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What are your opening hours?
Tuesday to Friday 9am to 4pm. Use our online booking system to book your custom fit. To stay on top of the build schedule in the WorkShop we are often away from our desks but leave a voice mail (01) 9060147 or drop us an email hello@foregolf.ie
What results can I expect?
We have lots of Customer Feedback, proof that we can help you be a better golfer if you play with clubs built in our WorkShop. Read Google Reviews and more Facebook Reviews
What custom fit should I book?
This depends on what clubs you want to get custom fitted for and how long you want to spend with our technician, the Trackman and access to all the demo clubs in the ClubRoom. 
  • New Single Club €150. This 30 Minute Custom Fit €50 (+€100 deposit for new club) which is payable on the day. It focuses on one club only (Irons or Driver or Wedges or Woods/Hybrids).
  • New Custom Putter session €150   The 30 Minute Custom Fit costs €50 (+€100 deposit for new Putter) which is payable on the day. See next question below for more information of what happens.                  
  • 1 hour Full Bag Analysis costs €300. It is a Full Bag fitting session for new clubs. The 1 Hour Custom Fit is €100(+€200 deposit for new clubs) which is payable on the day. It covers new Driver, Irons, Wedges, Fairway Woods/Hybrid
  • If you are travelling a distance (or from overseas) you may want to book this appointment as it gives you the most time in our ClubRoom with our technician. If you are still unsure, please get in touch hello@foregolf.ie
  • When you have decided your session, book your appointment online
Do you Custom Fit Putters at ForeGolf?
Yes. We use TrackMan4 which can accurately gauge a large number of data points from your putts (read more) and helps us to decipher and demonstrate the best design and measurements for your new putter. All putters are hand built in our WorkShop and take approx. 28 days to be made.                  Our indoor synthetic putting green registers at 13 on the stimp meter. We have a comprehensive selection of putters available for fitting in Right Hand from Evnroll and Odyssey. We can test your own putter during the session but we can ONLY build new putters from the session and cannot make adjustments to your current head. We do not have putters to be tested for Left Hand Putters.  The 30 Minute Custom Fit costs €150 (+€100 deposit for new Putter) which is payable on the day and can be booked online
What happens after my analysis fitting?
After testing your current clubs against our demonstration clubs using TrackMan4, you will have experienced how our clubs perform and have an understanding of how we can help your game. At the end, you get a list of the clubs we believe will work best for you and how much they will cost. Following your order and deposit, we work out how the clubs need to be built in our workshop and your order goes into our build schedule. Approximately 28 days later, your order will be ready. 
Why would I come to you and not my local pro-shop or golf superstore?
When it comes to golf equipment and shafts, we are the experts. All our clubs are hand built by our Master Craftsman in our onsite WorkShop. We have all of the major brands without being affiliated to any particular one; we test all clubs using real ball flight at our driving range location; fully qualified, experienced technicians; guaranteed results. Believe us, we were voted the World’s best Clubmakers in 2010 for a very good reason. We are also Irelands only TaylorMade Performance Studio and Mizuno Performance Centre
Why won’t your give me my specifications and let me buy my clubs elsewhere?
Because no one will build them matched to your custom fitting analysis like us. Why would you get custom fitted at ForeGolf and then assume you will get the same club with the correct shaft built elsewhere? If your new clubs are not built EXACTLY the way that we spec them to be, you won’t get the same result. We are custom fitters but our real craft and expertise is the in the way our clubs are hand-built. Because we focus on less volume and more quality, we can build clubs better than the big golf companies.
How long does it take to get new clubs?
Depending on which brand suits you, 28 days. 
Who does the analysis fittings?
The fitting sessions are mostly looked after by our lead technician, David Williams. Depending on the daily schedule, Derek Murray might also take some of the sessions.
Why do you hand build clubs?
Large golf companies have always had tolerances; a margin for error. It comes from making large volumes of clubs in huge factories. We decided to make sure our clubs were perfect so we opted for more quality and less quantity, if the 5-iron needed to be 31* then it would be just that. We found that when our clubs were hand-built, they played better and our customers were happy golfers. We also wanted more access to a wider selection of quality shafts over the golf companies so we can do that when we build the clubs ourselves. We are the only golf outlet in Ireland to have special licences in place to build clubs using the heads outside of the factories. More information here
Do you take trade-ins of my old clubs?
Sorry we don’t have a normal golf shop so we can’t take trade-ins. We have found a company with whom you can deal with directly and they will buy your old golf clubs from you. We can give you their details after your session.
I am a low handicapper, can I be custom fitted?
