Are you using a One4All Gift Card ?

Are you using a One4All Gift Card ?

Is it the new chip & pin style ?
Do you need to activate it ?

Take a look at the image, the one on the right is Chip & Pin and must be registered before it can be used

We want to make sure your visit to ForeGolf is as enjoyable as possible.
If you have a Chip & Pin card, please ensure you have activated it at least 24 hours before your visit.

Here’s the link to their website that explains everything
or watch the One4All Explainer video

  • Follow their step by step instructions, from our understanding it looks like this is needed for all Chip&Pin cards over €150, where the ID-APP must be downloaded and ID verification must take place.
  • It can take a while to get the pin code texted to the card holder, so over 24 hours is recommended.
  • Cards can only be used at counter, as the customer must enter the pin number just like a normal chip and pin transaction. (No swipe and sign like the other One4all Gift Card)
  • One4All have a FAQ for the new Chip & Pin cards

This is a safety practice controlled by One4All, our credit card machine will also accept regular credit /debit cards, alternatively request our bank details and allow time for payment to clear.

We put together this information so everything goes smoothly on your visit.
You can contact us at but you should contact One4all for questions about your card.


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