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Customer Feedback: How to get results and win Golfer of the Year along the way

  • December 12, 2013
Customer Feedback: How to get results and win Golfer of the Year along the way

We turn back the clock for John, a 63 years golfer from Skibereen and with some clever use of shaft and head technology take him from 11 to 6 handicap and a Golfer of the Year title.

The Player

When we first met John back in 2010 he was using a heavy, bulky iron head and a set of woods that didn’t do much to give him any sort of feel or control. The shafts were a standard heavy steel and the woods had a standard regular graphite shaft.


  • On his first visit in 2010, we upgraded the heads to a forged head and brought in a 75 gram graphite shaft in stiff flex.
  • This would allow for more feel and a better sense of the head. back then we had to stick with graphite, as iron shaft technology had not reached the point where we could use a lightweight steel shaft.
  • We also moved his shafts in the woods and specifically the driver to a 60 gram stiff shaft that helped to hit the ball straighter and with more distance.
  • Then on his second visit in 2012, we were able to introduce a new shaft from Nippon – a very stable 85 gram steel to get him more accuracy.

We used the clubs to get him the help he needed to get back to single figures and then, as the technology developed we were able to implement it again to get him to playing to a lower handicap.

Technology is only really relevant if you can apply it. Technology alone will not hit the ball further or straighter. Understanding how the technology and science of golf clubs works and relating it back to the golfer is what creates results.


Read John's Review of ForeGolf


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