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Willie D.
10:24 12 Aug 22
First Class all round. If you’ve never had a club fitting before I’d strongly recommend it and the team at Fore Golf were excellent.
Gareth D.
22:04 11 Aug 22
Really great experience. Reserved parking spot with your name is a nice touch to make you feel like you’re something more than a shaky 8 handicapper! And absolute experts in their field to fit the best club for you without any brand bias.Only feedback would be to be able to get some idea of cost as you try different clubs so you can factor that into your decision as well.
Hugh A.
09:15 08 Aug 22
Dave was very helpful in explaining all the issues associated with my new driver fitting. I highly recommend using their faciities and services for upgrading golf equipment.
Brian M.
15:11 27 Jul 22
Fantastic experience from start to finish. I'm a 15 handicap who plays (almost) every week so my ball striking whilst not perfect is fairly consistent. The reason I came is because it was time for me to upgrade my 2009 kit. It's mind blowing how quickly Dave had me hitting a seven iron 15 yards further with a much better ball flight with absolutely no change to my set up or swing. It was the same for the driver except this time the increase in distance was 20 yards with more accuracy too. Looking forward to picking up my new irons, wedges and driver in the next few weeks. Thanks Guys
Paul F.
12:36 27 Jul 22
Absolutely fantastic service start to finish. Had a new set of irons fit just in time for summer golf, already seeing the benefits from the first round. Couldn’t recommend more.
Declan O.
10:04 26 Jul 22
These people are proper experts. Compared to what they do you just don’t actually get fitted anywhere else.
11:38 25 Jul 22
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I am confident I will benefit greatly from it.
Joe K.
10:30 22 Jul 22
I had a very enjoyable 1 hour custom fitting session at ForeGolf, where I tried and tested a broad range of shafts/ shaft weights and club heads, to narrow in on exactly what best suited me. So excited was I, that I immediately bought their recommendation. My custom fitted clubs arrived yesterday, about two weeks after purchase and I played a round immediately. Wow is all I can say. In terms of weight, feel and look , the Taylor made P790 clubs that they kitted me out with, were truly made for me. I have been fitted previously for clubs in the main golf stores, but ForeGolf is really the next level up and I could not recommend them highly enough.
21:47 15 Jul 22
I had a brilliant experience from start to finish with the guys at ForeGolf. David who fitted me for my new clubs was very friendly and I couldn’t have asked for more with his knowledge helping me get the best out of my club selections. Thanks to Derek for his brilliant customer service I would 100% recommend ForeGolf.
john K.
11:48 10 Jul 22
Amazing session with incredible feedback. Looking forward to getting my hands on the new clubs
Damien H.
19:02 05 Jul 22
ForeGolf are great. Can't recommend them enough.Did a Driver fitting last November. I've had fittings before at other places and was always disappointed but not this time. Dave was great. He works with the swing you have and knows which club, shaft and setup is right for you. I'm hitting the driver straighter and added a good 10-15 yards to my drives.Also got fitted last month for a new set of irons. I had lost distance with my irons and thought it was just my age showing but the new irons he set me up with have me hitting just as far as I was hitting it twenty years ago.The process itself is fairly simple. You hit some shots with your current club to get a baseline on the Trackman. Then he will just hand you different clubs and shafts to try. The data is behind you on a big screen so you can see all the information yourself. When you are finished, they send you a link so you can even examine all the data at your leisure at home.If you've had fittings other places and weren't impressed, give these guys a try. Can't recommend them enough. I've had two fittings so far along with a fitting for my son. All successful. You get good bang for your buck.
Sean T.
14:31 30 Jun 22
Went for a driver fitting recently and couldn’t recommend it enough. The name at your parking spot is a lovely touch and you feel like you’re getting a professional treatment off the bat. Very happy with the fitting and looking forward to getting back out there to collect my new driver soon 🤞🏼
Dermot O.
15:11 29 Jun 22
Great experience. Couldn't have been treated better or more professionally by Derek and Dave.
Robert W.
14:34 21 Jun 22
Went to get a iron fitting with Fore Golf. From start to finish it was a great experience. The fitting was informative with a good back and forth with the fitter. My clubs were ready before the date stated which was nice. I would highly recommend
Stephen L.
15:50 17 Jun 22
Brilliant insight into the mechanics of putting and how technology can compensate for all your deficiencies. Many thanks
stephen P.
