Head Scratching

Head Scratching
Tips from the ForeGolf Workshop

We often get the odd driver in our workshop that have seen better days and even with a carefully placed head-cover there is always the chance of some scuffing of the paintwork.

A simple thing to do especially good for scuffing is to get yourself some T-Cut or even better car paint polishing compound from your nearest motor factors. You might even have some in the garage.

With a slightly damp cloth apply the compound and give it a good hard rub into the painted top of the club-head. We find rubbing in circular motions with just two fingers covering the cloth works best. Rub for about 30-40 seconds, leave to dry for another 60 seconds until the compound goes white and is dry to touch and with a clean soft cloth buff polish it to a brilliant shine. Next get some Mr. Sheen furniture polish and spray onto a clean cloth and rub the shaft up and down. You will be amazed at the shine it gives graphite and steel and it will protect it also.

If you’re in any doubt drop the driver into us here at the workshop and we will be glad to do it for you, you might even stick a new grip on it and then you have yourself a new club, well nearly new.

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