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11:26 14 Jun 21
A truly professional outfit I would highly rate my experience.I had a full bag analysis, there was no hard sell, just recommendations. One of them was 'there's no need to upgrade your driver' which was very refreshing.The 'in-house' building process is the icing on the cake. It's great the whole service can be provided from within Ireland.Thanks lads.
James M.
16:14 12 Jun 21
What an amazing golfing experience. It is a real eye opener to get a full analysis on your golf bag and get an understanding of what does and does not work for your golf swing. I have been using the complete wrong set of clubs and the proof was in the pudding. Without changing anything to my swing but instead working with it, my yardage across all clubs increased on average 20 yards and my driver increased by 30 yards when I got fitted for custom clubs. I am a high handicapper at 17 and didn't think it would be of benefit to someone like me but I was completely wrong. I can't wait to get my new clubs and I am confident I will decrease the handicap by a few shots this year because of them. Thanks to Dave and Derek for all their help.
Jack J.
11:52 12 Jun 21
What an experience! Yesterday was my first proper golf fitting and it was a real eye opener. The use of the trackman was a great visual which allowed me to see the difference between my original clubs compared to the tested clubs. By the end of the fitting I was averaging 20-25 yards longer from my 7 iron. I was a little nervous when I arrived as all this stuff was quite new to me but the lads made me feel at ease the moment arrived. Overall, it was a great experience and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough to someone debating on whether to get fitted or not.
Jake Russell C.
21:00 11 Jun 21
Excellent experience, the guys really know their stuff - highly recommend
Stephen D.
13:24 09 Jun 21
Had a driver fitted a number of years ago and really enjoyed the experience, my driving had improved so much from the club and confidence gained with it. Returned this time for a full bag analysis. Service is top knotch, Dave was very infomative, talked through the whole proccess of target spin, launch angle, etc for clubs through the bag range which made it easy to see the progression from my old clubs through to something that's more optimal. Looking forward to getting the clubs now in a few weeks and playing with them
Emmet M H.
10:11 09 Jun 21
Every detail, from the minute you arrive in the car park is superb. The service was extremely professional and thorough. It's the closest thing most of us Average Joe golfers will get to being treated like a Tour Pro.The information provided was detailed but easily understandable and there was no pressure put in place to make a purchase.I couldn't recommend the service highly enough, thanks for the hard work and effort.
David W.
09:15 09 Jun 21
Fabulous experience as always, from the moment you arrive and see your name in an assigned car parking space to being greeted with a friendly welcome.The level of detail and professionalism during the fitting is fantastic. This results in finding clubs that are perfect for you and your game.I wouldn't go anywhere else for club fitting.
Nevan P.
01:11 09 Jun 21
From pulling up to the personalized parking space, to ordering a fresh set of irons, wedges, and a putter, the experience was first class. Like many others, I'm sure, I was pretty nervous walking into the state-of-the-art fitting bay, but Dave immediately put me at ease with a quick chat on what I was hoping to achieve with the visit, and how the session would go.After hitting maybe nine 7-irons (3 left, 3 middle, 3 right . . . so much for worrying I'd end up hitting it too well on the day!) to get a baseline for my Trackman stats, and Dave having a look at my current clubs, I was handed a new model and could immediately feel the difference. My clubhead speed was essentially unchanged between the newer models and my irons, but the greater efficiency of the new clubs meant I was picking up around 7mph more ball speed, which, as Dave explained, translated to around 18 yds of carry distance. While the greatest scientific breakthrough of the 21st century thus far has probably come from Pfizer et al, being able to hit short irons into par 4's in my local club is a respectable second.We worked through a number of combinations of shafts types/materials and clubheads. I made a conscious effort to avoid looking at the clubs being handed to me, to avoid introducing any bias to the process, but it was clear that certain combinations simply suited me better. We ended up settling on a set that immediately reminded me of my old irons in terms of looks and feel, but delivering that explosive power, and, more importantly, much more forgiveness on off-center hits. The difference that a few grams make to a shaft, and therefore to the club as a whole is much larger than I would have expected. The biggest surprise of the day, for me, was that the irons I assumed would be closest in performance to my own (same brand, same graphite shafts) were the only ones I couldn't get off the ground . . . which would have made for a potentially painful experience had I gone elsewhere and bought off-the-rack.I wasn't at any point pressured to buy a single club, which I really appreciated. After spending some time optimizing the settings on my current driver, we were only able to find minimal gains with other clubs, and it was quite clear from the data that a swing change (to square the face faster) would be more beneficial. The 4-hybrid Dave suggested was absolutely brilliant, and it's been playing on my mind ever since, so I might be making a further purchase down the line . . .Finally, the putter fitting process was fantastic. Dave showed me a number of simple (requiring zero tech!) exercises to check out putter dynamics, on top of the Trackman data he was collating. I could immediately feel the difference in the putter he suggested would work well with my putting stroke.I'd recommend the experience to anyone.
