ForeGolf awarded Ireland’s Only TaylorMade Authorised Club Assembly Workshop

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ForeGolf awarded Ireland’s Only TaylorMade Authorised Club Assembly Workshop

With a legacy spanning more than two decades, ForeGolf’s commitment to excellence has earned numerous accolades and partnerships within the industry.

Last month Derek Murray & Don Murray of ForeGolf were awarded TaylorMade’s highest level of custom club-making qualification TaylorMade Certified Club Builders + Authorised Club Assembly Workshop.

TaylorMade entrusts only a very small number of master craftsman globally to build their clubs outside of their factory. Lewis Beckett, TaylorMade’s Senior Manager for Custom Assembly travelled to Ireland to present ForeGolf with a very special award.

In line with a global growth in custom fitting, TaylorMade wanted a way to publicly recognise the key accounts that are officially licensed to custom build their clubs around the world. This award recognises ForeGolf as the only official component account that is permitted to custom build TaylorMade clubs in Ireland.

As a TaylorMade Performance Studio, ForeGolf is recognised as one of their Elite Custom Fitting locations where golfers receive the best fitting experience available with the largest selection of TaylorMade options available for every golfer.

“ We have had TaylorMade component in our WorkShop to allow us to custom build clubs for well over 12 years. We take immense pride in our zero-tolerance Workshop, where every club is meticulously hand crafted to exacting standards“

” Both myself and Don are so proud to be recognised by TaylorMade as not only having the highest level of club-making available to our Irish customers but also the first in the world to receive this award ”

– Derek Murray.

PHOTO: Lewis Beckett Taylormade Golf / Don Murray – Master Craftsman ForeGolf / Derek Murray – Master Fitter ForeGolf.

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