Guide to Mizuno MP-18 Irons | Review

Guide to Mizuno MP-18 Irons | Review

Here's our guide to the four different heads in the new Mizuno MP Irons range.


This is the classic shaped blade head with the ultimate in ball workability and for the performance ball striker.

This muscle-back head can also be used in a split set combination, where we can build blade irons in the short clubs (8, 9 and PW).

MP-18 SC (Split Cavity) 

This solid but soft cavity design moves a little more weight to the outside periphery of the iron and a little lower to help with forgiveness.

The leading edge shaping and radii are very similar to the blade head, so a split mixed set can be used, where the player wants a little more forgiveness in the long irons.

We have built sets with SC heads in the mid and log irons and then MP-18 blade irons in the short clubs.


The MP-18 MMC (Multi Material Construction) 

Sees titanium and tungsten combined to create a head design that is a little more stable.

It’s slightly easier iron to hit off centre but still holds the same striking, classic looks as the other MP heads.

The MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi

Similar to the iron head above but this design has a much lower, deeper centre of gravity that aids with a smoother higher ball flight.

Available in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 iron heads, so a perfect addition to the long irons setup.

The 3 main differences between this
range and previous forged models

In the past if Mizuno were launching 3 new MP irons, one designer would take the blade, a second designer would do the cavity, and a third would be responsible for the Multi-Material heads.  They’d all look at the previous incarnation and start from there. 

This time, Chris Voshall – Head of Club Design at Mizuno, did all 3 MP-18 heads. Starting with the blade and designing the others from that, so this range all match as a perfect family.


Normally each head would be CAD-designed and then produced, but this time after the CAD design, they went off to The Mizuno Meisters in the Yoro factory in Japan to get the personal touch. 

The eye knows more than the computer. They brought in what the Meisters and Turbo, their most famous Meister has learnt his skill over the years, including working with feedback from players like Nick Faldo.  


The production process then took the boron forging to the next level at the Chuo Factory, the high density forging factory. 

Instead of the hammer press coming down on the billet and spreading it out evenly, one side of the mould is now closed so the ‘flash’ or excess steel can’t escape.

This causes the grains in the billet to be even more tightly compressed in the sole and adds to the incredible softness and feel of the new MP range.



We’ve pulled some of the data from Trackman4 to help explain the hitting difference between the models.  You can see the averages of all the ball flight data from the testing, with each different colour. 

We’ve also included some of the flight arcs to show the distances and flight patterns from the different head designs.

MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi


MP-18 SC


We tested in a 3 iron head to show the possible distance gains and height from this easy to strike 3 iron.  Note the ball speed and total distance of over 200 yards.


The Red, Purple and Blue coloured charts are the other 3 designs in a 6 iron loft and using the same shaft and shaft length.

  • The important thing to note in these tests is the change in ball speed from the MPO-18 blade head to the MP-18 MMC head.
  • There is a ball speed gain of over 4 mph which is what we’ve been noticing at our recent fitting session.
  • Where there is a very definite speed gain there is a longer carry yardage. What didn’t change however was the incredible soft feel from each of the club heads we tested.
  • It is not difficult to find a club that hits it further nowadays but the true art of construction and design is to also allow the club head to feel soft.
  • We didn’t think that the JPX 900 BF iron could be beaten for distance and feel but Mizuno have been able to improve on greatness.


MP-18 SC


We’ve been using the four different designs to maximum effect here and have fitted a very wide level of golfers by using the Fli-Hi heads in the longer irons, then the MCC in the mid irons and the MP blade in the short irons.

As a Performance Fitting Studio, we have access to a wider range of heads available for your custom fit. We build and calibrate clubs here in our own workshop and can customise and blend the lofts of the irons to match the set perfectly for every level of golfer.

ForeGolf is a Mizuno Performance Fitting Centre
We have the largest selection of specially weighted heads and the largest selection of custom shafts.

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