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Shafts: How to get an extra 49 yards in distance

Shafts: How to get an extra 49 yards in distance

When it comes to lightweight shaft technology Aldila might just have cracked it. Last month we wrote about how light is fast but only if its stable. We took delivery of some new shafts from Aldila for testing, the new NV 44 Magnum is not available yet in the main-stream marketplace, so we are a little ahead of the industry with this great addition to the shaft market.

Typical ultra-light shafts give up strength, flex, torsional stiffness, and overall stability in an effort to chase lighter weight. Aldila engineers have combined exclusive carbon fibre materials and resins with an innovative “Magnum” shaft profile and an exclusive Micro Laminate Technology to achieve the highest level of performance possible in an ultra-lightweight shaft.

Our early testing has shown the shaft can produce incredible gains in head and ball speed, a huge gain in ball speed and an astonishing 49 extra yards in distance.

The images above are from our testing session.
Image 1 The testers own driver that he plays regularly, hits well and that has been fitted for him.
Image 2 The new Magnum shaft bolted into his same head.

We have found a few small exceptions to this shaft working well:

  • The head cannot be heavy, only lightweight heads will work (they have to balance well), so RocketBallz, Cobra and Callaway are favourites.
  • If the golfer struggles with rhythm, then the lightweight nature of the shaft could be difficult to control consistently.
  • It’s not ideal for golfers who already swing it fast and hit it far, as it’s designed specifically for golfers who struggle with distance.
  • The shaft come in Regular, Stiff, X Flex and Tour X Flex. We found it works better in a stiffer flex than normally used to help stabilize the large driver heads better.
  • The shaft has a fairly high torque rating so we have found, that it is better suited to a golfer with a late release style of swing with a delayed hit.

The Magnum shafts are available at ForeGolf as an option in our custom built drivers (at no extra up charge), so we expect this new fast technology to be very popular.

The results as you can see, speak for themselves.


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