EvnRoll Putters at ForeGolf

EvnRoll Putters at ForeGolf

One of the biggest issues we see with putting, is pace control. It is always challenging fitting putters to help with this.

Guerin Rife the man behind EvnRoll putters is no stranger to ForeGolf. We’ve been working with his design and technology in putters for a long time now.

Guerin was the very first putter designer to put grooves onto the face of a putter almost 20 years ago. His multi size groove, not only helps with the consistency with off centre putts, but we particularly like how well it rolls the ball.

Pace Control for Putting

Evnroll putters

  • The groove on the Evnroll Putter is one of the best designs for helping to stop skid – this is the “skip” on the ball just after the putt.
  • The “velvet board” demonstrates the improved roll of the ball over a normal putter and putter face.
  • The picture above (LEFT) shows the Evnroll putter and you can see the consistent rolling mark of the ball on the board.
  • The picture (RIGHT) shows the slight skip on the board at the start of the putt. 

The more the ball is in touch with the ground and is rolling pure, the better control you will have for pace and control of the putt.

We can custom fit and custom build the full range of Evnroll putters while assessing the results on the velvet board and on TrackMan4. .

To Book your Putter Custom Fit Session
30 Minute Custom Fit (Putter Only)

Online Booking


You can also buy a 30 Min Custom Fit Gift Voucher for Putters in our online shop 
Costs: €150 [€50 Putter Custom Fit+ €100 Deposit Equipment Voucher]

HOW WE Custom Fit for Putters
  • Your 30 Minute Putter Session starts by testing the ball roll and stroke data from your current putter, identifying problems with it first.
  • Using TrackMan4, the key points that we focus on are Launch Direction, Ball Roll Percentage, Skid Distance and Roll Speed. 
  • Once we establish your Individual Stroke, we will help you choose: Style of head, Loft, Weight, Length and Balance.  
  • Then your new Putter is custom built it in our WorkShop.

It takes approx. 12 working days to build the putter, as each component is sourced and built for each individual golfer in our WorkShop. 

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