We have plenty of experience working with low handicap players. We know exactly how clubs help in the serious golfer’s pursuit of their very best game. After all, we’ve worked on The European Tour with the highest level of talent in the World: helping top players grab that vital extra shot per round. We have all the high-performance heads and shafts that work best with the more accomplished player and our fitters are experts at using TrackMan to map out the best club setup to gain those few vital shots. We bring high performance structure while delivering more consistent and accurate clubs to help low handicappers win more. It’s that simple.
How long does it take to get used to my new clubs?
Most times the positive change is instant and you will be playing better golf immediately. We always ask to play at least 6 full rounds of golf just to let you and the clubs settle in together. If after that, something doesn’t feel right or you are not sure, then please get in touch hello@foregolf.ie
How much does the fitting analysis cost?
We have 3 different custom fitting sessions:
  • 1 hour Full Bag Analysis costs €300 and goes through Driver, Irons, Wedges, Fairway Woods/Hybrid costs €100 (Plus €200 deposit for new clubs) payable on the day.  
  • New Single Club costs €150. It focuses on one club only (Irons or Driver or Wedges or Woods/Hybrids) and is a 30 Minute Custom Fit costing €50 (Plus €100 deposit for new club) payable on the day. 
  • New Custom Putter session costs €150 and is a 30 Minute Custom Fit costing €50 (Plus €100 deposit for new Putter) payable on the day 
We accept payment by credit cards, debits cards, cash
How much of a deposit?
We ask for payment in full for any of our custom orders at the time of ordering. Clubs must be paid in full before they will be built in the WorkShop. 
How much do the clubs cost?
The price really depends on the brand and the shaft that suits you best. We sometimes can be a little more expensive than online suppliers or superstores, but that’s because we hand-build every club for guaranteed results and we usually use a higher grade of shaft over the standard offering. It’s like they say,” At the end of the day, you get what you pay for”. Take a look at our price guide.
Do I get my fitting analysis fee back if I buy clubs from you?
Some places fit for free or give the fitting charge back if you buy from them. We didn’t want to compromise the quality of what we do, we decided it was better to have the biggest range of test equipment with the best shafts
Can I rebuild / refit my own clubs?
Due to Covid restrictions and for the protection of our staff in workshop we cannot accept own clubs for rebuild at this time. 
Do you use a launch monitor?
Yes we have a Trackman 4 but we also like to fit by feel and ball flight. If the ball flight is good and the club feels great then job done. We use the technology of a launch monitor to reaffirm what we already know or to clearly demonstrate the benefits of a club change.
Do you have a shop / showroom?
Although we sell golf clubs, we are not a normal shop and we don’t have any clubs on display – at ForeGolf we have a ClubRoom where you get custom fitted and a WorkShop where we build clubs for you.
I am an high handicapper, can I be custom fitted?
Absolutely! High handicappers have the most to gain from custom fitting and have the shots to lose off their handicap by playing our clubs. Our session is all about the type of person you are and not about how many shots it takes you to go round your golf course. We need to measure you to find out what gives you the most trouble and then fix it through the clubs you use. It’s a bit like saying that if you’re a size 8 foot then you need us to measure you properly and get you a size 8 shoe. Our measuring service not only finds you the right size but allows us to build you the right clubs – making you play better.
What brands do you use?
We insist on a very level playing field so we have almost every brand. We currently work with Callaway, Cobra, Evnroll, Honma, Titleist, TaylorMade, Odyssey, Ping, Scotty Cameron, Mizuno and Wilson. We also have shafts from Aldila, Oban, Fujikura, UST, Grafalloy, Mitsushiba, True Temper, Nippon, FST/KBS and grips from Golf Pride, Winn, Lamkin and P2. We are always looking for great golf products and will add to our list when we find a product that meets our high standards and that our customers would like.  Take a look at our relationship with the individual brands. At this time there could be shortages or delays due to the ongoing pandemic, please request for the recent update. 
Do you repair broken golf clubs?
Due to our busy WorkShop build schedule, this service is for ForeGolf customers only, ie repairs to clubs that were built by ForeGolf. 
Where can I find company information?
ForeGolf Limited Company Registration 365849. VAT IE6385849T Directors: D Murray, J Murray The Long Game Academy, Killeen Castle, Dunsany, Co Meath, Ireland
Where can I find Your Privacy/GDPR Policy?
At ForeGolf we’re committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.  Our Privacy Policy can be found here it explains when and why we collect personal information about people who visit our website, how we use it, the conditions under which we may disclose it to others and how we keep it secure. Any questions regarding this should be sent by email to privacy@foregolf.ie
Do you accept One4All Gift Cards?
We do not accept One4All Gift Cards


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