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brian M.
17:54 19 Mar 23
These guys are quite simply the best in the business, the customer service is just top class, that’s before you step into the fitting room, hitting balls to an outdoor range, with the a full suite of every club head and shaft combination you could dream of. Dave is magic for seeing how to maximise your swing potential which is all backed up by data, and Derek could write books on customer service, you feel like a tour pro from the minute you arrive. Would highly recommend these guys to anyone looking for a fitting, this was my third trip and know I’ll be back!!
Eamon T.
17:48 17 Mar 23
I’ve had 2 previous fittings before I went to fore golf and there is no comparison. The patience and depth of knowledge David has is first class, he explained everything we were trying and I ended up with the right driver for me. I will definitely be back. Thanks again
brian M.
10:38 17 Mar 23
Went for the 1 hour full bag analysis, and it was a great experience from the minute I arrived. These guys have phenomenal attention to detail in customer service and the fitting experience was really enjoyable. Dave listened to my thoughts on my own game and bag setup and then thoroughly understood my swing requirements through the trackman information. There was zero pressure to buy, and I wasn’t pushed towards any particular brand, we went through the process and got to the absolute best setup to maximise my potential. No way would I have been able to pick up a driver off the shelf to suit my particular swing characteristics, and I can’t wait to get my new club!! Will definitely be back whenever I want to upgrade my next clubs!! Highly recommend ForeGolf custom fitting.Edit: Just came back to Foregolf again for new irons,and yet again these guys exceeded my expectations!!! If you wanna get fit go to the guys who are the best in the business, it’s that simple!! 10/10
John K.
10:53 15 Mar 23
Great experience. Very professional Derek was very knowledgeable. Made it a very relaxed session.
Darren C.
07:43 09 Mar 23
Just collected my new Taylor Made custom fitted Stealth Driver from Foregolf at Killeen Golf Club and I have to say top class set up customer service and professionalism by all the staff and they were that good I’ve just got fitted for my new set of Taylor Made Irons which were very reasonable and will be hand made in the next few weeks so I’d highly recommend this company for any amateur golfer trying to improve their game and looking for a new set of clubsMany ThanksDarren CosgraveCosgrave Roofing and Building
David S.
18:10 05 Mar 23
Got custom fit 2 weeks ago looking good golf this season with full brand new set of golf clubs
David B.
10:41 03 Mar 23
Gained distance. Gained accuracy. Gained insight. Can’t argue with that.First time getting fitted after having Foregolf recommended by two friends, really enjoyed the session and Dave was great. Looking forward to seeing it transfer to the course once the clubs arrive.
Eamonn O.
17:01 01 Mar 23
Many thanks to Derek, Dave and all the staff at Fore Golf. Their fitting and approach is second to none. Your game will definitely improve after a visit.
Mark O.
22:05 28 Feb 23
Very generous with their time and knowledge. I learned a lot about what they do and the difference it will make to my game. Highly recommend for anyone looking to (1) know more about club brands, shafts, ball flight, trackman numbers, etc, and (2) improve their game by improving their kit. These guys are experts and I’ll be using them again in the future when needed.
Ronnie F.
22:06 26 Feb 23
I was with the lads in September for a putter fitting, I was a little apprehensive going in but the way my putting data from trackman was explained to me was incredible and leaving there made so much sense. Now that the weather is improving and greens running better I am noticing a serious improvement in my putting. The lads up there are top class and I would highly recommend them.
Fiona R.
17:49 24 Feb 23
An Absolutely great club fitting service, friendly, informative and analytical to help you get the right golf club(s)for your game. I am really looking forward to the 2023 season
T.J. M.
14:56 23 Feb 23
Great experience and it was totally about me, the customer, and what worked best for me.
Mark R.
21:08 22 Feb 23
I was hugely impressed with my whole ForeGolf experience. Straightforward online booking, good details on website, easy to fill out prep form, follow up calls to confirm booking date and time. And having my name on the reserved Car Park space was serious customer service ! Very friendly & engaging people when I arrived (Derek). The fitting session with David was very professionally done. It included lots of dialogue, lots of shots, clear explanations on trackman metrics and the context behind the different shafts and heads we tried. Really felt like he wanted me to get the right 'fit & feel' from the clubs we selected. Ordering clubs process very straightforward and they will be delivered to my door. A very good experience and well worth it.
Dean R.
22:44 19 Feb 23
Can’t recommend these guys enough. Called into Fore golf a few weeks ago and got fitted for a driver. The guys are extremely knowledgeable and professional. Derek went above and beyond and went as far as personally delivering the club to me. The driver fits perfect and has helped me drop shots instantly.
