Callaway Steelhead XR Irons Review

Callaway Steelhead XR Irons Review

It has a look of the original X-14 about it and as one of the best performing Irons of that era, this new XR face design brings the bang back into Callaway.

Callaway have taken their 360 Face Cup™ technology and re-engineered it to create one of the fastest ever Callaway Irons – the new Steelhead XR Iron

The new face flexes like no other and even with off centre hits the ball speed stays good and constant across the face.

Key Points to know about the new Callaway Steelhead XR Irons 

callaway xr irons

  • The shape of the head is soft and rounded and is very pleasing to look at with a mid-depth top line. It’s simple to square up and looks solid and easy behind the ball.

  • The speed off the face is very impressive so if you are looking for more distance check the ball speeds on this iron versus your own irons, you won’t be disappointed.

  • We found that the new UST Recoil Graphite shaft works great in this head and also the Nippon 950 steel is well matched. The trick is to keep the shaft lightweight so all the feel is in the head so you can launch the ball high.

  • The only thing to be careful of is the sound of the strike. This fast face come at a cost and the sound of the ball off the face can seem a little high pitched and could be described as “tinny”. I quite like it as I believe the sound matches the speed but perhaps hit it yourself to see if you like it?

Results from ForeGolf Testing

During testing, we spent time developing the fitting system for this iron, really focusing on shaft matching, as its all about the speed. We found a few different shafts that work great with the new head design, that we’ll be introducing golfers to in the ClubRoom. 

Pricing for this club

€790 for 7 Irons with Steel Shafts fully custom built to suit 
€990 for 7 Irons with Graphite Shafts fully custom built to suit 

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