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Customer Update: Can Standard Clubs Keep Your Handicap High ?

  • June 18, 2014
Customer Update: Can Standard Clubs Keep Your Handicap High ?

Can custom fitted clubs suit a high handicapper ? Can poor ball flight and inconsistencies be the fault of the clubs and not the player ?

We’ve had some questions recently about how can custom fitted clubs suit a high handicapper ? With inconsistencies in the swing and poor ball flight leading to high scores, how could custom made clubs possibly suit this kind of golfer?

But what if the inconsistencies were being caused by the clubs and not the player, maybe we should be looking at the Arrow and NOT the Indian?


Jordan Feedback

Jordan (aged 16) came to us with a regular flex set of Titleist Irons that were standard length. He hit the ball low and thinned quite a few shots. He struggled with consistency and as a result played off 14/15. He was attending regular lessons, was working hard on his game and played quite a bit of golf. His coach recognised that his swing was not improving and that the clubs were holding him back so he referred him to us.

the problem

  • On assessment here we noticed a few things:
  • His current clubs were too short and were not allowing him to stand tall and turn/swing properly to suit his real ability.
  • The length of the club was hampering his posture and causing the thin/low shots.
  • The regular flexed shafts with heavy heads were struggling to deal with his speed of swing and created a lot of timing problems and inconsistency in ball flight.


  • When we tested him with a Project X Flighted 95 in longer length and, as it was a longer, a much stiffer flex the results and improvements were instant.
  • He stood taller and looked more natural as the clubs were now suiting him and his size and he hit the ball much straighter.
  • We also had workshop build the clubs with a much lighter head weight which was matched throughout the set.
  • This created a better balance to suit Jordan and more consistency through each iron which resulted in a more consistent feel and strike.


When we showed him what ForeGolf clubs could do during his fitting, Jordan ordered the new set immediately and he sent the above email 2 weeks after he received his new clubs.

He lost 6 shots in 2 weeks – it seems it actually was the arrows after all.


So, the clubs were making him swing a certain way and were directly responsible for his higher handicap.

This could easily have been a golfer with a 25 handicap or indeed higher. The point is, what if the clubs you were using were the reason your handicap was high and how would you know? 

Lessons alone will not improve this problem or at worst, run the risk of building a “new” swing around poorly matched clubs.


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