Ronan M.
12:36 05 Jun 21
By far the only place one should go to get fitted. Excellent service provided from the minute you enter ForeGolf. A big thank you to all the team there and especially David for his patience in answering all my questions. Superb knowledge, no pushing on what to purchase. Must visit for any golfer!
Hil G.
16:24 03 Jun 21
Great service and friendly staff. Well worth a visit if you are thinking in investing in new clubs. Particularly great as a woman to be fitted for exact clubs!
Mark D.
09:23 01 Jun 21
I got fit for a new set of irons by Dave at Fore Golf yesterday. Really enjoyed the experience, Dave took the time to explain all the different elements to the fitting which I found really interesting. I could immediately see the difference between the irons I was fit for and my current ones, both in terms of ball flight and dispersion. I would highly recommend Fore Golf.
Sean F.
12:25 27 May 21
Fantastic experience from start to finish with the team here. From the rearranged appointment to the post visit service it was all excellent. I was booked in for a full bag assessment, looking at irons, fairway woods, wedges, driver and putter. Dave was fantastic throughout, listening to the feedback I was giving as well as seeing the numbers on Trackman. We worked through countless head and shaft combinations with varying flex and weights until we hit the ideal performance suited to my swing. I consciously didn't look at the brand or model of the clubs we were testing to avoid any unconscious bias, and he didn't tell me what he was handing me either. Everything was based off the performance. At the end of the session there was no pressure to buy, it was just a spec sheet with recommendations. I decided to go with the full bag, and the team were great for getting back to me with some post fitting queries I had also. Final added bonus was the clubs came early and I can't wait to get out on the course with them!
Stephen M.
08:36 27 May 21
Once again. My experience at foregolf was unbelievable. From the minute you walk in your put at ease. The whole set up is so professional but still not daunting in any way. The level of work that goes into building clubs to fit the golfer rather than changing the golfer to fit a club is incredible and having already seen the results from irons purchased last year I can't wait to get my new driver and put it to work. Couldn't recommend the place enough to any level of golfer. I already cannot wait to go back! Well done guys!
Ross T.
12:41 26 May 21
Unbelievable service. Massive difference to my clubs . Very happy 😊
Cianan F.
22:00 25 May 21
Had my custom fitting yesterday with Foregolf. It was my first experience in getting fitted for custom built clubs. I had read and heard great things of the service and expertise that come with it. But even with the best of recommendations you still have to do it yourself to fully appreciate the fantastic experience and phenomenal service the team at Foregolf provide.Being a golfer of a higher handicap I was a bit nervous going in but Dave spotted that straight away, he eased me into the session in a friendly comforting manner and before I knew it any nerves I had were gone and I was half way through the tray of balls. My session lasted 1.5 hours but it honestly felt like I was only in there for a half hour. Loved every minute of it and can't wait for my new clubs.5 star expierance and 5 star service, bet the clubs they are building me won't be half bad either ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Kenneth O.
