Customer Story: Peter K How he went from 6 HC to 1 HC

Customer Story: Peter K How he went from 6 HC to 1 HC

How we took a 6 handicap Golfer and made him into a 1 handicap with better feel from lightweight X flex shafts


October 2012  Handicap 6.2

Peter had a lot of driver trouble and was producing a lot of spin from his style of hit. Even with trips to other fitting centres his driver problems continued as he struggled to control his high spin ball flight.

the problem

Old Driver: Titleist driver was 8.5* I loft and had a heavy Project X 70 gram very stiff tipped shaft.

The problem was Peter couldn’t feel the head as the shaft was too heavy and stiff. This created lots of back weight balance and with a low loft and heavy shaft Peter got steep and choppy with the swing as a result of a club head he couldn’t “feel”. He wasn’t the fastest swinger speed wise but hit it hard. He needed to feel the head but didn’t work well when there was too much flex in the shaft as he struggled to time it and deliver the head consistently.


Once we established he was incorrectly fitted with the wrong shaft – we moved him to a new Aldila Magnum 44 gram shaft in X Flex.

By dropping the weight and increasing the flex profile we gave Peter a better sense of where the head was during the swing and he could deliver the head in better time as the shaft made the head feel solid and more connected. Once the shaft is light weight increasing the flex to X makes the head feel very stable.

We moved the loft to 9.5 in a Callaway head and lowered his spin through the right shaft and head weight positioning.

We then followed this successful application of lighter weight and stiffer flex with Callaway Irons with PX Flighted 95 gram 6.5 shafts that produce a lower flight and stiffer tip while the light weight again allows for feel of the head. Then followed a new hybrid with a 50 gram Tour X shaft which again will help to lower the flight but due to the lightweight allow him to feel where the head is and deliver the head to impact with a more consistent hit with better time based on his individual feel and swing style.

Where there is less flex it is easier for the better player to time the hit as long as he can “FEEL” the head at all times.

This leads to a more consistent ball flight and greater shot confidence.


August 2014  Handicap 1.0


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