Kevin Markham from Irish Golfer Magazine visits ForeGolf

Kevin Markham from Irish Golfer Magazine visits ForeGolf

“Throw all your misconceptions out of the window because if you haven’t been to ForeGolf, then you haven’t been custom fitted in the true sense of the word.”

Renowned golf journalist (and self-confessed golf nut) Kevin Markham has never been properly custom fitted for golf clubs. Irish Golfer Magazine arranged for him to get the ForeGolf treatment. 

Kevin has been playing golf for 40 years and is a single figure golfer. During his visit he talked to Derek about never really believing in custom fitting and thought it wouldn’t make that much of a difference.

Read the full Irish Golfer Magazine article and whether we opened his mind to custom fitted clubs.  

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For us, it was really interesting to hear Kevin’s pre-conceptions about custom fitting in general and his take on what we do. He also didn’t realise why The WorkShop is such a large part of what we do. 

“ForeGolf is one of only four companies in the world which is “licensed for component” It’s an odd phrase but what it means is that they get sent all of the companies (shafts, clubheads, weight, grips) individually by the manufacturers and he combines these different elements to make the optimum club for you” – Kevin Markham

We work in component heads and shafts in our own WorkShop because the large companies just couldn’t deliver the exact specification we wanted. They are used to building a large volume of clubs each day and we couldn’t get the clubs built exactly the way we wanted. The length wasn’t quite right, the weight wasn’t accurate and the club just didn’t match.

We also wanted to use a broader range of shafts and not just the ones the golf companies use. We wanted a higher quality shaft range and have whatever shaft was needed to get the best club performance for our customers.

So if you don’t see a workshop and can’t see your clubs being hand built then it’s not real custom fitting it’s just a slightly altered version of standard clubs ordered from a factory. 

We have every possible shaft and every brand of head to build clubs in our WorkShop so we can guarantee the club will perform as experienced in The ClubRoom.

As Kevin sums up … 

I’m pretty hacked off I didn’t do this long ago…… I suspect I’d be a better golfer than I am now…..The process is a huge amount of fun……and if you come here with an open and positive frame of mind you will be blown away by the service ForeGolf provides” – Kevin Markham

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This article is out in shops now in Irish Golfer Magazine – November 2017 
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