Gift Vouchers

The Gift Voucher can be used against any custom fit session or any golf club built in our WorkShop.
If you’ve not been custom fitted at ForeGolf, you’ll need to get fitted first, then we can advise what club to get built.

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How to use this Gift Voucher:
• Decide on your preferred Custom Fit Appointment
• Book your custom fit appointment online
• After the custom fit session, you can order the best performing club to be built in our WorkShop
• To place a club order, contact

For more information:
What Brands are at ForeGolf
Approx. Price Guide
Read Customer Reviews

How to get the Gift Voucher: 
You can get the voucher sent to your email address or choose to send directly to the recipient.
To make it extra special, include a personalised message to appear on the gift voucher.
If you choose to send directly to the recipient, it can be sent instantly or scheduled for a future date/time.

Q: I can’t find the Gift Voucher in my emails
Search for subject line “ForeGolf Gift Voucher” in your inbox.


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