14:34 25 May 21
Couldn’t recommend the set up in Foregolf enough. From the moment you arrive with the name on the parking spot to the entire fit process. Dave’s advice was second to none in the fit process and identified areas in my bag that needed to be changed and the clubs that were already good for my game.Great level of service and can’t wait to try out the new driver. Will be back again soon to upgrade the irons. Thanks again to Dave Derek Mark and allThe team at Foregolf.
Conor F.
12:27 25 May 21
Absolutely brilliant experience at ForeGolf yesterday. Was a bit nervous as I had never been fitted before, but I was put at ease immediately. Dave went through everything with me in the fitting room and I couldn't believe the difference a few adjustments made to my ball flight and distance. Delighted with the honesty of the service as well. They didn't try and flog something to me that I didn't need. Brand new irons (8 piece) and a 3 wood. I'm like a child waiting for Christmas. Thanks to Dave and Mark for their brilliant service.
Adrian C.
10:00 17 May 21
Had a super experience at ForeGolf with a full bag fitting with Dave. As a relatively new and tall golfer with a high handicap, I was fit into clubs that suit me physically and aim to bring consistency to my game. Saw immediate differences compared to my current clubs. Dave was great at explaining the options and I feel confident with what I came out of the fitting with.
Brendan M.
19:30 15 May 21
Fantastic facilities and very knowledgeable staff. From the minute I arrived I was put at ease, Dave listened to everything I was looking for and knew exactly what to choose. I was left with a driver I had loads of confidence in and could hit how I wanted. I can't wait to get my new driver on the course and will definitely be returning in future. Thanks a million guys
11:15 12 May 21
I did my first fitting roughly 10 years ago and I was very happy about the experience but also about the set of golf clubs which helped me to improve my game since. Yesterday I brought my wife to Foregolf and she shares my positive experience now and is waiting for her set of golf clubs.
Niall K.
10:38 12 May 21
Just visited ForeGolf for a new putter fitting after a recommendation from a friend. Very impressive setup and I got a lot of confidence from Dave's feedback on what type of putter I should go for.
Graham B.
09:12 11 May 21
I cannot recommend Foregolf enough. If you're serious about your golf, no matter what level, then getting custom fit is a must. However being custom fit by the best is essential.From the moment you walk in, you're greeted by a wonderful friendly and family environment, and to get you excited for what's to come you're given a glimpse behind the scenes in Don's workshop. It's like being a kid in a sweet shop. Every manufacturer, shaft type, heads, grips etc - they have it all.I was first fit for a full set of clubs 5 years ago in Foregolf, and the experience was incredible. The confidence you get from knowing your entire set is suited perfectly to your swing, is amazing. I have since returned a few times for a driver fitting, and even a putter fitting. I returned a couple of weeks ago, to get a new set of irons. As always, Dave was extremely knowledgeable and helped me select the best irons for me. He's very welcoming, friendly and really knows his stuff.The fact that it's suited in a range (with trackman), and you can see the ball flight for yourself is a huge advantage over a simulator in a store, where you rely solely on numbers for feedback.Furthermore, there's never a pressure to buy anything. They will make sure you have the optimal clubs, and will compare it to your own. It's entirely your decision at the end of the day.Fantastic service. Highly skilled, super friendly. Would highly recommend.
David G.
16:11 09 May 21
Unreal Experience with Foregolf the other day! I had a full bag analysis and was unsure what to expect having never had a fitting before in my golfing life. Straight away Dave took into consideration my thoughts on what I was looking for and what would suit my swing, Tried a number of clubs and shafts and can't be happier with what we ended up with! The thing that impressed me the most was the putter fitting (as its what I struggle with the most on course) after hitting 10-12 putts with my own putter Dave realized pretty much nothing about my old putter suited my stroke, Went onto test out a handful of new putters but the first one he handed to me was the best fit and cant wait to get it! Just shows how well he knows his craft!
