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Robbie D.
22:20 14 Jul 20
Attended ForeGolf yesterday for a full bag fitting and enjoyed every minute, from the initial greeting from Derek to the whole fitting process. Dave's club fitting knowledge is exceptional and he took great care to ensure that I got the performance results along with the look I wanted from each of the clubs. I can't with to have my new clubs in the bag. Thanks very much to the ForeGolf team.
Declan G.
19:42 14 Jul 20
Great experience! I can't wait to get my new clubs. The ForeGolf Crew provide an excellent service. I'm only sorry I didn't reach out to them sooner!!
leonard D.
18:34 10 Jul 20
First time to visit fore golf yesterday and it’s hard to describe how good the experience was, Dave is a magician in analysing your swing and showing you How and where improvements are possible, the entire team at fore make your visit a joy... will definitely be back 110%
Keith R.
09:04 10 Jul 20
Had a great afternoon yesterday at ForeGolf. I opted for the full bag fitting, this costs €100 and includes about 1.5hr fitting session with David Williams who's very knowledgeable on clubs having work with your pros for a number of years. He doesn't handle any sales, so the exercise is based fully on finding the clubs that will maximise your own swing. The great thing is it's an open range so you see any difference, this is something you can't get hitting into a net or screen in some shops. I really enjoyed it, it's fun (and worked), and David is a lovely guy to talk golf with.Then there was a short golf grip fitting session and a chat with Mark. I had gone with the intention of upgrading my irons and driver, so I did that, and I can't wait to get them delivered. I recommend this for the experience alone... I'll update when I receive the clubs!
Mike D.
09:39 09 Jul 20
Very good experience would highly recommend. From start to finish you could sense the expertise and quality offered. Great Discussion with David and advice about wedges.
paul C.
18:50 08 Jul 20
Went for a putter fitting really enjoyed it David my fitter made the whole experience relaxing and enjoyable All the staff were very welcoming and friendly We went through a good few different types and makes of putters and settled on one can't wait to get it on the course I will be back as I am now thinking about a new driver as I enjoyed the whole experience so much If you're looking to get fit for your clubs this is the place to go
Martin O.
13:07 08 Jul 20
Highly enjoyable experience which gives some great results. Not knowing which clubs and shaft types I used was costing me 15-20yrs per club which is huge. Dave gave some excellent insight. I wont need to come back for years :)
Pauric podge C.
11:37 07 Jul 20
I was fitted for mizuno irons and start to finish this has been one of the best fitting sessions I have ever experienced. I was fitted by David who has loads and loads of brilliant information and unreal in dept analysis of fitting clubs such a gentleman and a clear expert on what he does. I went in to the session struggling with getting height and playing a big draw with my irons by the end of the session I was fitted with jpx hot metal pro irons which helped me achieve a more straighter draw and achieve the exact height I wanted. Thanks again guys.
Luke C.
08:46 07 Jul 20
Fantastic experience from start to finish. Great location, fantastic facilities and the fitting advice is as good as it gets. Thank you so much guys, can't wait to get my clubs!
bryan W.
19:09 04 Jul 20
I was made to feel very welcome and relaxed at Foregolf, my fitting session was excellent and very comprehensive. David, my fitter was very knowledgeable, gave me a variety of clubs to try, and he knew exactly what I needed, in terms of club performance and feel. I couldn't recommend their service any higher. First class in every way.
18:35 03 Jul 20
Went for full bag analysis, Dave did the fitting, Irons first, had a few ideas to try and Dave found an excellent combo for me very quickly, then Driver and mine was not performing, again a few ones to try and interchanged the shafts and found a super combo 30 yards longer than mine and far easier to swing. Tried putters and was able to narrow it down to a great option that suited my eye and roll. I had a specific budget and i had priced around for the clubs i ordered, and even with the fitting cost, and an aftermarket shaft in my new driver, it was almost same as retail. Factor in hitting from a hightech bay with a tour experienced fitter with no bias and never felt like i was being pushed to buy anything, there is no comparison. Looking forward to my Jpx919 graphite irons and Cobra speedzone driver with Matrix shaft. 6 stars if i could.
Cian O.
13:48 02 Jul 20
I was planning to buy a new set of irons having bought my current set second hand years back. I did the usual internet search for new irons, looking at photos and reading club reviews. I mentioned it to our Club Pro and he suggested booking a fitting at ForeGolf. I spoke to a few other other members that had done it and all had fantastic things to say about their experience and the improvement it's made to their game. Dave Williams took me through a full bag analysis and talked me through each component of my game, my strengths & weakness and how different clubs affect both. It was hands down, the best golfing experience I ever had. What these guys don't know about personalizing golf clubs isn't worth knowing. Plus they put you at ease from the minute you walk in the door. I learned more about my game in 2hrs than I have in the last 10 years. I left understanding for the first time, why I see certain things go wrong and what I can do to address it.........with no pressure to make a change (but I did!). Can't wait now to get my hands on my first set of ForeGolf custom built clubs later this month!
