Golf World Magazine – Ask Derek

Golf World Magazine – Ask Derek

Golf World Magazine wanted their readers to have information that was relevant to them and helped answer their golf equipment questions. Take a look at the latest "Ask Derek" column.


Reader’s Questions

What do you think about having Irons all the same length like Bryson DeChambeau ?
– from Arthurs Peters, Kent


How important is the right shaft and what does it do ?
– from Steve Collingwood, London


How does swing affect a club’s performance ?
– from Colm Campbell, Belfast


My 8 year son has just started playing golf and loves it. What clubs should I get him ?
– from Greg Price, Wrexham


Which training aids would you recommend for increasing swing speeds?
– from Paul Inglethorpe, Derbyshire

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Derek Murray of ForeGolf is Golf World Magazine’s Equipment and Technology Consultant. This article can be found in September 2016 

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