10:15 17 Jun 22
Went for an iron and wedge fitting session yesterday at Foregolf custom......I was super impressed.After the warm check in at reception I was offered a bucket of balls to go warm up on the range if I chose to which was ideal.Dave then met me on the range and brought me to the fitting studio.Dave was brilliant & incredibly insightful. We tested different club heads and different shafts until we found the most suitable combo that suited my club speed which gave me much more consistent carry distance etc.In the end I was recommended Taylormade P790 irons and Mizuno T20 wedges.I went ahead and placed the order - (It's important to note, not at any point was there any pressure or influence to place the order if I didn't want to).I left the premises yesterday thrilled and now I just can't wait to get my hands on those clubs.Thanks to all the staff, was a pleasure and I will be making a return later in the year for a driver fitting I'm sure.
simon M.
16:50 16 Jun 22
I went to fore yesterday with hope of finding a missing piece of the golfing puzzle. I left convinced I have found what I’ve been looking for. Dave and Derek are great and you are put at ease from the get go. I’m sure my handicap will drop in the coming weeks.
Conor John H.
06:41 31 May 22
I cannot recommend this service enough. As a high handicap golfer, I was nervous to engage with getting custom clubs but the team alleviated any doubts straight away. Excellent and professional service while maintaining a friendly demeanor.
Aidan M.
16:11 26 May 22
Fantastic experience. David has a wonderful knowledge of golf and the technical features of all the clubs available, which greatly assists with his recommendations. Although I play off 5, I couldn’t believe the improvements and can’t wait to receive my new driver.Thanks again and see you soon!!
Niall O.
15:12 26 May 22
Was my first fitting ever and was very happy with the whole experience. I got fitted for a new putter. David was extremely knowledgeable during the fitting about the equipment and gave me different options which I did not think possible with my putting stroke. Delighted with the putter I have ordered. Disappointed I did not do this sooner, will definitely be back for future fittings
Peter M.
07:52 22 May 22
Delighted to recommend ForeGolf. Professional and friendly, they put me at ease and made the experience worthwhile and enjoyable. Get yourself fitted!
John O B.
13:40 13 May 22
Without a doubt Foregolf is probably the most professional place to get fitted. From the minute you are met at the door by the extremely friendly and happy Jill, to the fitting with Dave. Every thing was made so easy.Dave had a hard time finding the right set up for my driver but he would not give up until he got it, finding new irons he made it look so effortless and we found a really good set up.Anyone looking for a fitting should go to Foregolf, you will not be disappointed and you will get the best clubs to suit your swing. I can not recommend them high enough.Thank you Jill and Dave for everything, looking forward to getting my new clubs.
Sean S.
10:15 10 May 22
I am a high handicap golfer and was very nervous about my fitting. The team made me very relaxed the minute I arrived at the wonderful facility. Dave went into great detail to find a suitable driver for now and the future for my needs. Looking forward to getting my driver soon and thanks again to Derek and Dave for helping the left handed golfer 👍
Tommy T.
13:08 07 May 22
Just got my new set of clubs from Derek and David - looking forward to getting to use them. ForeGolf have an excellent set-up and the fitting was a great experience with David answering all my questions and recommending clubs based on Trackman results. Some people had suggested that fittings are more suited for low handicap players but I felt it was definitely worthwhile for higher handicapped players as well. Also the lads were able to provide the clubs very quickly. All in all I would very highly recommend.
David O.
18:28 05 May 22
Fantastically well looked after by Dave and Derek yesterday. They really know their area and their expertise will make a massive difference to anyones game. Dave’s suggestions had my ball speed with a different 7 iron instantly up 11mph and a lot more consistent. Well worth visiting if you are considering new clubs.
Luke W.
14:03 30 Apr 22
What can I say, just a fantastic experience all round. The team made me feel very welcome from the moment I parked the car. During the fitting I was made to feel at ease and at times felt like a Pro which all seemed business as usual. Fitting was done with many smiles and laughs but most importantly, with the passion, drive and attention to detail I expected from a top class outfit. I really can't rate it highly enough. Was great to meet the team and couldn't wipe the smile from my face on the journey home.
Ronan K.
10:32 30 Apr 22
Wedge fitting done with David. Good experience overall. Went in with an open mind and no brand prejudice . I didn’t look at any clubs I was handed. I just hit balls as instructed and reviewed the trackman data with David. Very interesting to see the difference in spin when shafts were changed around. Settled on Mizuno T20 wedges . Looking forward to recieving them. Overall an enjoyable and productive fitting.
John C.
15:21 28 Apr 22
Very enjoyable and interesting putter fitting session. Staff were very welcoming and the facility is brilliantly kitted out. Trackman data provided afterwards is fascinating! Can’t wait to see the final product!
Mark R.
11:19 28 Apr 22
Absolutely brilliant worth every penny loved every minute of it.
Ronan Q.
