5 reasons why the January sales could be bad for your golf game

5 reasons why the January sales could be bad for your golf game

With some great deals on clubs floating about during the Winter months, the temptation to splash out on those new irons or new driver is ever present.

But keep your wits about you, there is always a very good reason that the price has dropped. In most cases it’s not for the benefit of your game – that’s for sure.

We’ve been in the business for over 20 years now and our focus is on making better golfers, in a performance focused environment. 

Here’s our top 5 reasons
Why you should be wary of that bargain price sale tag.

Christmas Reductions and January Sales

It’s a perfect time to off-load the old stock on unsuspecting golfers. December and January tend to be when the trade tries to sell off their old stock to make way for the new product that launches at the PGA Golf Show. This is the golf show held in Orlando at the end of January every year. 

Not every company launches at the show but be aware if you’re getting a deal on clubs in January, more then likely its to make way for new stock and new technology.

Don’t buy STANDARD clubs, straight off the shelf

Even of that club you really want goes on sale, resist the urge to grab and go. Get fitted and at the very least hit it first.  If you are declined a fitting, then you know it’s to try and sell you whatever is in stock and not necessarily what’s best for you.

Remember if you hit it indoors/into a net, the distances you might see will not be real and it’s likely the launch monitor numbers will be a “guestimate” of what will happen on the course.

Ideally be fitted outdoors so you can get a real sense of how the club will perform for you.

Is it new or better ? 

Just because it’s a great deal and a “new” club doesn’t automatically mean it will be better than your current clubs. The price and brand alone won’t make the club perform.

Don’t buy blind. 

Check out that the model on offer and research if it is soon to be replaced. It might be worth waiting to test both models (the old and new) to see which will work best for you.

I can’t hit it, now what ? 

If you do end up with that club that you picked because it was a great deal but just wont work, don’t panic, help is at hand.

We are seeing a large amount of “Post Black Friday Clubs”. Trying to find solutions for people through reshafting and rebuilding to make them work for the golfer. Be warned though, it can end up being a more costly exercise, than coming to see us in the first place but at least all is not lost.


At ForeGolf , we are all about the golfer and NEVER about clearing stock. Our process has always been about the end result and have been clearly focused on the improvement of the golfer through our custom made clubs.

So if you are about to splash out on a club or you know someone who is thinking of making that big jump.

Give them our details, to book a custom fit to be independently assessed to demonstrate what that new club will (or won’t) do..


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