Tracey D.
16:12 01 Jul 20
Great experience at ForeGolf on 30th June. Cant wait for my new clubs... Dave is great, gave me a huge range of clubs to try out, explained everything in great detail. I was very happy... now let me get golfing..
Stephen C.
13:02 30 Jun 20
I had definitely left it too long to go back and see the guys at Foregolf but as always the experience and knowledge of the guys is top class. I was predominantly looking at a putter fitting but i booked a full bag fit as i knew that there was definitely some gains to be had across the bag and Dave identified them and found improvements in all areas. His knowledge of the swing and the technology available is top class and he works through the bag explaining everything he is doing and it makes the whole experience more enjoyable. The salesman talk you get elsewhere is nowhere to be found and it is as there tag line says "Building better golfers". I have ordered some of the clubs recommended and cant wait to get them in the bag. I have been fluctuating between a 4 and 5 hcap for the last couple of years and i firmly believe after yesterdays fitting i will start lowering those scores with the new weapons in the bag. Thanks again to Dave ,Derek and Mark and i look forward to getting my hands on the end product from the man himself - Don. Keep up the great work all and i will see you again. Stephen C.
Stefano F.
20:17 28 Jun 20
Stunning service from the guys of Foregolf.Felt welcome to the very first second and the location is absolutely stunning, from the lab where they set the clubs to the test bay with the trackman. They drove me to the best option with clear and honest opinions and feedbacks.I strongly recommend a club fit to every player, it change your game and is fore sure a long term investment rather than buy from online based on reviews where the majority of the time there are marketing moves behind, customised clubs make a big difference.
John Gerard B.
22:16 26 Jun 20
Insane difference with the new driver: gained 25+ yards and now hit the majority of fairways. Gone from worst club in bag to best! Accuracy and forgiveness of the new irons has made a huge difference. So many more greens being hit.Great experience going to get fit, great facility and setup. Got comfortable and swinging the way I would on course before getting in to the thick of it. Great explanations of the different clubs and shafts I was hitting as we went through the process to find the right match. Couldn’t recommend it more!
Shane O Doherty O D.
19:46 25 Jun 20
Unbelievable service absolutely delighted with my fitting. Thanks to Dave for his endless patience n insight and for his fantastic company during the fitting. Hopefully it will be a while but I will definitely be back for future purchases.
Derek B.
15:47 25 Jun 20
Hi allI just had my 3rd custom fit session with foregolf at the magnificent killeen castle long game academy. This one was a putter fitting. To be honest I was happy with the putter I have until Dave got his expertise in motion, Showing me how weight in the grip can have a big impact on the Line of PUTTS .Crazy but Brilliant. Foregolf are in my opinion the best you could ask for help with your GAME.So I would say to you people SUPPORT this family Run Business fabulous People. An experience you won't forget. Whatever club you get Foregolf to Build for you Believe me when I say your Confidence will sore on the Golf Course. Truly Remarkable Kindest Regards Derek Brennan
Dan M.
11:33 25 Jun 20
Great experience with all at ForeGolf. I visited 5 years ago and David reviewed this fitting and had the analysis completed before I arrived so had an idea about my swing and clubs previously fitted for. David was great and made the fitting really simple to understand and highlighted the important aspects for eat club on trackman. Not always about total carry/distance other aspects to look out for. I went with the full bag review 300 euro (I hour bag review + 30 mins putter review with 200 euro deposit ) and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade as you pretty much get the putter fitting for free and gives you that push to invest with the 200 deposit which we need sometimes. Best part of the whole experience is that David didn't push any purchase on me. I wasn't getting enough out of the new putter or the new hybrid to justify the upgrade so David was advising to look elsewhere when purchasing. Really looking out for the customer and and looking for the best value. Thanks a million David and Mark. Cant wait for the new clubs to arrive.
Nathan M.
19:28 24 Jun 20
I visited ForeGolf last Friday for a full bag fitting. I had a fantastic experience and really enjoyed the couple of hours I spent with Derek, Dave, Mark and the team. Their knowledge and experience is second to none.The facility itself is world class. Looking forward to getting out on the course with my new clubs.
Gary M.
10:20 24 Jun 20
A truly exceptional experience. Sound advice from a team that really knows their stuff. No pressure to go ahead and change / alter your clubs but you would be unlikely to regret it.
Jeremy D.
20:46 23 Jun 20
Fascinating experience. Extremely thorough. COVID safety protocols in place were clear and easy to adhere to. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to find the perfect clubs for their game.
keith K.
