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Ronan M.
15:45 20 Aug 19
Awesome service that will save you shots and friendly staff that make you feel at home. Highly recommended.
owen F.
14:57 16 Aug 19
Fantastic experience and highly recommend going to foregolf blow my mind Dave the club fitter with shafts and different heads to match unbelievable service from tea or coffee to range time to get your swing ready for the lesson and others involved Derek welcoming and other members 5 star experience thanks
Patrick K.
20:02 14 Aug 19
I purchased a set of irons 5 years from Fore Golf and found them to be very professional in dealing with me and their suggestion of which irons to purchase was very beneficial and rewarding for my overall game.I recently returned to purchase a new Driver and was once more afforded a complete professional service and excellent advise on which driver suited my game. I would have no hesitation in recommending Fore Golf to anybody wishing to purchase custom made clubs that definitely will improve your overall game.
Tony B.
16:19 13 Aug 19
Great visit to ForeGolf @ Killeen Castle. Very rewarding experience with intuitive people providing detailed analysis which I found very beneficial. Highly recommend the experience.
Jim D.
19:40 10 Aug 19
I've experienced a few different types of fittings over the years but nothing matches the time and the detail given to me at Foregolf.On my arrival I was welcomed by Chistine & Don who gave me a little history of their business, gave me a bucket of balls to allow a warm up on the adjoining range facility followed by a cuppa and biscuits to calm my nerves.Then I was introduced to Dave in the fitting room, this was a valued experience, after hitting my own irons for a while, he gave me a number of different clubs / shafts until we arrived at the irons the gave me a ball flight that suits my swing setup.I was given all the time I needed with no pressure to purchase any particular brand of club.I have decided to purchase " Callaway Apex 19" irons ( 5 -PW) and can't wait to collect the new rods at the end of August.Many thanks, Christine Don & Dave for a most informative and enjoyable experience.& Dave for a most enjoyable experience.
Shane B.
16:18 10 Aug 19
Had a great time down at Foregolf. It was my 2nd time visiting the guys. I had been down to their tour truck around 10 years ago and decided to go back to make sure everything still fit to my game. Best part about the session with Dave, for me, was that he didn’t try push me to buy clubs. There were areas of my bag that needed updating but other areas that were fine for the moment and Dave explained which areas were priority and which he would recommend I get 1st. My new bats arrived the other day and I can’t wait to get out on the course. I’m sure I’ll be back soon for the irons to complete the set.
Michael R.
13:59 10 Aug 19
I am a 7hcp and had never been to Fore before.What an experience it was - I've been through a fitting for woods with McGuirks previously but this was on another level.Lovely welcome chat with Don when I arrived followed by a cup of tea and a few balls to go and hit to warm up in my own time for 15 mins or so.Once the fitting began Dave had me hit a few shots with my old irons - after about 10 minutes of assessing my swing and ball flight alongside the Trackman data we both new what improvements I was looking for (reduce spin to bring my ball flight down). Dave spent the guts of the next hour going through every little detail to achieve this , combining dozens of different shaft / head combinations in varying lengths and setups etc until we found a shaft & head combo that was consistently bringing my spin down from 7000rpm to 5000rpm without changing a single thing about my swing. From start to finish the entire experience was a pleasure ( even after embarrasingly shanking the first 10 or so balls I hit! ) andTotal price for my new set of irons custom fit for me was only €250 more than the same set off the rack in the McGuirks/Halpenny, with no customisation etc - money well spent in my opinion.I cannot recommend Foregolf enough.From the people running it to the experience itself -What an Absolute Pleasure!
Liam M.
10:57 03 Aug 19
Absolutely loved this experience. Was well worth it. Added 30 yards to my irons by ensuring I had the right club in my hand depending on its weight and length to suit my swing. Was like a mini private lesson as I was also given tips to take away and work one. The guys were also very supportive in telling me the best way to get my clubs abroad. Thanks to everyone involved!!
Mary D.