Colm B.
12:52 08 May 21
Amazing experience with ForeGolf for my first ever custom fitting. Dave was extremely knowledgeable and easy to get along with. When we started talking about my game and what I wanted from the fitting I was worried that I would be fitted for my handicap rather than my swing or future progress but Dave instantly said he would be fitting based purely on what he saw and what the numbers said which reassured me that the clubs recommended would be the right ones for me! He was great at fitting my bag based on yardages as opposed to clubs I thought I needed. I went in thinking I’d need driver, 3 wood, 5 wood and then 5 iron onwards but Dave analysed my distances and said there would be no need for 2 woods and to have a 2-3 hybrid and 4 iron instead which would fit in with my distance gapping and would also be cheaper! Really great insight and to be honest he probably would have gotten more money from me if he had gone with my assumptions that i needed the two woods so that goes to show the professionalism these guys have! Really excited to get my driver, hybrid and irons now in a few weeks and I’ll have complete confidence that the clubs will both be right for my game and to the exact specifications we ended up at in my fitting. Couldn’t recommend the guys at ForeGolf more and I’ll be back again in a few years when I need an upgrade!
dinjo 7.
10:38 07 May 21
I would like to thank all at Foregolf I got fitted for a new driver yesterday and had a great experience I will definitely be back for any other clubs needed can't wait to hit it on the course 👍
Eric O.
16:02 05 May 21
Brilliant fitting at ForeGolf! Great product knowledge by Dave and a great facility and set up! I would definately recommend and will be back in the future!
jason O.
12:33 05 May 21
Was fitted recently by foregolf. In this trying times they did above and beyond to facilitate a fitting. Having read reviews previously I can now highly recommend foregolf to any golf enthusiast. The fitting experience was excellent and Dave who fitted me talked me through the whole process. It was an education and I learned so much on the day. It was not about brands and was not a sale pitch for brands like in previous places. It was all about what suited me as a golfer and what I needed. I cant wait to get my clubs and I cannot thank foregolf enough. Mark was so helpful when selecting the clubs and even put up with a late phone on the road down to add one more to the order. If you want to be fitted for clubs foregolf is the place to go. Even for me the average golfer!
Martin S.
11:39 04 Jan 21
Highly recommended.The best custom fitting experience I've had. To have a service like this in Ireland is a privilege. The level of experience, variety of shafts and heads these guys have is second to none. You will leave the fitting with confidence that your clubs are unique and really made for you and your swing. Not factory made like other companies. Custom built to the smallest of details to make you a better golfer.
Shane R.
16:56 31 Dec 20
ForeGolf have a great facility and the fitting process with Dave is both enjoyable and informative. They definitely don't seem to be pushing any specific brand over others, their recommendations for me included clubs from 4 different brands for example. I also did not get a sense that they are trying to push more expensive clubs during the fitting. Their fitting process seems focused on getting the best results for a player, and this really gave me confidence in the recommendations provided. I had a couple of aftersales questions and these were dealt with really quickly by Mark and Derek.
Liam S.
20:24 30 Dec 20
Fantastic experience. So interesting how so little changes can affect your swing and ball flight. Would highly recommend them to anyone. They are very knowledgeable and dedicated even for a mid range handicapper like me.
Barry M.
17:34 30 Dec 20
I had clubs in mind before I got there but it turns out they didn't really suit me at all. Derek was very helpful and ended up giving me clubs I thought I would have never went for and I loved them. Having so many brands to chose from is something I would highly recommend going to Fore Golf for. Derek was a pleasure to deal with and I really like the fact he didn't try and push anything on me.
Fran G.
