My fitting was Mizuno JPX forged 4-PW a gap wedge, irons ¾ inch longer than standard – grips (gel Lamkin) made slightly wider + shaft KBS C-Taper Stiff – now try and get that in the local superstore!David recommended not changing my driver as the improvements were only very marginal. I was delighted with that as I knew my driver was the best club in my bag. Reassurance that nothing was being pushed on me.So bring on the start of the season and hopefully I will post back stating my handicap is lower than 17 come the end of the year.Cannot recommend the place more – worth every penny and surprisingly only marginally more than the superstores. Jim
Jim McMahon
From start to finish today was a great day, glad I did the hour and golf everything fitted, now I'm looking forward to getting to hit my new clubs⛳️
Paddy Malone

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