Customer Story: an update to Neil Reid’s progress

Customer Story: an update to Neil Reid’s progress

A few months ago, Neil got in touch with some feedback about his custom fit visit and his new custom built clubs. He came back with another update of his progress.

You can read his original story but to re-fresh – he was looking for more consistency but had a limited time to practice. He suffered very inconsistent strikes and difficulty controlling his driver off the tee. 

We asked Neil to let us know how things were going, so after 6 months here’s his update:

Hiya Derek,

On a wet mucky Monday morning I thought I’d send you a little update on where my game is after 6 months with my clubs.

So my handicap is now 11 (from 13). My last two rounds have been only 7 over and frustratingly I know I left a shot or two out there on each round!

Honestly the best investment I’ve ever made for my golf was going to you guys. I’d also like to point out I’ve not had a single lesson since getting the clubs. I haven’t suddenly started playing three times a week to improve this much. Just my weekly round in Hollystown where I’m a member.

Thanks again and hope in 6 months’ time I’m mailing you guys again to say I’ve been cut into single figures!


His email shows why the ForeGolf fitting method is better than a whole bunch of lessons and hours of practice.  It’s not just custom fitting but our expert brand agnostic assessment and custom building of the clubs that gives results. 

Why spend time practicing or getting lessons with the wrong clubs ?  If you want to get better quicker, you can make 2017 your best golfing year. 

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