20:44 22 Jun 20
I went to Foregolf last week to upgrade my irons as I haven't put any investment into that part of my game for 10-12 years. I must say, working with Dave was extremely enjoyable and professional, looking at different head and shaft options and relayed the information with trackman. I understood which clubs didn't do anything for my game and others that did and I chose accordingly of two options that were suggested. I also discussed with Mark about specific grips that I liked and ones that might help with my miss with my irons which was insightful. All in all, I would recommend to anyone looking to improve their game to visit Foregolf and they will look after you.Looking forward to my new clubs in a couple of weeks 👌
Niall C.
14:57 20 Jun 20
Went back to ForeGolf this week to finish out the top end of the bag. It was a really enjoyable and educational fitting, as was the last. Everyone on the team has so much knowledge to share that the experience can be nothing but positive. I feel I left with the results I wanted to achieve for the second time in the last 12 months. I have and will continue to recommend ForeGolf to any of my golfing friends. Thanks again guys!
John C.
09:15 20 Jun 20
Excellent experience at ForeGolf with the guys on the 16th June 2020 this week, guys are extremely professional and helpful, David my custom fitting technician was brilliant with sharing his advice and knowledge, explaining why certain clubs and shafts would suit my swing. Also very beneficial seeing on Trackman how I was losing distance putting side spin on the ball and how the new clubs/shafts would help reduce this and increase my distance especially with driver. David who has worked on the US PGA tour previously custom fitting clubs for the pros was very insightful and shared his knowledge. Would totally recommend a visit to Foregolf for every golfer looking to knock strokes off their handicap.
Ian M.
10:45 12 Jun 20
I visited ForeGolf yesterday for a club fitting. I had a fantastic experience and thoroughly enjoyed the couple of hours I spent with them. Dave really helped me with some of the technical pieces I hadn't previously understand. The whole set up is first class and I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Can't wait to get hold of my new clubs in a few weeks time.
Damian C.
14:57 10 Jun 20
Great to see Foregolf back in business. Had my custom fit session this week with Dave. As usual super experience & Dave's knowledge and customer service was top class. Looking forward to my new Foregolf custom fit clubs in a few weeks & getting the handicap down !!
John M.
14:04 13 Mar 20
What an experience loved been talked through the technical side of it being the geek I am..
Kenneth C.
14:46 12 Mar 20
Well what can I say about Fore Golf …..Wow just wow not many places leave me speechless. The wealth of knowledge is unfathomable but its more than that ,they try to give you the best options in equipment to play better but ultimately to enjoy your game more, and the minuet Dave hands you a club that works .You just cant hide the smile on your face .Ever more than equipment Dave gives you advice on what best suits ur needs rather that buying something you don’t need and will not really gain from .Was measuredly surprised at that considering it being a sales environment. Really nice to see that .The staff are second to none and the whole experience was incredibly beneficial .Cant wait to pick up new clubs that’s the only down point ..Waiting :-D
Nick E.
14:21 10 Mar 20
Another great trip to ForeGolf. it is not just about the golf - it is the whole experience. You arrive to find a sign at your designated parking spot welcoming you. Once you enter, Mark greets you warmly and you can take the chance to sit down and enjoy the tea and coffee that you are presented with. Derek takes the time to come out for a chat like you are old friends. Even The Don takes a couple of minutes out from his busy club room for a chat. Everyone calls you by your first name. David is just a wealth of knowledge and information as the fitting session gives you exactly what you need - tailored to your swing. Even after the session, they were offering solutions when I was a little uncertain what the best way forward was. Would not hesitate to recommend ForeGolf.
Ivan S.
12:44 09 Mar 20
Great Service. Had visited previously and was told that changing my clubs would not be of any great benefit and returned because of the honesty. An hour well spent for any golfer.
aidan C.
19:19 07 Mar 20
Great experience at Foregolf yesterday. 90min fitting with David Williams. Went through everything from driver to putter! Fantastic selection of options!! Without a doubt the best fitting centre in Ireland!! Attention to detail is second to none! Highly recommend!
Niall S.
17:02 05 Mar 20
Returned to David and the ForeGolf team this week with a specific objective of upgrading my bag for the new season ahead. The time flew by as David and I sought to find the ideal balance between extra distance and a specific ball flight goal. Never feeling rushed, we tested, tweaked and talked through a myriad of clubs and shaft combinations. As always really appreciate David’s knowledge, patience, and assistance as one strives to get that edge to take you to the next level! Building better golfers is what ForeGolf are all about - and it is just a great investment in your game.
Enda Q.
10:32 04 Mar 20
Thats my fourth visit to Fore Golf. Great fitting( Driver ) from Derek, explaining everything as we went along. Lovely welcome back from Christine and Don and nice to meet the newest member of staff, Mark
David N.
