Customer Feedback: Thank you for the great service, I learnt an awful lot.

Customer Feedback: Thank you for the great service, I learnt an awful lot.

Cian sent some feedback about playing with ForeGolf custom clubs, take a look why we used a heavier weight shaft to help give balance to his new clubs.

We first met Cian in 2010 and have met with him for check ups along his golfing career. The first thing we noticed was his natural ability to generate a lot of speed in the swing.

His natural power meant off the shelf clubs would hamper his progression.

the problem

The clubs needed to work with his natural swing and not against it.

The shaft flex and head design to lower spin and control themselves through transition and impact was critical in controlling the ball and give Cian the results that would benefit from his power.


Strength and power to me are always best explained by a simple comparison:
If you can imagine the swing and the power from it is like electricity and the shaft is like the power cable.

– If you try and put too much power down through the wrong size cable it will fail and the fuse will trip.
– Having the right shaft is like having the right sized cable to handle the right amount of power/electricity.

We used a much stiffer custom made shaft from Mitsushiba, the Diamana in a heavier weight to help give balance to the clubs.

– This heavier feel in the body of the shaft helps to control Cian’s rhythm.
– The stronger X flex and stiff tip keep the head controlled and in line with his impact position.
– His miss is also a left pull so the lower torque helps to reduce the amount of release in the head and keeps the ball much straighter.

Cian is playing great and is now off 5 handicap after coming down from 12.

He is focused on getting to 2 this year and here is his note he sent through to us:


Hi Derek,
Sorry it took me so long to get back to ye. Just want to thank ye for the great service. New clubs are brilliant! Couldn’t be happier!

Have gotten good use out of them in the previous couple of months with college and at the inter varsities and can’t wait for the year ahead to get lower! Was at 12 handicap when I first came up to ye 2 years ago and aim for 2015 is to get to 2!

Huge thanks to ye guys. David was brilliant talked me through every shaft and to why he wanted me to try all the different ones with the different heads.

Learnt an awful lot going forward and thanks again for looking after me so well, very much appreciated.

Will keep in touch.
Thanks guys!




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