ForeGolf Review: Titleist 913 Fairway and Hybrid Woods

ForeGolf Review: Titleist 913 Fairway and Hybrid Woods

Titleist 913 Fairway Wood

Reviewed by Dave Williams

With the introduction of the new Titleist 913 fairway woods and hybrids to the market place, there is a new contender for the low handicapper or better ball striker. The product range includes two new Fairway Woods and a Hybrid

Fairway Woods

  • 913F.d low spin  (13.5* & 15*)
  • 913F  (13.5*, 15*, 17*, 19* & 21*)


  • 913H (17*, 19*, 21*, 24* & 27*).

All of the new woods feature a revised SureFit® Tour hosel technology. The hosel is physically shorter in length, in the fairway woods, and then shorter again in the hybrid clubs. This creates a much more solid feel from the clubs. All of the usual loft, lie and face angle adjustment still apply, just with a better feel from the more compact hosel.

  • The 913F.d low spin, is a front weighted, larger head profiled product design to produce low launch and spin.
  • The 913F is a traditional back weighted, high launching and low spinning pear shape head design, which looks fantastic.
  • As far as hybrid clubs go, there are very few prettier to look down upon in the market place, as it squares up perfectly to the ball.

Some points for you to remember

  • In a high speed player, this product rivals all of the contenders as it feels so solid and quick off the face. The ball speeds rival all the category leaders but it is a product that needs speed to get it to go.
  • If you are looking to pick up distance as a slower player this is probably not the product for you. Much higher ball speeds can be produced from the other products in their relevant product categories.
  • It is all very much designed like Titleist product of past with the good player in mind, who is looking for exceptional ball flight and launch control.
  • However, with pretty much everything in the golf industry there is a down side to this product, and in this case, it is cost. The product is super expensive even for Titleist, and getting the shaft correct to control the ball flight is essential, but shaft up-charges are very high.
  • There is the potential to get a hybrid club costing €290 and there are even more expensive shaft options than that as well.
  • Essentially a brilliant product for very good player, who generates high speed but this all comes at too higher cost in our opinion.

Available at ForeGolf

  • Available for custom fitting now and new orders from 8th February 2013
  • A custom fitting analysis to help find the correct set up and decide if the new 913 is suited to you.
    30 minute custom fitting analysis: 1 Club (Woods) Costs €50 or
    1 hour custom fitting analysis: Full Bag (every club) Costs €100

Phone 045 430660 to book an appointment

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