11:31 03 Mar 20
A revisit with Mark a couple of years since first. Service remains first class. Start to finish brilliant experience, very polished and clearly excited by what they do - helping keen golfers to get the best results.
Aidan B.
21:52 29 Feb 20
What a great experience. Right from when I arrived at ForeGolf I felt welcomed by a nice little touch of having my name outside in a car space to the last conversation had with Mark before leaving. When I arrived I was offered a coffee or some balls to warm up on the range from the very welcoming lady behind the desk(I didn't get her name), to meeting don in his workshop and chatting to him for a few minutes about the importance of having clubs made to suit you. Onto to the fitting itself with dave who was very easy to chat to and very experienced in what he does with the club fitting. I'd recommend the guys at ForeGolf to anyone who is serious about their golf and looking to improve on their current clubs. Thanks again guys
Seán G.
17:51 29 Feb 20
This was my second visit to Foregolf. On both occasions, Dave left no stone unturned to ensure I ended up with the ideal set up. If you're serious about your golf, a custom fit is essential. The wealth of knowledge and experience, range of club head and shaft options, along with excellent customer service, put Foregolf top of the pile for me.
Martin O L.
16:02 26 Feb 20
I cannot recommend foregolf high enough. They are absolute masters at what they do and make every visit special. When I first went to foregolf I was at an all time low, handicap was 21, I was constantly buying new equipment off the shelf and thought custom fitting was for low handicappers. It could not have been further from the truth, since I started going to foregolf I have been adding to my arsenal every year and every year I have shaved 2 shots off my handicap and got selected for my club team last year, I am currently down to 15 and invested in a new driver yesterday which I hope will continue to see my handicap tumble, foregolf really do build better golfers
Brian F.
14:34 25 Feb 20
I enjoyed the fitting session. As a high handicapper I dislike trying to understand the mechanics of the golf swing and thankfully there was absolutely nothing like this.It was very professional and relaxed.I have ordered a set of irons ,my woods when compared to a sample of other available models were deemed to be adequate for my needs.The measure of my chosen irons gave me an extra 13 yards on average over my existing set.That is a lot for me.Thanks lads.
Kevin B.
16:38 21 Feb 20
I spent well over 90 mins with Dave going through the whole bag, irons, drive, fairway woods and putter. All linked to Trackman which belted out the information on a big screen behind me, and which Dave explained in lay man’s terms to me. This information along with what Dave was describing to me how each new head/ shaft should affect my ball flight, coupled with how each shot felt, gave me great confidence in the whole system here. Dave seemed to genuinely enjoy the feedback I was giving him after each shot, good and bad, as he seemed to strive to perfect the ideal set up for me. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on the new clubs when they’re ready and see do they help me with my distance and ball flight. A special mention for Christine for her warm welcome and great coffee and biscuits, and for Don who spotted me sitting waiting and came out for a chat to explain exactly what he does himself in the building of the clubs. A great set up and treated in a 5 Star way.
Shane L.
18:38 17 Feb 20
Thanks to Dave, Derek and all the team at ForeGolf for looking after me so well before Christmas.Having worked on the European and PGA Tours as a Sports Chiropractor I know the importance of custom club fitting for golf performance.ForeGolf are Ireland's leading experts when it come to club building, I'm very impressed with the new clubs and the service provided.Everything is top class when it comes their approach.
Ronan K.
12:50 10 Oct 19
Put simply ‘The only show in town’ when it comes to reaching your potential on any golf course. 100%
owen F.
14:57 16 Aug 19
Fantastic experience and highly recommend going to foregolf blow my mind Dave the club fitter with shafts and different heads to match unbelievable service from tea or coffee to range time to get your swing ready for the lesson and others involved Derek welcoming and other members 5 star experience thanks
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Garry K.
21:33 03 Jul 20
Just back from a fitting session up in Foregolf.What a fantastic experience.I was apprehensive going up there after being off for nine months after shoulder surgery and not having played much.I should,not have been.From the welcome from Mark with a bucket of balls to warm up to being greeted by Dave and brought into the clubroom was top class.The fitting session was absolutely.brilliant.Your made to feel at ease by Dave who is an absolute gentleman and a master at what he does.I could,not believe the difference the way I was hitting the clubs Dave was giving me compared to my own.I would highly recommend them to everybody.A world class operation run by top class people.Thanks again guys cant wait for the new clubs.
Darren S.
13:38 26 Jun 20
I had my first custom fit experience for a good number of years this week with the lads (Dave and Mark)at Foregolf - Killeen Castle. From the moment you arrive you feel totally relaxed and the new safety measures that are in place work very well. The main fitting was done with Dave, who's professionalism and knowledge gives the customer confidence that the process and end product will improve your game no end. Their is no hard sell or push towards a higher spec product they tell you exactly what will do the job for you the customer. Thanks again lads for a great experience and i look forward to the new stick in a couple of weeks time....check them out guys it's worth that piece of mind.
