TaylorMade P790 Iron Review

TaylorMade P790 Iron Review

We review the new P790 Iron from TaylorMade and explain how the soft metal allows for sublime soft feel, but with explosive distance.

The future of club head design for the foreseeable future will be the smart application and blending of different materials. It allows designers to place weight in unique places and produce a higher MOI than we’ve ever seen before.

The challenge with all this material blending usually creates difficulty to make the head look clean and sleek. The movement of weight to make the club very high in MOI usually leaves the head “blocky” and somewhat big and visually lethargic.

There is an obsession with distance that resonates from the top players in the world right down to the everyday golfer. Hitting it further means less club into the green and generally an easier game to play.

Getting the golf ball to travel further is becoming a big challenge.

In the past the shaft was made longer and the lofts were made a little stronger to try and fool the ball and make it go further. It’s also very difficult to then take a “player” club and make it fast off the face. Most player clubs are made to be very soft and have a smaller footprint so actually creating a speed story from a smaller softer club head is another very big design obstacle.

The new TaylorMade P790 Iron sounds more like a fighter jet or a new NASA rocket number. When I say that TaylorMade have really stepped up and answered the call. Tomo Bystedt, TaylorMade’s Senior Director of Iron Creation has moved the needle on this, he has reached iron design euphoria with this head.

In terms of construction and how it comes together.

  • The face is a forged 4140 carbon steel plate. 
  • Low down, behind the face is an inverted cone or upturned bowl.
  • This cone is welded to an 8620 carbon steel body.
  • Inside the 3 – 7 iron is a tungsten weight that slots into the back of the head.

Main Features 


TaylorMade P790 Irons Exploded SpeedFoam ForeGolf.ie Review


In each head (out at the toe of the head) there is a small thumb screw that covers the port that is used for injecting the very clever “Speed Foam”. SpeedFoam is a softish, almost squidgy polyurethane material. With it the face can be ultra-thin as the foam allows the face to “flex into it” enough to get the face quick, but not enough to crack and break. Genius.

The dampening effect of the foam and the very soft metal in the iron allows for sublime soft feel, but with explosive distance – until now a very difficult combination.


The other very clever benefit is forgiveness, the head design allows for a consistent speed across the face (where the foam is) and also low in the face the speeds are maintained. This means very forgiving hits off centre and good consistent of ball speed so misses are now longer and more importantly away from the bunkers and more importantly, pin high.

So what about the numbers, let’s take a look at some TrackMan4 data to see what the ball speeds tell us.

(Testing was done using normal golf balls, hitting outdoors, from our custom strike surface and shaft was a KBS C-Taper Lite Stiff Flex at standard gents length in a 7 iron test head)

TrackMan4 Launch Monitor

Data Results 

You can see that the ball speed is averaging at 117.7 MPH and this is a good 3-7 MPH above some of our other faster, softer feeling heads. This proves that the design and speed foam works.

The launch angle is a little high but this is down to how the ball reacts to the face and the internal weighting of the head.

The spin is well maintained at 5291 and is why the lofts need to be kept strong on this head.

You can also see that the landing angle is perfect and with an average carry distance of 168.5 yards for a 7 iron these stats are very impressive and are again longer than the other irons in this category but more consistent.
It’s also interesting to note the consistency of the carry distances, only +/- 5 yards.

Our Advice

We see speed gains all the time and usually it means a chunky head or very high, spinney, hard to control ball flight.

To have this kind of ball speed and consistent for sharp looking neat head is where the P790 head wins hands down.

We tested this head early in 2017 and immediately flagged it as a product that would benefit our golfers. It’s worth mentioning lots of golf stores wont have this product available until late January 2018.

The good news is, we have the TaylorMade P790 Iron heads in stock and ready for custom building in our WorkShop. 


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