Why Callaway Fusion Driver might be the best kept secret of 2017

Why Callaway Fusion Driver might be the best kept secret of 2017

The Fusion from Callaway is way ahead of its time and future driver designs will certainly follow this vein in an attempt to push the MOI as high as possible, but who is it best suited to ?

When we fit for clubs, it’s all about delivering consistency and we have found this club to be one of the most consistent drivers for speed, off the face when hit off centre.

There is no point having a club that goes really far just once in a blue moon. Consistency of flight is what we look for and especially when hitting off the tee..

What makes the design so special 

⇒ Under testing and utilising data gathered from our fitting sessions, the Callaway Fusion Driver has been one of the most consistent drivers for speed off the face when hit off centre.

⇒ This is largely due to the way the carbon fibre crown and body has been engineered and shaped. It allows the large weight chip in the back of the soleplate to dominate the way the head is delivered to the ball.

⇒ The slight “cone” shape of the head and drop in overall head weight allows the focused position of the back weight to push the MOI to the highest level we have ever seen from a driver.

⇒ With the MOI so high, the ball speed off the face is kept high and very consistent right across the face , especially high in the face and toe.

⇒ The stability of the head means it is very forgiving and works extra hard at keeping the ball flight straight off the tee.

Who is this Club suited to ? 
You might want to take a look at this driver (or fairway wood)

  • If your swing has a slight “out to in” path and if you happen to get a little late with the delivery of the head into impact.
  • .This head will work well for you if your miss off the tee is a fade ( goes to the right if you are a R/H golfer) and if you generally miss the fairway on the right side 9 times out of 10.
  • .If you happen to also play fairly infrequently but need something that will step up for you and perform well without lots of play then this head is the way to go.
  • Adjust the Callaway hosel sleeve to the D (more draw) setting which closes the face a bit more and then use the +1 or -1 to higher or lower the flight a little and you are good to go.
  • For even more consistency and to help with the out to in path you could look at a shorter length shaft. This head can take a shorter shaft length so even as short as 44.5” will help to work with the path problem and also aid with the off centre face hits.

The Fusion from Callaway was way ahead of its time and future driver designs will certainly follow this vein, of a lighter weight body and more focused back weight, in an attempt to push the MOI as high as possible.

With the distance gains from the next wave of drivers now reaching their maximum. The future of driver design will be in more fairways in regulation and straighter shots.

If you want to get ahead of the future of drivers,
then take our advice and bag yourself a Fusion while you still can.

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