18:30 22 Apr 22
I had a wonderful experience with a custom fitting by Dave.I'm so glad I visited ForeGolf; it's going to pay off immeasurably over the next few years.Great experience and I would encourage anyone to try a session with the guys.Zero pressure, zero judgement. Just great chats and honest advice backed up by the tech.
Adam C.
13:40 14 Apr 22
An excellent service and well worth the 3 hour round trip to Foregolf at Killeen Castle.From the start the team were professional and excellent communicators which cannot be underestimated as a key element to the service they provide.The fitting was a great experience and this is where their skills sets them apart - it’s not about reading trackman results, it’s about combining the blend of what you want and what works best for you. It wasn’t about yardage, or the latest ‘in-clubs’ - it was about matching you to your best golfing self.Finally, delivery in 2 weeks (not months as my friends had told me while trying to soften my expectations) which was 2 weeks ahead of schedule was excellent. Having that small business family approach has enabled them to build relationships in their supply chain, which is a strength here that you could not replicate in a large chain.Highly recommended 👍
Centretard T.
13:32 14 Apr 22
Overall I had an excellent experience with foregolf. From the moment I entered the building to leaving I was treated very well. Offered coffee and a biscuit. The fitting with David was very enjoyable and was interesting to see the different shafts and the balls reaction to that. The clubs were available very smoothly. The only slight criticism I would have is that the clubs arrived in a very loose bag. For the expense, I would have expected the clubs to arrive in a padded box. All in all, a great experience.
Alvin S.
19:06 12 Apr 22
First time custom fitting. Changing from TaylormadeR11s. On day of fitting my swing was terrible. Slicing instead of usual draw. They were very patient and no pressure to buy, but decided to go ahead with their suggestion of P790s with light stiff shafts. After couple of weeks playing was not sure I had made right decision, but stuck with them as I was confident in their analysis. Gradually got used to them and now 110% happy with choice. Handicapp down from 11 to 9 and never hitting my irons as well. That’s to Dave and Derek and thoroughly recommend. Only way to go for new clubs👍
Eamon O.
13:51 05 Apr 22
I had a great day they could not of been more friendly and helpful from arrival to the fitting.I wish I had went for the full bag fitting as the half hour went to quick. I purchased a new set of irons that should arrive any day and I'm looking forward to see how my game is in the next few months highly recommend thanks.
Brian M.
21:27 02 Apr 22
Excellent service from these guys . Very knowledgeable on all aspects of club fitting.Great customer service. . You have to trust their expert judgement and not get caught up I tge brand marketing. These guys want what's best for you not selling you the most expensive highly marketed club on the shelf.You put your game in their hands and they will develop the tools to ensure you get the best out of your game. .whether it's one club or the whole bag . These guys are the best in the business and would highly recommend for all levels of golfers.Tks lads
Markus B.
06:58 02 Apr 22
Even for a poor golfer like me (HC 25) it pays off to have your clubs fitted and built by these competent gentlemen. Highly skilled, good fun and fair prices. Absolutely recommended.
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Gavin M.
14:28 27 Jul 22
I recently got fitted for a new set of irons at ForeGolf. The lads at ForeGolf are extremely welcoming after Dave taking me for a 30 minute session I immediately seen the difference between my old clubs and these fitted clubs. Derek was a pleasure to deal with after and I immediately purchased a new set. I cannot wait to get my hands on these new clubs!
Joe K.
10:32 22 Jul 22
I had a very enjoyable 1 hour custom fitting session at ForeGolf, where I tried and tested a broad range of shafts/ shaft weights and club heads, to narrow in on exactly what best suited me. So excited was I, that I immediately bought their recommendation. My custom fitted clubs arrived yesterday, about two weeks after purchase and I played a round immediately. Wow is all I can say. In terms of weight, feel and look , the Taylor made P790 clubs that they kitted me out with, were truly made for me. I have been fitted previously for clubs in the main golf stores, but ForeGolf is really the next level up and I could not recommend them highly enough.
Micko D.
15:47 20 Jul 22
On arrival to meet derek and Dave u get such a warm welcome and treated like a pro ..Dave sets u up and explains as to what and how it works so u get the best experience on all club heads and shifts that u get fitted for with the greatest of knowledge that Dave has with clubs he puts u so at ease and to derek explaining how it all works , As I’ am so impressed I can not wait to go back to foregolf to get my new clubs . Big thank you to Derek and Dave and a amazing family run business look forward to seeing you soon . Travis &chris Dempsey
FakLa F.
00:48 11 Jul 22
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Eamon O.