Chris D.
22:23 19 Feb 23
Had a fitted with fore golf on 14 of February on arrival name posted outside the shop great touch.on arrival met derek at the door such a gentleman credited to him the way he looks after clients. Then on to Dave to get fitted what a man of great knowledge of what suits my swing explains what will me more suited to me in my game and know can’t wait for the master of club building king Don to build them for me and looking forward to enjoying golf more .many thanks to derek on looking after me and my wife and kids on arrival up to the shop.many thanks again to derek ,Dave ,don Christine and Jill what a team ..chris
Conor Óg M.
15:56 17 Feb 23
Top quality service from the guys, second time being there and they keep improving, attention to detail is unmatched
Domhnaill D.
21:55 13 Feb 23
Excellent experience & service.Lovely staff also, very clear experts in their field.Edited 08/01/23I would just like to add to my review now that I have received the clubs and had a chance to try them out.Firstly I received the clubs two weeks early which is amazing especially when leading into Christmas.I came into the fitting with a huge issue in my gapping and I wanted to go from three to four wedges. The new three wedges I got fitted for are perfect and carry the ball the exact distances I wanted.Excellent service, Anyone who is thinking about it should go for it
Kyle F.
20:09 11 Feb 23
Very professional custom fitting experience while also made to feel at ease as soon as I walked in the door with such a friendly welcoming. Thank you to the team and would highly recommend.
Hammad Z.
10:33 10 Feb 23
Always had a great experience with guys at Foregolf. I have been fitted for a driver and hybrid with them and it’s been a seamless experience every time. Very welcoming, great insights during the fitting, plenty of options in terms of club heads and shafts. David and Derek are brilliant at what they do! Thanks guys!
Harry F.
16:27 07 Feb 23
As always my visit to foregolf club fitting was real success, cant wait to get my new putter!
Ciaran V.
15:44 05 Feb 23
Fantastic experience. David was brilliant in the fitting process and made you feel comfortable from the get go. Would 100% recommend.
Conor M.
16:41 04 Feb 23
A great experience. These guys know their stuff. Highly recommend.
John K.
14:37 25 Jan 23
Have gone to ForeGolf for my last 2 sets of clubs and never really considered going anywhere else. Always feel when I visited that what was recommended was exactly what was suited to my swing and my capability, and that confidence of having the right equipment is a real plus when standing on the first tee.
Tom P.
12:26 25 Jan 23
Had my fitting with Dave yesterday and it was a fantastic experience. The amenities are superb, and the welcome very friendly and professional. The fitting itself was an education as always. Dave is very clear and talks you through the whole process so you truly understand what he is trying to achieve for you and how the clubs work. I look forward to returning again soon.
Brian B.
17:59 22 Jan 23
Couldn't rate the guys better. From the moment you walk in you are made to feel at ease. The fitting itself was incredibly thorough and enjoyable. Derek really does everything he can to fit you with the right club to suit your swing.
matthew K.
20:35 21 Jan 23
Very welcoming , lads are class ! They know exactly what you need to improve your game ! Definitely will be back! Thanks Lads
Harry O.
16:25 21 Jan 23
Great experience altogether 🙌Chatted to Derek on arrival, absolute gent. Felt right at home from the get go.Was blown away with the setup of Foregolf.Then the 1 hour full bag fitting with Dave, different level scope altogether.All structured around my pace of ball striking which was so comfortable and enjoyable.Got great scope of detail on full fit out and can’t wait for arrival on the new irons.11/10Harry
Alan M.
12:20 21 Jan 23
Couldn't be happier. Incredibly professional review of my new club needs. Even had a golf ball recommendation at the end. Delighted.
Joseph T.
11:52 18 Jan 23
Third time in with the lads. Yet again it was a very worthwhile and positive experience. I was fitted for a Hybrid to complete my set (for a while). When Dave found the right head for me (Mizuno CLK) we tried a lot of shafts. My swing has somewhat changed over the year with more speed and to my amazement I was fitted with a more open face which worked. I would have most certainly went with a draw bias if I was buying of the rack which made the fitting even more worthwhile. Also the fact that you can contact Dave or Derek with questions during the year is excellent customer service.
Shane C.
17:11 12 Jan 23
As a 16 handicapper, was a bit worried before the fitting that the whole experience would be very initimidating, but in reality it was great. Could feel the difference and see the improvement hitting balls during the session as Dave was working out the best set up for me. Really looking forward to collecting the clubs and taking the improvement to the course!
Michael M.