19:03 28 Dec 20
Had a fitting on the 8th of October with Derek and from start to finish he was a pleasure to deal with.Went for a full bag fit and only ended up needing Irons and a Driver.Derek's honesty in telling me that I'd be only wasting my money on clubs that wouldn't benefit me anymore than my current clubs was reassuring that he wasnt looking to just sell me something.I purchased the driver and picked it up on the 8th of October. The fit was spot on and all my drives are now ending up in the general area that I'm aiming (bar one or two but this is down to me being brutal at golf 😁😁)I'll be back for new irons once I've enough money in the piggy bank again.Money well spent on professionals who know what they are at. I wont be buying my clubs anywhere else again!!
Damian G
16:02 27 Dec 20
Second review after follow up trip to ForeGolf.Returned to ForeGolf for custom fitting as very happy with the clubs I had been fitted for previously.Back 2 years later for Irons and added a driver based on the results on the day. Fantastic experience from start to finish in every way. The highlight was of course the fitting with Dave and his ability to find a setup to give the results I was looking for. I needed more consistency and Dave created the setup to give me that. I was hoping for better dispersion but honestly couldn't believe how much of a difference we were able to find. Can't wait to get the new clubs and get out on the course. Thanks to all the team for the excellent service!2018 review: Just had the full bag check with David and walked away very impressed. Great experience from start to finish and I'm looking forward to receiving the goods and getting some rounds in.Could not be happier with the fitting - David created a number of combinations that were getting closer and closer and he was 100% right when he said this should be the one! The difference in feel and ball flight was really significant and has shown me the value of an expert fitting. There was no pressure to purchase but you are given the options and then you decide. I'll be returning when it's time to upgrade the irons.
Helen M.
10:56 24 Dec 20
I went to ForeGolf yesterday and the experience was fantastic. The guys were professional and the facilities were top class. I even had my own parking space set up with my name on it 😌 I was initially nervous hitting the ball, but was put at ease very quickly. I tried tonnes of clubs, and really enjoyed the experience. I went with a open mind, and am really looking forward to getting my clubs. There was no pressure to purchase which I really liked, but I couldn’t resist 🤣. Thanks to all at ForeGolf, and I wish you all a Happy Christmas. Helen
Marc B.
07:29 24 Dec 20
I went to Derek and Don back on 2001 and they made such a good impression that they were the only club fitters for me when I came back a few days ago.The facilities are first class, dave Williams has huge experience as first a very good player, and then years on tour and as a fitter with fire golf.The process was extremely enjoyable and the difference the right clubs make is huge to any level of player. It is worth spending the extra bit of time and money for the knowledge that you have clubs that can maximise your potential.I know that there are now plenty of places to get fitted for clubs, however none have the experience, ability as club makers, and fitters as fore golf.
Richard D.
12:57 19 Dec 20
Excellent service. Struggling with distance and inconsistent shots so the guys helped me find the club with the perfect shaft and within half an hour my ball speed was up and also my swing speed. Can’t wait to get my new clubs. If you’re thinking of getting any type of new club would def recommend fore golf.
Neil W.
19:57 18 Dec 20
The lads take professional to a new level. From the pre-visit contact onwards the level of service is superb. It really is like being a pro. Dave was superb in working through the bag and finding what would work for me. I’m amazed at how good the clubs felt and performed that he recommended for me. No pushing of brands, no pressure in placing your order. I should’ve done this years ago.
Ian J.
11:55 16 Dec 20
Amazing facility with extremely professional and courteous team. Really enjoyed my time there and would highly recommend it.
Marty D.
11:26 11 Dec 20
ForeGolf was recommended to me by one of my fellow golfers in County Armagh. I had booked an appointment which was scheduled for February 2021. I also added myself onto a waiting list for any cancelled appointments. I was contacted this week and Derek was able to book me in for a Custom Fitting to my delight. A huge thanks to Dave for his excellent knowledge and experience in fitting me for all clubs in my bag. There was a very noticeable difference in ball striking, flight and distance after Dave worked his magic using trackman tech and his vast knowledge. After the fitting Mark explained what clubs had been recommended and priced all recommendations. Delighted to say I made a purchase which should be here for Christmas. A nice way to end 2020! If you are considering changing any clubs in your golf bag I would strongly recommend that you talk to ForeGolf. Their knowledge and expertise is second to none. There isn't a hard sell and their aim is to fit you properly to improve your game. Thanks guys!