19:52 03 Jun 22
I had my second visit to Foregolf yesterday, having been fitted for irons a few months ago; this time for a driver fitting and I can't speak highly enough of the expertise and information from David.I came away a very happy golfer and can't wait to have new my driver delivered.
Brian M.
15:20 03 Jun 22
Had a custom putter fitting with Dave yesterday and was really impressed, great to try out so many different putters, brands and styles, different shafts and grip sizes and then fine tune in the putter based off trackman data to ensure that what I’m getting will be optimised to make me as consistent as I can be with my flat stick!! Can’t wait to get it now and as always I can’t recommend these guys enough. Absolute professionals!!
John C.
13:58 01 May 22
I really enjoyed foreGolf very friendly and very professional really amazed how much it helped me would recommend it for everyone thanks all at foreGolf keep it up 👍
Alan C.
12:41 27 Apr 22
1st class service from David originally and subsequently from Derek when following up on a query from equipment bought almost 2 years before. I couldn't rate these guys highly enough
Ben R.
14:09 08 Apr 22
Absolutely blown away by my experience at Foregolf. The family is warm and welcoming and the communication throughout was timely and valuable. The fitting with David was unbelievable . He is a true master in his craft.I received my clubs (2) weeks to the day of my fitting (in Portugal), and the attention to detail in the build is astonishing. It is absolutely evident that great care went into the creation of my clubs and that every component was assembled with precision and according to the fitting criteria. It's very easy to say that my, very high expectations were exceeded.
David K.
13:27 11 Mar 22
From the greeting with Jill to the fitting with David and the final order with Derek. I couldn't have hard a better experience. The service is impeccable by all. Warm, welcoming atmosphere. The fitting was truly amazing with David. His knowledge was outstanding and each time he handed me a club I knew it was in the interest of finding the best fit for me to progress my game.If you think fitting is for good player. You are wrong. Fittings are for every golfer and you won't be disappointed. Thank youDavid Kelly
Craig C.
10:36 25 Feb 22
Went down to ForeGolf yesterday and was blown away with the data driven decisions, got to try multiple heads and shaft types, Dave excellently used his many years of fitting experience of varying heads and shafts and fit me to a driver and shaft type that had the lowest standard deviation. Dave was extremely professional and friendly, made the fitting even more enjoyable. Definitely walking away with a fitted driver that will give me confidence off the tee. Very very impressed, already booked to go back in April for a set of Irons. Highly Recommended for anyone looking to get fitted for any golf clubs.
Alan H.
11:50 01 Feb 22
My fitting session was very relaxed and enjoyable. David kept it practical and non-directive and used the trackman technology only to illustrate points he'd observed from my swings / strokes and to support / expand on his club & shaft recommendations. His depth of experience and expertise was obvious and reassuring. I'd highly recommend FOREGOLF.
Alan O.
18:49 31 Jan 22
Can’t recommend Foregolf highly enough brought my son here on the 5 of January for a fitting. From the moment we arrived we experienced the highest level of professionalism I have ever experienced. Dave who did his fitting treated him like he was a professional even though he’s only 13 nothing was to much bother when wanted to try several different clubs. Then Derek was great with us he went through the whole order process and choosing his grips and made everything so easy. And when it came to collecting the clubs only just over 2 weeks later Christine brilliant. And have to thank Dom for the wonderful job he did on my sons clubs they are brilliant. First day on the course with them he shot -1 can’t thank Foregolf enough for everything.
John R.
12:55 20 Jan 22
I visited with Foregolf on Tue 18th Jan, from start to finish it was an exceptional experience. On arrival I was greeted by Dave and we went through the club trials to see what best suited. All options explored. From then it was on to Derek who as always was very professional.All in all I would highly recommend Foregolf for any of your club needs, whether it’s Driver/ woods, irons or Putters. This is my second visit having used the last set for 15 years with no issues ,at this stage I would not go anywhere else.Wishing all in Foregolf all the best for the future.
Chris M.
09:39 20 Dec 21
Excellent personalised and in-depth service provided by Derek & David. I’m a beginner golfer with a 30+ handicap who was unsure if a fitting was appropriate for my level but I couldn’t recommend it more! By the end they had me hitting straight and long with clubs I could never hit straight before. Will definitely be back for more clubs in the future.
Brian C.
18:53 09 Dec 21
Visited ForeGolf last year for fitting with Dave,he was brilliant and had me relaxed and enjoying the experience, he also wanted to find what worked best for me and didn't push any particular brand, Mark and Derek where brilliant when I ordered and again when I rang for extra items. I am only reviewing now because the reason for going is the results and I couldn'tbe happier. 3 shots off my handicap this year and potential for more. Misses are less destructive and 25 yards longer with my irons. They guys are simply the best in the business and leave golf store fitting in the shade.
