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We build custom fitted clubs

We provide Ireland’s most comprehensive custom fitting service.

Getting custom fit golf clubs at ForeGolf is very different than elsewhere. As Master Club-builders we work with component heads and shafts, in order to build clubs to exact measurements in our “zero tolerance” WorkShop. Our customers gain better control, a tighter shot dispersion and improved consistency in their game.

Our custom fit technique has been perfected through an extensive knowledge of shafts and club construction. We have developed a system for matching the correct type of club to the individual player, regardless of handicap.

During your custom fit at our driving range, we use TrackMan 4 to verify and visualise our findings. We want to see what happens to the ball flight when you hit different clubs. This way you can feel each club’s characteristics and compare the different shaft performances.
We work with golf’s top manufacturers for heads, shafts and grips which allow us greater flexibility to find you the best club designed to suit your game.

Everybody has their own unique sense of rhythm and timing and in order to have a club’s weight, shaft and flex perform in unity with the player, it’s important to first identify the rhythm of the swing. Our secret is that we are able to connect the club to the player.

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Once we've found the perfect combination for you, we will give you a list of the clubs you should get built in order to make a difference to your game.

After you order your clubs and a deposit is paid, your fitter will calculate exactly how your clubs need to be built. We pull together all the components and will start building your custom fit clubs in our on-site WorkShop. We have unbelievably tight control measures and every single club is built and checked to spec.

Your new clubs will take 14 working days from the date of order. We also offer shipping by UPS if it makes life easier for you.

Brands we Work With

We are all about choices at ForeGolf, we have an exclusive license with the majority of our brands to hand build clubs using their component heads in our WorkShop.

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