Chris Wood talks about ForeGolf, a Mizuno Performance Centre

Chris Wood talks about ForeGolf, a Mizuno Performance Centre

Chris mentions that ForeGolf is the best custom fitting experience in Ireland and as a Performance Fitting Centre here’s what that means ....

Ahead of his Irish Open visit and his debut at The Ryder Cup, Chris Wood gave us a big Mizuno shout out. 

“If you want to get the best custom fit experience go to Mizuno Performance Centre at ForeGolf at Killeen Castle”


ForeGolf is a Mizuno Performance Centre providing a premium custom fitting service. 

  • We have the largest and most comprehensive range of heads and shafts for custom fitting. 
  • Mizuno in Japan made a special set of different weighted heads for us.  We can find the correct balance of club to suit your tempo. We ensure the club is balanced correctly by using different lengths of shaft with the correct weight head.
  • We have the full range of Mizuno wedges, drivers, fairway woods and hybrids to be fully tested and fitted for. This is the largest selection of Mizuno fitting clubs in Ireland.
  • Our fitting experience is award winning and has been fully accredited by Mizuno as one of the best in Europe.
  • We don’t fit to sell. There is no such thing as a standard specs and a set from the rack that just happens to be the best fit. All our clubs are custom built to order.
  • At our driving range location you can see the true ball flight using real target greens to see the ball land and spin.
  • Our balls used in the fittings are real golf balls with true spin and flight. We don’t use spongy range balls. 
  • We are TrackMan partners and insist on the best ball flight tracking and analysis available. All session are conducted using TrackMan 4.
  • All our clubs go through added calibration where each club is tested for exact loft and lie using a digital loft and lie machine.

If you’d like to be fitted for custom built clubs
at a Mizuno Performance Centre

Book Your ForeGolf Custom Fit Online

1 Hour Custom Fit €100 (Full Bag)
30 Minute Custom Fit €50 (New Single Club)

You should verify you are getting a premium fitting by a qualified Mizuno Custom Fitting Specialist by using the Mizuno Website to find your nearest Mizuno Performance Centre. 

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What we do , the 11 brands available and price guide.  
You should read what our Customers say about us and their clubs built by ForeGolf. 
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