Tom M.
11:42 02 Dec 21
The experience I had at Foregolf was brilliant. I got a full bag analysis fitting and enjoyed it thoroughly. I got everything I wanted out of the experience. It was very easy process and was comfortable doing it. Would highly recommend.
Rob B.
17:17 26 Nov 21
I arrived at ForeGolf with an open mind as it was my first ever fitting. I couldn’t of left happier with both my experience and the clubs i ended up being fitted with. Right from the outset the services are top notch. The facility itself is amazing and everything about the whole experience was great, couldn’t recommend higher. 10 out 10
Pat O R.
18:59 17 Nov 21
I visited ForeGolf at the Killeen Castle golf course yesterday to be fitted for a full set of custom-made golf clubs, excluding the putter. David Williams met with me and with the help of Trackman, we spent the hour testing various club head and shaft combinations. I was impressed with David's enthusiasm and his ability to 'arrive' at a set-up that ultimately helped me to hit the ball more consistently towards the target. I am confident the resulting set of clubs will help bring my golf game to the next level. On the day, I started off striking my own clubs pretty well (or so I considered), getting plenty of distance although typically the balls went left - not overly left but left enough to cause difficulties had I been aiming at a protected green. I play off 15, so recording bogies on my scorecard is not unusual. Within 30 minutes and a number of adjustments, we were beginning to arrive at a set-up that would suit me and I was soon hitting what David would call, a 'nice soft draw'. I can now see the potential to turn these bogies of the past into pars of the future. It's worth noting that every club/shaft combination we tried did not help my accuracy. The more David learned about my swing, the easier it became for him to predict the outcome of the next configuration. In some cases, David correctly predicted the outcome would not be a desirable one. This was reassuring to me when it unfolded that way, as it gave me confidence in the process. We were discovering what would work as oppose to stumbling across a 'lucky-dip'.
Andrew B.
16:18 14 Nov 21
Went to Foregolf for a custom fitting and really enjoyed it, Was a bit nervous before hand but David was a gentleman and put me at ease, he knows his stuff and got me going in the right direction quite quickly and explained the process all the way through. Derek was a real gentleman to deal with afterwards and I was surprised at how quick my clubs will be ready. lookimg forward to getting the clubs and heading to the course and hitting lower scores thanks to the foregolf team.
Pat G.
14:36 12 Nov 21
For anyone who loves golf this is a great experience.Dave who previously fitted me for clubs about 11 years ago is a wealth of knowledge.From the moment you arrive it is so professional and the whole fitting process just flows along and at the end you will get the best clubs to suit.Cannot recommend this service highly enough.
Derek R.
17:42 21 Oct 21
On arrival there was a reserved car spot with my name on it, nice touch.Dave met me at the front door and introduced himself and explained everything that he was going to do to help improve my game.He was very helpful in every way possible and answered every question I asked and explained everything in detail.After my one hour section on my ironsDave recommended Taylormade 770 irons witch I've now been custom fitted for, after my smcustom fit I met Derek who took me through the next stage, the making of the clubs and grips that I felt best for me. at no time did I ever feel pushed into buying something I didn't want.The guys are so professional in every way and I'm looking forward to getting my new custom fitted clubs in a few weeks.Many thanks to Dave and Derek and all the team who made this experience possible. Derek Raythorne
Dean C.
14:08 18 Oct 21
Made my 2nd visit to ForeGolf last week after 5 years. I have lost 8 shots off my handicap since my first visit and hopefully now with the new clubs can lose a few more to get down to low single figures. it's safe to say that in another 5 or so years I will be making my 3rd visit. These guys really know their stuff.
Gerard M.
09:08 18 Oct 21
Fantastic experience ! From the I arrived (20 minutes early) I was treated like royalty! Bucket of balls to warm up on driving range then a totally personal in depth review of my full bag of clubs. Superb analysis of my style of striking the ball and I’m delighted with the results of my session! Booked for an hour but no pressure to leave after the hour! I absolutely recommend this. Some people go for spa treatment or massages - I’d go back in the morning for another session! Loved it!
Cathal D.
07:55 25 Sep 21
I had a fitting with Dave and as always a pleasure to meet.The effort he puts in to making sure the right clubs are in the bag is brilliant. You always leave feeling happy with your fitting. Every golfer should visit ForeGolf for an enjoyable experience. Thanks to all the team at ForeGolf.
Ben F.
08:08 19 Sep 21
Everything about Fore Golf exudes professionalism and has been right from the very start. My fitting experience with Dave last Friday for my new Wand🤞was great as were all others over the years I have been a custo