Can the wrong golf grip affect your game ?

Can the wrong golf grip affect your game ?


Have you seen the ForeGolf Grip Station in our WorkShop ?

The air vice, grip solvent squirter and tape dispenser are all designed to make sure your grips go on straight and exactly the way we fitted you. We made a quick video giving you a birds eye view of putting on grips.

It might sound crazy but if the grips are not the right weight and put on correctly it can affect the club.

We had a situation recently, where one of our guys changed his grips and then struggled to hit his clubs.

He made a decision to ask someone else to put a heavier grip on his clubs but it changed the balance of the clubs.

  • This back weighting changed the correct swingweight and feel of the head.
  • Made it much lighter and that made the flex of the shaft much stiffer.
  • The ball flight lowered, the lie angle went flatter.
  • Causing the ball to fade and cut to the right.

All because he put a different grip on !
Be careful and get your grips done by us, the experts.

We’re all about improving your skill set but this is not a simple DIY job and its not something worth getting wrong.


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