Your Guide to Golf Equipment Technology in 2017

Your Guide to Golf Equipment Technology in 2017

To help you stay ahead of the game, we look forward to next year and discuss what kind of technological advancements you can expect to see in 2017.

The 2017 season is now just a flick of a SW and a putt away. With everyone wondering about the golf trends of 2017. The PGA Golf Show in late January sees big launches from Taylor Made, Mizuno, Callaway and Cobra.

Your Guide to Golf Equipment Technology in 2017
by Derek Murray 



There is a big move to a lighter weight footprint from drivers, woods and hybrids from most of the brands. The chase remains on for all the golf companies to find a way to use composite materials to make the overall chassis of the club lighter.

When the weight of the club gets lighter the position of weights (some moveable) within the head and the manipulation of CG can be affected greatly. This means better performing club heads when hit off centre and this further improves the ability to fine-tune the club to the player.
Bottom line is lighter is better for every level of golfer.


  • VERY HIGH MOI ( Moment of Inertia)

The main story for Drivers and Fairway woods in 2017 is “forgiveness”. Most of the new clubs look like they are set to create a much higher level of MOI than ever before. This is good news for golfers as I believe the distance story and over manipulation of the spin and launch of the golf ball was always a very difficult approach from the big brands.

Higher MOI from lightweight design and deep low weighting of the drivers and fairway woods means, you will hit the ball just as long but far straighter than you’ve ever done before. Be careful as not all new drivers are the same.
Advice: Watch out for our Guide on the best Driver and Fairway woods for the most Forgiveness in February (sign up for our newsletter). 
Fairways and greens in regulation are top of the order for next year!!

  • On Board Diagnostics

Some of the clubs for next season and in the future will have sensors built and housed into the club that will link up with the accelerometer in your smart phone through an App. The accelerometer in your phone is what makes the screen move to a larger size when you twist the phone on its side.

Your golf club just got smart with a GPS based App that senses when you’ve driven off the tee and then measures to your next shot. You can track your shots and see how many fairways you’ve hit, how far the ball went and a full suite of stats from your round can be accessed.

You will see a lot more of this kind of data gathering devices breaking into the golf market and there are some very cool sensor and tracking applications coming further down the line.

Smart golf clubs are definitely the future!!

  • Ultimate Adjustability

The drivers, fairway woods and hybrids for next season will have the most adjustability of any previous models. The new lighter weight chassis allows us, the experts, to be very precise with where the adjustable weights can be placed in order to suit the shaft and the player.

The adjustable hosel and updated adjustable weight will allow technicians to be extremely precise with where we want the weight and head shape to be set to suit the shaft performance and player ability and swing faults.

There are quite a few companies focusing on making their heads even more adjustable with better placement of weights thanks to the new weight saving design.

It’s all good news to the Club Builders.

  • Face Technology

There are a few updates in the faces of some of the new clubs and especially in the drivers and irons. The faces on some of the designs have been engineered to increase in size and very effective special tooling creates a stronger face frame.

Where the face frame is effectively stronger and is anchored better to the body of the club the thinner the face can become.

This leads to a slightly faster ball speed across a larger area of the face but the main gain is an incredible feel off the face with a sharper more responsive strike.

  • Longer, Quicker Irons

Golf recently moved up a notch and has started mixing new metals and polymers to make irons from. This new wave of material applications and advancements sees the irons of 2017 get very quick off the face.

Expect to hit the ball a little higher due to a higher launch characteristic but without a loss of control in the wind. The new higher launching irons mean you can now easily hit long irons and you just need to invest in an extra wedge at the bottom end.

Get ready to hit the ball further than ever before with the new range of irons coming soon.

New technology in golf can be very complicated and just because it’s new doesn’t automatically mean it will work for you. Moveable weights, faster faces and high MOI are only really good when matched to the right golfer and swing characteristics.

Get properly tested and fitted by industry experts who understand how to apply the technology.


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