21:15 01 Aug 19
Fantastic experience as usual! The knowledge and experience shines through the whole ForeGolf experience. Really enjoyed the wedge fitting.. Feedback, discussions and interaction was super.. The detail that really blew me away was that when David figured out which club suited me best that then he drilled down to the detail of whether a chrome or gun metal finish was better for me. I was amazed to find out that I hit the 'black' faced club better than the chrome faced club when all the other specs were exactly the same! Unreal!
Henry C.
16:08 27 Jul 19
My 2nd fitting in 10 years. Each time I came away excited about my fitting and like a kid at Christmas I can’t wait for my clubs to arrive. I went to fore golf to have a look at a total over haul of my bag. Started with the irons and after teasing out various heads and shafts it was my own irons that suited me best. We then looked at the rescue and again what I had we could not improve on. Then my real problem clubs 3 wood and driver. Tried a few different 3 woods and it looked like it was me that was the problem until a few tweaks and then I hit this club like never before. Similar experience with the driver. The more I hit various drivers again I thought it was not going to happen. And again a few tweaks, different loft and shaft and then boom, sorted. Increased by 40 yards with driver and 30 + with 3 wood. Great experience again, especially when you leave with what you hoped for. Henry Costello
Frances T.
10:24 27 Jul 19
Well worth visiting ForeGolf. Very professional service. Would recommend this if you are thinking of changing or replacing clubs.
Martin Mc A.
06:29 24 Jul 19
Brilliant experience I arrived having booked myself in to get a full set of clubs. On arrival I was given a bucket of ball to go and warm up on the range. When I came back was given a coffee while waiting for my fitting. Don came out to speak to me and tell me exactly what goes on there and that there main goal was not to sell me clubs to make me a better golfer. On hearing this I was a small bit sceptical. But low and behold he was right I had my fitting with David who I think made me hit every head and shaft combination they had. At the end of it he told me to keep my 3 wood, hybrids and wedges telling me that they were doing the job for me. The whole experience was excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I will report back later to tell you how much my handicap has come down.....😁
Oliver D.
22:03 23 Jul 19
Hugely impressed with everything in Foregolf from start to finish. The customer service in getting me a quicker than normal appointment, the professionalism of the whole place and most importantly the final results. I was given an overview of how everything worked from Don. In the testing/fitting, Dave was attentive and knowledgable. The equipment and set up is absolutely fantastic. Ended up getting Mizuno 919 irons and Taylormade M6 woods. The impact is staggering. I fully believe I’m now playing with the best clubs to suit my game. I’d highly recommend a visit. You won’t be disappointed. Simply top class.
Bert O.
14:35 23 Jul 19
What a great experience. From the moment I arrived I was welcomed and thanked for visiting. Before the 'fitting' everyone was friendly and welcoming and made it feel like a really special experience.The fitting itself was great fun. Everything that was done was explained to me throughout the process. We tried lots of options and I was even told that I should keep one club that did not need to be changed. At the end of the session, a report was generated and explained to me regarding what I needed. There was no pressure to purchase but I did. A firm delivery date was given and I am not excitedly looking forward to the arrival of my new clubs . A very enjoyable couple of hours in a beautiful setting
Mike M.
07:58 22 Jul 19
Truly a great place to get personally fitted for golf clubs that suit your game, rather than just buying new golf clubs that you think you can hit. Highly recommended.
Fionan M.
14:50 19 Jul 19
Another very enjoyable experience, my third. Original driver still good, rescues re-shafted for me and now new Mizuno JPZ-900 irons with KBS shafts. Very happy. Recommend to anyone changing their clubs. Small selection of shafts zoomed in on and tried Titleist, Taylor made to be sure but fully satisfied with selection David and I arrived at.
Philip E.
08:50 18 Jul 19
Really enjoyed my recent club fitting session in ForeGolf. It was great fun to try different head and shaft combinations (to try to find something that worked with my swing!). The advance in technology since I got my last set (also from ForeGolf) is amazing to experience.There continues to be a warm and friendly atmosphere in the place, tied to a wealth of knowledge and experience. Even if not planning to buy clubs - it is well worth visiting them to see what is available in the market.
Eamon R.
15:19 16 Jul 19
Got fitted with the guys and really enjoyed it. Great craic with Don and Dave and I’m sure the driver will knock a few shots off my round.Thanks guys
John B.