Jeremy D.
21:02 23 Jun 20
A thoroughly enjoyable, fascinating experience. The attention to detail from the moment you arrive to when you leave is fantastic. COVID safety protocols were clear and easy to adhere to. I left with the confidence that my new clubs will give me the opportunity to really improve my game. This was my first custom fitting and it left me with a real feeling of “why did I wait so long to do it”.Couldn’t recommend more highly!
Mark C.
16:53 16 Jun 20
First ever visit to Foregolf , it won’t be the last . Brilliant set up . From the minute you walk in the door , Derek , Dave & Mark could not do enough for you . Dave doesn’t sell you something you don’t need , kept existing driver as was getting same numbers, big difference between existing and new irons, wasn’t a hard sell when you can see the numbers and the difference , different heads and shafts were making .Can’t wait to get new clubs delivered . Well worth the visit . Thanks lads 👍
Damian W.
12:59 15 Jun 20
couldn't recommend it more. It was my first fitting and made feel very welcome, the covid restrictions in place made no difference to the experience. Derek was extremely welcoming and Dave broke it all down so I could easily understand what suits my game. Every golfer will improve after a visit here
Bob C.
08:41 10 Jun 20
Great to see all the team at ForeGolf this week. As usual Dave gave me an excellent fitting for my clubs. His wealth of knowledge and experience make the fitting a pleasure and gave me plenty to think about. The range of equipment at ForeGolf is excellent and anyone who wants to improve their golf game must give ForeGolf a chance to fit the client with the best equipment for their game. Mark was as usual very efficient and explained my order to me. I now eagerly await delivery of my order and the chance to get out on the course with my new purchase. I strongly recommend ForeGolf to anyone who is serious about their golf and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed by the choice of equipment and by the whole experience the team provide from start to finish
Kenneth A.
16:08 12 Mar 20
Had a great fitting session with Dave yesterday. I'm not the kind of golfer who'd know the ins & outs of the specs/shafts but Dave was great, easy to chat away to & explained what he was doing.Was in mainly for my irons & tried a good few shafts & club heads & narrowed it down to a specific shaft & head combo. Seeing the results on the screen (even after a small shaft change), especially the dispersion differences was an eye opener!No hard sell from the lads, very friendly & well worth a visit.
K.C. C.
14:47 12 Mar 20
Well what can I say about Fore Golf …..Wow just wow not many places leave me speechless. The wealth of knowledge is unfathomable but its more than that ,they try to give you the best options in equipment to play better but ultimately to enjoy your game more, and the minuet Dave hands you a club that works .You just cant hide the smile on your face .Ever more than equipment Dave gives you advice on what best suits ur needs rather that buying something you don’t need and will not really gain from .Was measuredly surprised at that considering it being a sales environment. Really nice to see that .The staff are second to none and the whole experience was incredibly beneficial .Cant wait to pick up new clubs that’s the only down point ..Waiting :-D
David K.
23:37 10 Mar 20
My clubs arrive tomorrow so wanted to post a review. This was my second trip to Foregolf and I felt welcomed back by the team there. Dave works through your current bag in the fitting, then starts picking new clubs, you focus on the feel and quality of the shots, this feedback helps Dave hone in on the right club. Club and shaft combinations fly into your hands and Dave explains the changes as we go, you do hit a lot of shots! You can track the improvements through the Trackman and technology and shaft/club options are explained and so I felt comfortable with the purchases I made at the end of the session. Overall a really enjoyable experience and I look forward to using the new equipment.
Aidan C.
08:33 07 Mar 20
Great experience at Foregolf yesterday. 90min fitting with David Williams. Went through everything from driver to putter! Fantastic selection of options!! Without a doubt the best fitting centre in Ireland!! Attention to detail is second to none! Highly recommend!
Rob M.
15:02 22 Feb 20
From arriving at the door the greeting was warm and welcome. Coffee on offer before warming up in the range. We did a full review of my golf equipment and the evaluation focused mainly on the elevation I get from my irons. We tested four new shaft type and identified the type that gave me the least dispersion and improved accuracy in wind. Tested the latest drivers next to my own and did the same for fairways and rescues. I can't wait to try the new irons and three wood. All in all a very successful trip. I would highly recommend ForeGolf.
Ciaran S.
19:49 19 Feb 20
Super experience with the Foregolf team. Placed my order the other day!! Amazed by the knowledge of the team. Tested so many shafts!! There was no rush in the session whatsoever and we finished until we were both happy with the selection. Can't wait until they arrive.
Shane L.
