The New ForeGolf ClubRoom with Custom Strike Zone

The New ForeGolf ClubRoom with Custom Strike Zone

When we decided to overhaul the ClubRoom at ForeGolf to allow for the different grasses and grass heights that a golfer might experience on the course.

The first thing we did was spend time testing and reviewing all the necessary ball flight technology. After a number of testing sessions and numerous discussions we settled on TrackMan to help us deliver the very best data from our fitting sessions at the new ClubRoom at ForeGolf HQ.


The recent install of Trackman4 for ball flight and club head tracking Doppler radars means the data gathered from our fitting session is the most accurate information available in golf.

A 50 inch screen to display the Trackman data and a touch screen laptop to help us deliver the best experience for our customers. We are now a proud partner of TrackMan and look forward to quite a few different fitting collaborations over the coming months.


Historically driving range mats are just awful for hitting balls from. The harsh unnatural feel can make it difficult to properly feel the club head.

Our challenge was to create a real effect for our clients to hit their test shots from. We also needed a surface that allowed for the data from TrackMan4 to be as accurate as possible.

We enlisted the help of Mark from Sanctuary Synthetics to help us with our idea for different Strike Zones that allowed for the different grasses and grass heights that a golfer might experience on the course.


The different grasses allow us to demonstrate how different club designs can be adapted and fitted to suit not only the golfer, but also the different shots required on the course.


  • We have a soft first cut grass to hit Irons, Wedges and Hybrids.
  • Then we installed two types of different length of rough to test Hybrids, Fairway Woods and Wedges.
  • We designed three different tees to hit Drivers and Fairway Woods.
    A real plastic tee that flicks from its holder like a real tee.
    A corkscrew rubber tee that can be adjusted for height.
    A sliding plastic tee that is narrow and gives, just like a real tee.
  • Finally we have a fairway style surface to hit and test Irons and Wedges from.
    It is a tight, lightly sand filled surface that feels and plays like real grass.
  • We installed a new 10 foot putting surface that runs around 8 or 9 on the stimp meter to allow us to develop a new putter fitting and building programme.

ForeGolf ClubRoom StrikeZone

We thought long and hard about how to make it unforgettable but functional. From certain angles you cant tell where the ClubRoom ends and the practice green of the Driving range begins.

If you’d like to see it in person and be fitted for custom built clubs
11 major golf brands with shaft options not available elsewhere.

Book Your Custom Fit Online

1 Hour Custom Fit €100 (Full Bag)
30 Minute Custom Fit €50 (One Club/Driver Only)

Why do ForeGolf custom built clubs perform so well ?
It’s simple, because we build your clubs in our WorkShop. The process is from custom fit to custom build, no misinterpretation of the specifications. We have a ClubRoom where we put together heads and shafts from all the major brands to figure out what suits. Then we build the best performing club in our WorkShop, measured and built just for you. Take a look what happens at ForeGolf and get an idea of costs

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