Putter Custom Fitting & Building NEW for 2020

Putter Custom Fitting & Building NEW for 2020

This will be the most comprehensive Putter Custom Fitting session and customized range of putters available in Ireland.

We’ve been working on an upgrade to our Putter Fitting experience.

Delighted to announce starting in December 2019, we will be custom fitting and building putters with Evnroll, Odyssey and Scotty Cameron.

TrackMan4 upgrades will provide data capture with ground-breaking data parameters on both club and ball, the next generation of putting intelligence.

Revamped for 2020

  • Putters custom built from Evnroll, Odyssey and Scotty Cameron
  • Extended range of grip options, Irish designed P2 Putter Grips.
  • Ultimate in customization with custom paint-fill and graphics on all putters (small surcharge applies)
  • A new area in WorkShop will allow us meet the exact criteria and build parameters of each and every custom putter.

What happens

Each putter session involves us assessing the roll and ball parameters of your own putter, then

  • Each 10 foot putt is analysed using TrackMan4 radar and video.
  • Each putt is compared for launch direction, roll percentage, speed control, distance consistency and dynamic lie angle. We also demonstrate the skid and roll of your stroke using the Evnroll Roll-Board.
  • We then test you with the different heads and technology from Evnroll, Odyssey and Scotty Cameron to demonstrate and show you the key benefits of each and how it will help you to hit more consistent and straighter putts.
  • We then take all the different parameters from TrackMan4 and roll board and include them with our testing for the correct length, loft, lie, grip shape and balance of the putter and come up with our recommendation for your new custom built putter.
  • You can further personalize the head and paint-fill the head using our range of different colours and graphics to make the putter completely unique to you.
  • Please allow 14 working days to hand craft each new putter.

Gift Vouchers are available

Watch the TrackMan Video for a closer look at some of the stats on TrackMan. We talk you through what data we’re looking for to build your perfect putter in WorkShop.

Book a 30 Minute Putter Custom Fit

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