Customer Story – Neil Reid

Customer Story – Neil Reid

Neil was looking for more consistency but had a limited time to practice. He suffered very inconsistent strikes and difficulty controlling his driver off the tee.

Take a look at what Neil wanted to do, we explain the changes we made and he gives an overall ForeGolf Review and an update to how he’s playing with his new clubs after 6 games.


Neil came to see us with a set of irons that were longer in length with a heavy Dynamic Gold steel shaft in them. His driver was a fairly standard off the shelf Taylor Made R9 with a longer than standard shaft length and a very heavy swingweight.



Very inconsistent strikes with most iron shots off the heel and a very dispersed and difficult to control driver off the tee.

He was looking for more consistency and with limited time to practice and play a set of irons and a driver that would help him be more efficient and score better.



We moved him to a set of Taylor Made Irons, shortened the length and used a lightweight PXi shaft to help stabilize the heads more but give great head feel.

We upgraded the driver to a new Taylor Made M2 and built it to be lighter in swingweight for better overall balance of the club and used a Diamana Kali shaft in 60 grams X flex to help him swing the club with more confidence and release the head through impact.

Big changes like this can take a while to bed in and Neil would need some time to trust himself all over again and to swing the way he wanted to over how he was having to, with the old clubs. Trust in his own ability and belief in the new club specification was all that was needed.


Here’s what Neil emailed to us a few weeks after getting the new clubs:



Dear Dave, Don and all the staff in ForeGolf,

So I wanted to give this a good couple of months before “judging” your work.

From the second I came into you in Killeen Castle everything was as I had hoped. Friendly, professional and an experience to remember.

Thank you Dave for your amazing patience. I doubt you could have counted the amount of combinations of club heads and shafts we went through to get my driver right and boy did we.

On my first day out I badly sliced my first three drives putting balls out of bounds. Approaching the 6th tee, an uphill short 310 yard par four it suddenly dawned on me that I was setting up like I had on my old driver. My body shape was wrong to compensate. So I stood up as I should and pinged the ball to within 12ft of the flag in the middle of the green. I had great success with it the rest of the round bar one hole where I went into autopilot again and sliced it.

My Irons were not any different in that first round, pulls, slices a little all over the place. Again compensating. But I’ve sorted that now so after 6 rounds where am I? Handicap 13

Well here are the scores:

1.       +24 (Ouch)
2.       +16
3.       +14
4.       +13
5.       +10
6.       +9

I’d consider this a huge success. My only issues in those middle rounds were wrong club choice. I was over some greens and short on others but always on target.  Thanks a million for everything and here’s to lower scores over the next few rounds too.

Also my nephew will be making his way down over the next while to you guys. I’ll ensure he mentions my name.

Kindest Regards

Neil Reid


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You can read more customer feedback on google reviews about playing with clubs built by ForeGolf.

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  • Hi guys I’m struggling with my drives .I’ve taken it out of bag all together and play with my 3 wood off the tee I’m hitting fairways with good distance but would like to get my driver working again I’ve had plenty of lessons and feel it’s the driver that’s not suiting me rather than it been my fault.the 3 wood feels lighter and a shorter shaft than my taylormade r1.

    Michael Gormley

    September 15, 2016 at 9:24 pm

  • Hi Michael

    Thanks for the feedback.
    Ideally we would like to see you, the driver & 3 wood for a 30 minute driver assessment and then we can assess what is happening under the guidance of TrackMan. It does sound as though you might be suffering with an out to in swing path and the loft and length of the 3 wood (shorter and more lofted than the driver) is masking the issue with the driver.

    Once we assess what is happening we can help you with a better driver specification that will work better than your current club and get you hitting it longer and straighter off the tee.

    To book a session online click here:
    Thanks 🙂


    September 19, 2016 at 12:48 pm

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