Kevin O.
11:13 11 Dec 20
Had a fitting session at Foregolf yesterday with Dave. I have to say it was a really enjoyable hour, very productive and I would certainly recommend a fitting session to any player looking to change their clubs to improve their game.
Neil M.
21:20 10 Dec 20
I couldn't recommend the guys at ForeGolf Custom highly enough! Warm welcome from Derek on arrival, informative and enjoyable fitting experience with David and brilliant customer service from Mark. Only problem is that I have to wait 2 weeks for my new clubs - but I know they'll be worth the wait!
Brian M.
08:31 10 Dec 20
A must for any golfer. Wonderful experience and exceptional service from start to finish.
Gary G.
12:03 09 Dec 20
This was my second time in with the ForeGolf team to get custom fitted and it was honestly so enjoyable. Very welcoming and friendly and provide such a great service. Derek was custom fitting me and it was an absolute pleasure to talk about different clubs and the technology with them clubs and the reasoning why they would suit. Would highly recommend anyone who is looking to get custom fitted or thinking about getting custom fitted to go to ForeGolf.
Dean M.
13:07 08 Dec 20
Excellent service from beginning to end from all the team at Foregolf. Dave was extremely helpful and thorough during the fitting. Can’t recommend highly enough for every golfer.
Ger W.
21:49 03 Dec 20
Attended for a full bag fitting this week and found the experience excellent from start to finish.David made me feel right at home from the start.Not hitting into a screen is a real plus and having trackman results explained by David while he tweaked club selection ensure I end up with the right selection.Clubs are a big investment and prices form Fore are good as anywhere, happy I went and to know what I bought is right for me.Thanks all 👍
eoghan O.
18:24 02 Dec 20
2nd time visiting Foregolf. I highly recommend it. First class service.
Barry C.
15:02 02 Dec 20
I would highly recommend a visit to ForeGolf. I was made feel welcome from the minute I arrived. The attention to detail in finding a driver to suit my game was second to none.
Morgan P.
21:20 08 Nov 20
What an experience that was!! From the helpful calls from Derek in the run up to the fitting, the welcome (and follow ups) from Mark (who I’m going to credit for the personalised parking space), the expert fitting session with Dave and the excellent customised end product from the Don, the ForeGolf experience was top class. You leave the session with a greater understanding of your swing, what clubs suit your game (there is no one size fits all approach!) and extremely excited/motivated to get your new set of customised clubs into play! If you’re considering investing in a new set of golf clubs (or even one new club) then I strongly recommend that you visit the team in ForeGolf. Their expertise is unrivalled and, unlike other fitters, they do not push one brand over another so you can rest assured that they will find the clubs that will make you a better golfer. They certainly did for me!! Thanks again!
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Conor F.
10:05 27 May 21
Brilliant experience with Dave and Mark. Couldn’t believe the difference in my ball direction and distance. Waiting on my new clubs like a child waiting for Santa to arrive. Only regret is I didn’t do this years ago. Highly recommend this service to anyone wanting to improve their game, no matter what your handicap.
John A.
19:51 21 May 21
FOREGOLF Five star experience. This place is like Disneyland for golfers. The personalised parking space is a nice touch even before you walk inside. Shiney new club heads and shafts neatly shelved from floor to ceiling and I must have hit over 50 combinations. I got a full bag fitting. Dave was so welcoming and really generous with his time. The session centred the balance between science and feel. It was a treat hitting so many cool clubs but the real joy was finding my perfect clubs and rounding my bag. I can get as much or as little as I want now and work my way through the recommendations over time. Mark went through grips and options with me after the fitting. There was no rush and no pressure to buy. I've often paid more for clubs I picked up in a shop after a quick and crazy internet search so I was happy with the value and the experience. The trip from Cork was 3 hours but mostly motorway and Foregolf was easy to get to.
