Review of Evnrolls TourStrike & ER5 Putters : YouTube

Review of Evnrolls TourStrike & ER5 Putters : YouTube

In our latest review ,we chose two of best performing Evnroll Putter head designs to help fix two common putting problems.

  • High handicapper or beginner struggling with putting

  • A Mid to low handicapper who has a good stroke but poor pace control.

We show you how one of the heads can actually make you a better putter and the other delivers incredible stability along with the best ball roll in golf.  We talk you through our top 2 putters for fitting:

  • Evnroll Tour Strike Putter 

  • R5 Hatchback Putter

If you are really struggling with your putting stroke or need a more stable design to help with pace control and alignment check out our latest review on our YouTube Channel

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