16:17 12 Jan 23
Hi Guys found the whole experience from start to finish first class. Could not recommend it highly enough. Look forward to using my new irons an hybrid.
Colm C.
13:11 12 Jan 23
Very professionally run boutique custom fitting operation. Highly recommended
Michael D.
11:49 10 Jan 23
Mark R.
11:21 05 Jan 23
Absolutely brilliant worth every penny loved every minute of it.they really know there stuff and to great men always great to go back. I would recommend to any golfer
Padraig T.
11:33 01 Jan 23
I went to ForeGolf for a full bag fitting and enjoyed the expierience from start to finish. Derek and Dave were a pleasure to deal with and really knew their stuff. Im a mid - high handicap golfer and was unsure if i was doing the rite thing by getting custom fit however i was put to ease by the lads and its the best thing i could have done for my game. I recieved my new clubs very quickly which i was over the moon about and a month later i am already seing improvements in my game. I will definatly be returning to Foregolf next year to add the last 2 clubs to my bag.
niall C.
14:32 31 Dec 22
I went here for a driving fitting towards the end of 2022 and while I expected to have an enjoyable experience I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. The team at ForeGolf were a pleasure to deal with. Knowledge is second to none. I received my driver sooner than expected and am already looking forward to returning in 2023
Ewan O.
08:53 30 Dec 22
Fantastic service from Foregolf, the fitting was a great experience and clubs exactly as ordered! Thanks guys
David G.
14:58 21 Dec 22
Had a 1 hr bag fitting with ForeGolf yesterday. It was my first ever fitting and it was a brilliant experience. Derek and Dave put me completely at ease from the start and just knew what clubs to put in my hand.I would totally recommend ForeGolf and I’m absolutely buzzing for my clubs to be ready.Merry Christmas Lads
Robert H.
15:22 15 Dec 22
Would definitely recommend, the lads know their stuff, the fitting was very informative and easygoing, talked you through each stage. Got my custom clubs in two weeks can't wait to get out and use them. Suitable for all golfing levels
Gemma O.
09:05 14 Dec 22
I was looking forward to my session with Fore Golf and my elevated expectations were surpassed. Friendly, professional and explained the process in a meaningful manner. Liked the follow up audio of the session.
diarmuid C.
20:45 13 Dec 22
I would like to thank all the team at Fore Golf for making my experience one I will never forget. From the moment I parked my car until the moment I left, I can't speak highly enough of courteous and professional behaviour of the team.I have been playing golf awhile now and it was my first experience of getting fitted for clubs, and I have to say it didn't disappoint. My fitting session with Dave was excellent, I found his knowledge and technical expertise to be unrivalled. We went right through my entire bag and found the right club and set up to suit my swing. After the session, I was sent a recording of my Trackman statistics with a breakdown of all the various clubs used and areas where my game can benefit the most.If you are considering getting a new club of any description, make sure to give the guys at Fore Golf a call. Why pay good money for a stock club that is not tailored for your own personal swing, when you can get one custom fitted to suit your needs. I honestly can't recommend Fore Golf highly enough and I look forward to going back there in the future.Can't wait to see my new clubs :)Just checking in 2 years later, the clubs came and they didn't disappoint. Couldn't be happier with the new clubs and the experience as a hole. Absolutely love my driver, changed my game completely. Can't recommend Fore Golf enough, it's a must for anyone looking for new clubs or just to improve their game. Will be a customer for life.
Dennis C.
09:07 06 Dec 22
Had a recent fitting with Dave and Derek found the whole set up very informative professional and friendly.Well done lads very pleased with clubs
Ciara M.
11:24 04 Dec 22
Nothing but good things to say about the fantastic team at ForeGolf! From the minute you walk in the door, the professionalism and attention to detail is second to none from Derek & co. Every aspect of the fitting is tailored to you and your game - the expertise & knowledge from Dave is something else! There is no pressure to buy or change anything in your bag - they want what is best for you and your game which I truly admire. Just back from my second fitting with the team, and I couldn’t recommend them enough!! ForeGolf is the only place to go for custom clubs, hands down!
Alan N.
17:51 03 Dec 22
Highly recommend a session with the lads in foregolf. Their expertise is top class and the whole experience is thoroughly enjoyable.I got fitted for irons in 2014 and decided it was time to upgrade and wouldn't go anywhere else. My handicap has dropped from 15 to 7 and a lot of it is down to the the correct equipment fitted, recommended and supplied by foregolf.Thanks to Dave and Derek.Alan
Sean S.