13:58 17 Feb 20
Thanks to Dave, Derek and all the team at ForeGolf for looking after me so well before Christmas.Having worked on the European and PGA Tours as a Sports Chiropractor I know the importance of custom club fitting for golf performance.ForeGolf are Ireland's leading experts when it come to club building, I'm very impressed with the new clubs and the service provided.Everything is top class when it comes their approach.
Terry H.
23:38 10 Feb 20
Fantastic experience with the guys at ForeGolf. Dave explained the entire process in detail which gives you a completely different perspective on the right clubs for you. Extremely professional service with a warm welcome too. Highly recommended!
Matteo G.
14:03 29 Jan 20
I went there for the second time for a driver fitting session. I had a great consideration even if this was part of a previous fitting session thus already paid.Finally after a non short session they found a really good setup for my driver. Now thank to those changes I feel much more confident in using it. I want to thank foregolf team again for been so professional. For sure I would recommend this fitting center.
Alex B.
16:19 27 Jan 20
Best fitting I have ever had the lads are so meticulous and the atmosphere is so welcoming well done guys and see use soon
Peter M.
20:35 24 Jan 20
Great session with Derek, listened to what I needed, helped walk me through the process. Really felt welcome and comfortable, no pressure just a great experience. Can’t wait for the Don to make my new clubs.
Ian D.
14:53 24 Jan 20
What an experience today with Foregolf, unbelievably super professional experience- new clubs ordered just waiting on them to be built and arrive now
Eddie M.
10:15 17 Jan 20
Absolute smashing session with Dave yesterday. Learned so much about all the subtle variances in equipment that make massive (positive!) improvements to your game. I will *never* buy another club “off-the-shelf” again. Can’t wait to get my hands on my new clubs in a couple of weeks once Don works his magic 😁
Brian D.
14:25 19 Dec 19
Great morning fitting with the team at ForeGolf... The greeting by Mark and Don on arrival was very warm. The time I spent with Dave during the fitting was extremely professional. Through trial and error, we figured out what was best for my game. Anyone serious about improving their game, a visit to ForeGolf is a must
Peter Q.
10:58 17 Dec 19
Fantastic morning with the guys in Foregolf. Couldn’t believe the difference their knowledge and experience made to my shots. Extremely welcoming and put me at ease straight away.
Paul S.
20:55 11 Dec 19
I had an excellent experience again on my most recent visit to the team at Foregolf. Nothing could be too much trouble. Mark was fantastic to deal with in arranging my fitting and club order. David's expertise and very friendly persona in the appointment made it a thoroughly enjoyable experience and well worth the run down from Donegal. I am really looking forward to receiving my new clubs. Highly recommended as the best in class. Thanks Paul
Paul R.
22:11 03 Dec 19
Take the guess work out of new clubs and have this super team kit you out, very professional set up all throughout the process 👍
Tom P.
20:47 01 Dec 19
Fantastic visit recently to Foregolf, Incredible staff, both friendly & ultra professional. Great welcome from Christine & Derek, very professional session with Dave and great follow up with Mark, all in a lovely setting. If you`re serious about your golf, a visit to Foregolf is a must!!
Kevin F.
15:10 30 Nov 19
Very good, professional fitting service. Well done!
Patrick V.
18:05 17 Nov 19
This place was an absolute highlight on our trip to Ireland! Don and Derek are real masters of their trades and it is inspiring to see a family business running on such a high professional level in a very competitive industry. The fitting sessions were very educational. My perfect new custom clubs arrived punctually to the promised date via UPS. Besides holding them as a longterm memory to the trip it‘s on me now to hit them straight. No excuses anymore ;-) Thanks for the great service!
Paul S.
15:02 13 Nov 19
Being in my 60s I've lost a lot of length as the years have gone by. Even though my current clubs are over 10 years old I thought it was down to the aging process and that I would never gain back any yardage. How wrong I was. Once David had seen me hit a few 7 irons he started handing me different clubhead & shaft combinations from different vendors. Some of these worked better than my current clubs and some didn't help me at all. But within less than 15 minutes I had an iron in my hand that felt sweet. Unbeknownst to me at the time I was carrying the ball 15 yards further off the new 7 iron with exactly the same swing. Only when I later looked at the Trackman stats did I realise the full extent of the difference. How did that happen? All I can say is that technology has moved on massively in the last 10 years. David then worked his way through my bag and I saw the same gain with new hybrids and over 10 yards gained with a new 4 wood.I had previously upgraded my driver to a Taylormade M1 so the gains made with the driver were smaller. David wasn't pushy about me changing my driver as he said the existing one was sufficiently good for me.Overall a very enlightening hour and I can't wait to take my new clubs to the course.
Niall O.