15:04 12 Jul 19
Great understanding of your swing and how everyone swings differently and so must be custom fit.
Siobhan M.
15:02 11 Jul 19
Really fantastic service, couldn't recommend it more highly! Dom was very honest in his feedback and didn't recommend any clubs replacements unless they would add real value to my game, very trustworthy. Great experience.
Sean F.
12:20 11 Jul 19
It’s very rare that any product or experience lives up to expectation and but ForeGolf greatly exceeded my high expectations and I can honestly say it was a extremely enjoyable informative experience in a very welcoming but highly professional environment.From entering the building to pulling out of the car park I really enjoyed every second,but most importantly I saw and felt how much these tailored made clubs will improve my game and as The Don said “his sole aim is that people enjoy their golf to the maximum of their ability and having the perfect clubs will give them their best chance of doing so”Everyone at ForeGolf is passionate about their job and their energy is infectious.I couldn’t recommend Christine’s welcome and assistance,Professor Dave’s easygoing expertise or The Don’s pride in his pieces of art(and stories) any higher than to say,I will never buy a club anywhere else,if your serious about enjoying your golf........GO TO FOREGOLF ASAP
Jim L.
15:24 10 Jul 19
My visit allowed me to acquire golf clubs that fitted me like a glove and added a new confidence to my Hybrid golf shots.I was able to try all the latest equipment before settling for the very best fit and I would highly recommend a visit to ForeGolf custom before acquiring new golf equipment , you will not be disappointed.
Patrick H.
23:13 02 Jul 19
I would highly recommend Foregolf to anyone who is interested in the game of golf at all! It’s a great experience and it’s easy to tell that you are in good hands as soon as you arrive. The fitting lesson is thorough and enjoyable and you get a clear sense that they are searching for the perfect club for you regardless of the brand name. For me, nothing beats seeing the real ball flight rather than a simulator that you’ll find at most other fitting companies and I left with full confidence that I have the perfect set for me. I will add an additional review once I have my set, have played with them and see how they improve (hopefully) my game. Thanks to all at Foregolf for a great experience!
Bill W.
19:51 28 Jun 19
A really great experience. From the moment you arrive in there it is a friendly welcome from “Dad” Don who works in the workshop, expertly making the clubs. Went to warm up in the driving range and then enjoyed a cappuccino before starting the fitting. To say these guys know their stuff is an understatement ! Utilising Trackman, player feedback and just good old fashioned experience, we honed into the perfect club for me. It was so impressive how the fitting process worked so efficiently. Shaft weight, kick point, torque stiffness, dynamic loft, ball speed ......... basically these guys leave nothing to chance. They take it as a matter of personal and professional pride to ensure you walk out of there with the best fitting clubs available. Really enjoyed the session. Just cannot wait for my new driver to arrive .....and the confidence of knowing I now have the best club possible in my bag. Thanks to all at Foregolf
Steve O.
21:27 26 Jun 19
What a wonderful experience! Up to now I had adapted my golf to fit with my 'off the shelf' clubs, instead of matching 'personalised' club fittings to my game! Many thanks to Christine and Don for the kindest of greetings after my long trip in the car and to David for patiently offering non-judgemental, insightful guidance. I have learned a lot about my abilities and potential and I can't wait for those new clubs! I would unreservedly recommend the Foregolf Custom experience! Steve O'Brien
ken L.
17:29 26 Jun 19
What an absolute pleasure it was to visit the ForeGolf centre. Firstly they are very welcoming when you enter the centre. I was given a bucket of balls to go and warm up before my fitting, and coffee once I finished. The fitting itself was unbelievable. I was there for a driver fitting. I was brought through everything step by step, my swing was analysed on the computer using my own driver, and then the fun starts! I tried countless amounts of different drivers with different shafts until we had the right shaft and driver head for me. By the end of it I was hitting a beautiful long, high draw and all from the correct fitting from guys that know what they are doing. They have absolutely every make of driver head and shaft available. I would definitely recommend a ForeGolf fitting for everybody. There is no substitute for class and you really cant beat a proper custom fit against an 'off the shelf' purchase. Thanks a million folks. I'll definitely be back to yous again.
Niall O.