The Guaranteed Irish Symbol of Excellence at ForeGolf

The Guaranteed Irish Symbol of Excellence at ForeGolf

In Ireland, the Guaranteed Irish symbol has always been seen as a sign of quality, trust and “home grown”. As a small island it can be difficult to develop global products and services that are 100% Irish.

We are proud to carry the Guaranteed Irish symbol of excellence at ForeGolf. We are the only listed Master Craftsman in Ireland who builds and exports custom made golf clubs all around the world with the help of our logistics partners, UPS.

The Guaranteed Irish symbol is viewed as a national symbol for Provenance & Trust and we, as a business, are very proud to be recognised as the best Ireland has to offer. 

ForeGolf, Building Better Golfers since 1997

Keep an eye out for the globe at the Front Desk. Every white flag indicates a set of clubs sent to one of our overseas customers.  

You can see clubs being built in the WorkShop in the background as well as some of our clubmaking awards. Or read more about the hardest working clubmakers build clubs that outperform everybody. 


Guaranteed Irish

Supports and protects business, industry and jobs in Ireland  #AllTogetherBetter

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