Brendan M.
08:43 15 May 21
Fantastic facilities and very knowledgeable staff. From the minute I arrived I was put at ease, Dave listened to everything I was looking for and knew exactly what to choose. I was left with a driver I had loads of confidence in and could hit how I wanted. I can't wait to get my new driver on the course and will definitely be returning in future. Thanks a million guys
Eric O.
14:00 05 May 21
Great fitting with Foregolf I was the first one back in the door after the last few months of being closed and well worth the wait! great facility and set up and great knowledge from Dave! looking forward to getting my new driver and will definitely be back in the future!
Daphne W.
21:17 19 Dec 20
Very professional. Amazing when you get the right club. Looking forward to getting my new woods
Neil W.
20:01 18 Dec 20
The lads take professional to a new level. From the pre-visit contact onwards the level of service is superb. It really is like being a pro. Dave was superb in working through the bag and finding what would work for me. I’m amazed at how good the clubs felt and performed that he recommended for me. No pushing of brands, no pressure in placing your order. I should’ve done this years ago.
Jim D.
12:10 09 Dec 20
Brilliant experience all round. Very professional operation and David and Mark were exceptional. Thanks guys 👍🏌🏻‍♂️
Gary G.
12:07 09 Dec 20
This was my second time in with the ForeGolf team to get custom fitted and it was honestly so enjoyable. Very welcoming and friendly and provide such a great service. Derek was custom fitting me and it was an absolute pleasure to talk about different clubs and the technology with them clubs and the reasoning why they would suit. Would highly recommend anyone who is looking to get custom fitted or thinking about getting custom fitted to go to ForeGolf.
Jim M.
21:26 07 Dec 20
This was my third trip to Foregolf. The first two times I watched my sons get fitted, so it was a nice change to be fitted myself. The service was exceptional. Given the unprecedented times, Foregolf had all measures in place to ensure a smooth fitting. The technology and facilities used were above expectations, and I would recommend to anyone. Fantastic service, thanks to the Foregolf team.
John Mc F.
15:31 03 Dec 20
This was my 2nd visit with Foregolf. As usual it's so professional and friendly. Was in for a driver fitting with Dave, almost immediately he had an idea of what I needed. We tried a couple of shafts with a couple of heads and the results were clear. He also has the knowledge of each driver he puts in your hands. If you want to play to your potential Foregolf is the place to go for your clubs. Brilliant experience again. Thank you Foregolf.
Alan C.
11:23 30 Oct 20
I’ve been with the lads in Foregolf twice now and both times I’ve been hugely impressed. The lads have encyclopaedic knowledge of golf clubs and strive to get the best fitting club for the person swinging the club. Great irish company who value support in these strange times. Highly recommend Foregolf if you’re serious about improving your game
Donagh Mc I.
11:43 13 Oct 20
Was with the lads this year and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. The detail and effort that Dave and the guys put in to getting me the right clubs is brilliant. Everything is covered.For any golfer thinking of getting new clubs this is the way to go and the lads will find what suits you. I would definitely recommend a visit. They will definitely improve your game.
Donal O.
18:29 29 Sep 20
Must say I enjoyed my visit yesterday at fore golf and this was my second experience with fore golf and they helped me out with my irons about 15 months ago and true to there word said my woods were good enough for at least another year at that time which they were right about and I felt it was time to revisit this week and yes they have proved to me the difference a year can make with clubs they have given me another 30 yards and straightened my swing thanks to all the staff who look after you even when you have collected your new clubs 5*****
Alan O M.