12:41 01 Dec 22
I am a high handicap golfer and was very nervous about my fitting. The team made me very relaxed the minute I arrived at the wonderful facility. Dave went into great detail to find a suitable driver for now and the future for my needs. Looking forward to getting my driver soon and thanks again to Derek and Dave for helping the left handed golfer 👍A big thank you to Dave and the team as recieved my 5 wood last week after a great fitting early in November. Gapping seems perfect and flight should help in stopping the ball on the par 5's. I would recommend as a must do to help with all the variables in golf.
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Glenn D.
12:12 02 Dec 22
From the moment I walked into the building until the moment I got back into the car, I felt incredible. I’ve been fitted for a full bag of clubs and I’m sure they will increase my ability of play. My confidence level has rose by just talking to the lads in Fore Golf. Would fully recommend it and I’ll be back!
David C.
18:14 18 Oct 22
Top class service as always, got fitted for irons, 3 wood & rescue last year. Returned for a driver fitting with Dave, his knowledge, experience & professionalism are exceptional. The range of products & the data received during the fitting made it so easy to choose the right product suited to me.
Joseph G.
06:57 11 Sep 22
Best place around to get fitted . Derek , Dave and the the whole team know their stuff inside out and they are top lads too . Any club I ever got fitted was always 100% suited to my swing …Thanks again lads
Sam M.
20:46 18 Aug 22
I had a 30 min putter fitting with David who was very knowledgeable and was able to explain all of the various data points and metrics used to evaluate putts. I was able to try out a large variety of styles and managed to settle on a model that helped to counter a lot of my bad habits. The studio is very professional inside and full of high tech equipment.
Gavin M.
14:28 27 Jul 22
I recently got fitted for a new set of irons at ForeGolf. The lads at ForeGolf are extremely welcoming after Dave taking me for a 30 minute session I immediately seen the difference between my old clubs and these fitted clubs. Derek was a pleasure to deal with after and I immediately purchased a new set. I cannot wait to get my hands on these new clubs!
Joe K.
10:32 22 Jul 22
I had a very enjoyable 1 hour custom fitting session at ForeGolf, where I tried and tested a broad range of shafts/ shaft weights and club heads, to narrow in on exactly what best suited me. So excited was I, that I immediately bought their recommendation. My custom fitted clubs arrived yesterday, about two weeks after purchase and I played a round immediately. Wow is all I can say. In terms of weight, feel and look , the Taylor made P790 clubs that they kitted me out with, were truly made for me. I have been fitted previously for clubs in the main golf stores, but ForeGolf is really the next level up and I could not recommend them highly enough.
Micko D.
15:47 20 Jul 22
On arrival to meet derek and Dave u get such a warm welcome and treated like a pro ..Dave sets u up and explains as to what and how it works so u get the best experience on all club heads and shifts that u get fitted for with the greatest of knowledge that Dave has with clubs he puts u so at ease and to derek explaining how it all works , As I’ am so impressed I can not wait to go back to foregolf to get my new clubs . Big thank you to Derek and Dave and a amazing family run business look forward to seeing you soon . Travis &chris Dempsey
Eamon O.
19:52 03 Jun 22
I had my second visit to Foregolf yesterday, having been fitted for irons a few months ago; this time for a driver fitting and I can't speak highly enough of the expertise and information from David.I came away a very happy golfer and can't wait to have new my driver delivered.
Brian M.
15:20 03 Jun 22
Had a custom putter fitting with Dave yesterday and was really impressed, great to try out so many different putters, brands and styles, different shafts and grip sizes and then fine tune in the putter based off trackman data to ensure that what I’m getting will be optimised to make me as consistent as I can be with my flat stick!! Can’t wait to get it now and as always I can’t recommend these guys enough. Absolute professionals!!
John C.
13:58 01 May 22
I really enjoyed foreGolf very friendly and very professional really amazed how much it helped me would recommend it for everyone thanks all at foreGolf keep it up 👍
Alan C.
12:41 27 Apr 22
1st class service from David originally and subsequently from Derek when following up on a query from equipment bought almost 2 years before. I couldn't rate these guys highly enough
Ben R.
14:09 08 Apr 22
Absolutely blown away by my experience at Foregolf. The family is warm and welcoming and the communication throughout was timely and valuable. The fitting with David was unbelievable . He is a true master in his craft.I received my clubs (2) weeks to the day of my fitting (in Portugal), and the attention to detail in the build is astonishing. It is absolutely evident that great care went into the creation of my clubs and that every component was assembled with precision and according to the fitting criteria. It's very easy to say that my, very high expectations were exceeded.