09:46 07 Nov 19
Class act from start to finish, from the moment you walk in the door you just know, these guys know their trade 😎 and the craic is good too!!
Marilyn H.
12:26 22 Oct 19
I had a great day yesterday in Foregolf at Killeen Castle for a bag check with the Pro and club fitter, David. An hour trying out different shafts and clubheads went by so quickly and it was fascinating seeing how I hit the different clubs on the Trackman. We settled on some changes to my irons and wedges but my woods are still okay. It was all very professional and the changes were explained carefully so I could make an informed decision. I would thoroughly recommend Foregolf for anyone who is serious about having the best clubs for their swing and their game. I can't wait for my new irons to arrive!
David C.
13:51 10 Oct 19
Went to see the guys yesterday in ForeGolf. From the moment you enter its a white glove experience. A coffee and a quick chat with the Don when you arrive. You'll be distracted by the most impressive workshop you will ever see. Then its on into the fitting bay where David took me through a full bag review. I was in to have my own clubs tweaked and adapted to a swing change and David was just excellent. We sampled other shafts to see what profile of flight I would like. I left my clubs with them for tweaking and have a couple of shaft options for my fairway woods. We worked a lot on the driver ( this is an art)!! Tweaking the weights to make sure I was getting the most out of the clubs! Just an amazing service from a family business! Thanks guys
Ronan K.
12:44 10 Oct 19
Always recommended these guys as ‘the only show in town’ where great golf is concerned. My custom fit yesterday was yet another ‘proof point’. Ultra High Performers all round
Brian M.
11:17 10 Oct 19
Probably the most useful and informative hour I have ever spent in relation to golf.Everything from the welcome to the quality of information was first class. Nothing was too much trouble, nothing was rushed and no question went unanswered. I could not recommend a session at ForeGolf more highly.
Paul S.
08:57 01 Oct 19
absolute class act from start to finish, 2nd time there and quality of service is still unbeatable! really friendly staff, made to feel at home and welcome straight away. great advice given on shafts and clubs etc and no pressure whatsoever to buy anything from them. 10/10 keep up the good work guys 👏👏👏👏👏
Rosemarie S.
15:01 21 Sep 19
A very professional and friendly outfit. It is wonderful to have clubs personalised to one’s exact requirements.Congratulations on 22 years of great service to the golfing fraternity.
Ollie R.
22:34 18 Sep 19
Excellent fitting and service from Derek and the team. Bought irons here a few years ago which improved my game and still wouldn't change them. Was back recently to look at the longer clubs and now looking forward to getting my new clubs in my hands. Derek even offered to replace the broken shaft on my current driver for free. Highly recommend a visit to anyone who plays the game at any level.
Noel M.
12:38 17 Sep 19
Was good from the minute I arrived. Got fitted for clubs and can't wait to get them.Definitely recommend them.
Andrew L.
14:27 02 Sep 19
I just had my second visit to ForeGolf. Last year I was fit for irons and I was very happy with the results. It is like witchcraft how a change of shaft and change a strike so much for the better. This visit was for a putter so fingers crossed it goes as well as the irons.Many thanks David and Co. for the welcome, fitting and final product.
Ciaran W.
09:48 02 Sep 19
Was nervous about appointment, but was made feel very comfortable, very friendly and professional, amazing experience.Would recommend to anyone changing clubs
John L.
19:35 30 Aug 19
Class throughout. From arriving to leaving top professionals with knowledge and a warm welcome. Every golfer should go if only for a fitting.... Its hard not to purchase as everything top draw.
Robbie L.
14:36 28 Aug 19
Was in with Derek, Dave and all the ForeGolf team this week to get fitted for a new driver. As always the experience was top class, team are so professional, easy going and do a great job finding exactly what works for you as a player. Always a pleasure to drop by and you walk away a few shots better off! Thanks again Derek and all the team
Conor D.
20:39 16 Aug 19
A special thanks to Christine and all at Foregolf. I bought a set of Callaway Apex irons in 2018 and have waited to put up this review. To say I have gained confidence thanks my equipment is an understatement. Having identified exactly what I needed the Foregolf crew created a bespoke set of irons that have helped to address some of the issues I had. I now stand over the ball with the huge confidence thanks to my irons. A few weeks ago I had the misfortune of snapping the shaft on my seven iron. Anxious to get it fixed I rang Foregolf to get a replacement shaft. Again they couldn't have been more helpful and despite their issues with a burst water pipe they still delivered. They even went out of their way to pick up and deliver the club back to me so as I wasn't put out at all. Christine organised a special pick up and delivery and I thank her for this. I look forward to getting out tomorrow with my full set again and put in another improved score thank to the irons Foregolf fitted for me. This is a business that should be used as a case study in customer service, delivery of an excellent product and customer experience.
Richael M.