12:06 13 Sep 20
Had a session with Dave on Friday... great experience...had new driver dialled in after 20 minutes gaining 25 yrds and hitting straighter...3 wood didn't take long and was hitting as far as my old driver...gained 15 to 20 yrds with new irons.. well worth the effort to get fitted... thanks lads...
John R.
20:50 12 Sep 20
So clear in what 4 golf do staff so helpful explaining everything could not believe the difference in my driving 🥰 highly recommend 4 golf
Steve C.
09:30 10 Sep 20
I went to Foregolf yesterday for a fitting session. All I can say is that is if you are passionate about your golf and want to play the best you can, you have to visit them.My current clubs are reasonably recent purchases eg Ping G410 Driver and 3 wood, Titleist U500 2iron, Titleist AP2 irons and Vokey SM 7 wedges. All of these had been fitted in Golf Store fitting sessions. Dave did the fitting session in Foregolf and he was superb. listened to what I was hoping to address with the fitting and explained everything along the way.Results: First off with the driver. Because of my swing characteristics he felt Cobra Speedzone would be more suited to me. I hit it on average 280yds compared with 258yds on my Ping. This was achieved by reduced spin rate without there being any other changes. I was amazed!My 2 iron I bought to enable a low 220 to 230 yd shot but I struggled with it. Dave gave me a low flighted Cobra hybrid that achieved exactly what i was looking for and easier to hit.On my AP2 irons, he identified that my existing shafts were too spinny and gave me shafts more suited to reducing spin. Result was a more penetrative flight.Finally on my wedges i felt my Vokeys pop up too often. He fitted me with Callaway wedges that felt better off the face and did not pop up high. As i said at the start, if you want to get the most out of your game and your clubs there is no better place than Foregolf.
Ken D.
09:15 09 Sep 20
I have just had a Custom Fit of my current set of golf clubs with Dave Williams and the team at Foregolf. While I was generally happy with my current clubs, I have not been getting the distances I felt I should be getting and I wanted to see if there was something that was causing me a problem and could possibly be improved. Using Trackman, Dave reviewed my clubs with me and through trialling differing combinations of shafts and heads, we identified a solution for me that matches my swing and tempo while at the same time giving me much improved distances and gapping. This was an informative and valuable experience and one which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was made to feel very welcome from the start and I would highly recommend Foregolf to any golfer who is willing to invest a little in improving their golf game.
John B.
20:15 06 Sep 20
An overdue return to see Dave and try to put a finger on my golfing woes. As my golf game is now 18 holes a week with an odd range session Dave asked for the 3 “keepers” and off to work we went. As usual it’s all about “reality” and makes a huge difference. I cannot recommend Foregolf highly enough and it’s great to catch up with the guys. Continued success to the team at Foregolf.
Philip C.
14:35 04 Sep 20
Foregolf session yesterday was great fun and really professional. My golf is going to be transformed. Watch out Rory
Martin M.
12:51 29 Aug 20
Seriously professional outfit, everything explained clearly , magnificent facility, a must if you're changing or upgrading clubs , you won't regret it.
John O M.
10:25 21 Aug 20
Really enjoyed my fitting session at ForeGolf. Great knowledge from Dave in trying to get some improvement into your game. No pressure to buy any of the recommended clubs,it's entirely up to yourself. Would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of changing clubs and can't wait to get mine and try them out. Great day out.
Colin M.
12:49 15 Aug 20
Dave and Mark were very welcoming and helpful. This was one of the most relaxed fitting sessions of hitting golf balls I've ever experienced and is highly recommended.
Mc D.
19:20 13 Aug 20
My 3rd time with ForeGolf,great service as always,highly recommend these guys ,no pressure to buy clubs but hard to leave without them,thanks guys.
Kieran D.
14:10 12 Aug 20
Very professional and helpful. I had a wonderful experience and will be recommending this place to everyone I know. thank you so much lads.
Alan O.
17:49 11 Aug 20