Customer Story: Nigel Doherty from standard to winning (via ForeGolf clubs)

Customer Story: Nigel Doherty from standard to winning (via ForeGolf clubs)

Nigel thought he was a standard 14 handicap golfer using standard off the rack clubs and then he saw the difference ForeGolf custom clubs could bring to his game.

Player Profile

by Dave Williams

If you’ve ever wanted to see a before and after story of how playing with ForeGolf custom built clubs can make an improvement over standard clubs, I’d like to share Nigel Doherty’s story.

Nigel’s Swing Characteristics

  • A well rounded swing, that can be a little over the top and steep at times, that is made worse by the current set of clubs that he is playing with
  • Good balance , and a decent ability to make a solid turn.
  • Lacking in power, hence the club needs to aid in producing it, with also aiding with consistency and control.

What was wrong
His current clubs, standard set of TaylorMade Irons
TaylorMade Burner 2.0 65g Regular Flex Graphite.

  • The shafts were too short in length creating a poor posture and more moving parts in the swing than he needs to have.
  • The shafts were too weak in flex meaning there is a miss right, as the shaft lags open at impact.
  • The swing weight of the clubs was too heavy especially in the head, creating a steep swing plane.

The Solution
What changes we made to improve his game, his new ForeGolf clubs
Cobra AMP Irons – Cobra Aldila AMP 65g Stiff Flex Graphite

  • Bring the shafts length up to get him into a better posture for swinging the club, and making a better shoulder turn
  • Bring the swingweight of clubs down to make it easier from him to swing the club, through better balance of the new weight.
  • Increase the stiffness of the graphite shafts to produce more consistent lower spin and accuracy control through the shafts deliverance!

The Result
In the first 10 rounds of golf, Nigel won

  • 2 First Places
  • 1 Third Place
  • One round @ 4 under which was beaten on BOT for 2nd and 3rd
  • Shaved 3 shots off his handicap – was 14 now 11.3

If you’d like to play with ForeGolf custom built clubs, book your custom fitting analysis 

30 minute custom fitting analysis:  1 club (only Driver, only Irons etc) Costs €50
1 hour custom fitting analysis: Full Bag (every club)  Costs €100
Phone 045 430660 to book an appointment

Nigel Doherty



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