08:38 12 Aug 19
I am an avid golfer and had never been to Fore before.What an experience - I've been through a fitting for woods with McGuirks previously but this was on another level.Lovely welcome chat with Don when I arrived followed by a cup of tea and a few balls to go and hit to warm up in my own time for 15 mins or so.Once the fitting began Dave had me hit a few shots with my old irons - after about 10 minutes of assessing my swing and ball flight alongside the Trackman data we both new what improvements I was looking for (reduce spin to bring my ball flight down). Dave spent the guts of the next hour going through every little detail to achieve this , combining dozens of different shaft / head combinations in varying lengths and setups etc until we found a shaft & head combo that was consistently bringing my spin down from 7000rpm to 5000rpm without changing a single thing about my swing. From start to finish the entire experience was a pleasure andTotal price for my new set of irons - custom fit for me - was only €250 more than the same set off the rack in the McGuirks/Halpenny, with no customisation etc - so money well spent in my opinion.I cannot recommend Foregolf enough.From the people running it to the experience itself -What a pleasure!
Cathy P.
15:48 30 Jul 19
Had my golf clubs stolen on Friday morning and Derek and Dave quickly made a horrible situation much better. I had been with Dave a few months ago for a new Driver and I was very happy with the new club. Met with Dave yesterday afternoon and hopefully I will have my new clubs next week. Fantastic service. Thank you guys.
Mike M.
07:59 22 Jul 19
Great place to get custom fitted. Their goal is to fit you to the best clubs for you. Highly recommended.
Ged C.
14:20 19 Jul 19
went for custom fit for new driver. Dave was extremely helpful and explained all I needed to know about what I required in my driver. went through lots of shafts and heads till we found what suited me. would recommend foregolf to everyone.
Phillip J.
13:19 12 Jul 19
1st class customer service and top quality products.
Anthony W.
21:04 07 Jul 19
First trip to ForeGolf after hearing consistant positive feedback from frieds and colleagues. Fantastic setup, friendly and professional staff who made us feel like part of the family. Young Seve was getting fitted for new irons and really enjoyed the whole process especially discussing the tech and numbers side of the fitting with Dave. Looking forward to him going to plus figures with the new clubs. Well done to all.
Stephen Mac C.
08:17 30 Jun 19
It was an excellent experience all the staff were great. They create a very relaxed environment for the fitting and inform you why they’re making changes to any of the models being tested. It was eye opening to me how ill suited the shelf bought driver I currently own was to my swing, if you’re going to make the investment in new clubs I 100% recommend you get fitted at Foregolf you won’t regret it. Thanks again and can’t wait for the new clubs to arrive
Gary P.
09:17 24 May 19
If you've any interest in lowering your scores quickly you owe it to yourself to visit ForeGolf Custom. Great hospitality from a very welcoming team. I'd a brilliant fitting experience from experts who really know their stuff. On a different level to any other fitting I've had. Very highly recommended.
John T.
10:56 21 May 19
Recently had a fitting with Fore Golf for a new driver and to say that the customer service was second to none is an understatement. I arrived slightly earlier than my scheduled time but was made feel very welcome and was looked after with a cup of tea on what was a freezing cold day. The proposed fitting time was suppose to be 30mins, however David (club fitter) was not satisfied that we had found the right setup for me that the fitting actually ending up being nearly 45mins with no pressure being put on me what so ever to hurry up. He was looking out for what was best for me and my game which i greatly appreciated. In the end all the information was presented in an easy to understand format. What i found most satisfying was that David did not come across as a salesman that you would potentially find in traditional golf shops. Instead of trying to flog the most expensive driver on the market to make the most coin he recommended the one that suited my needs based on the data. Again, following on from his recommendation i did not feel pressured to buy the driver then and there. I was given an expected delivery date for my driver and much to my surprise it arrived a week earlier than expected which was a nice bonus. On opening the box, i really liked the personal message from Don that was included, wishing me all the best with my game. It was something i was not expecting but such a small, easy to do piece of detail is just classy. As for the driver, it has been money well spent thus far. I have been miles more accurate and straighter and that has transitioned to my scorecard too!I would highly recommend Fore Golf to anyone looking for a custom set of clubs or looking to improve their game. I know i will be back in the future!
Patricia M.
12:11 20 May 19
great service, looking forward to losing 3 or 4 shots from my handicap!
Kieran J.
15:46 04 May 19
Superb service, great equipment and an all round enjoyable experience. I got fitted for fairway woods and irons a few months ago and was so impressed I went back last week for a putter fitting. Dave is a gent!
Paul B.
10:36 03 May 19
Really enjoyed my latest fitting in ForeGolf. Can’t recommend the guys enough. Delighted with my new irons. They really fine tune the clubs to your individual needs and offer great advice.
Alan B.